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Residential programs at the Virginia Campus are conducted at Nancy Penn Center and at Roberts Mountain Retreat. Located in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, these facilities were constructed to maximize the effectiveness of the audio-guidance process and provide a uniquely supportive environment for personal exploration.

Specially designed CHEC units (Controlled Holistic Environmental Chambers) provide isolation from light and outside sounds. Participants relax in solitude and it is here the learning adventure begins.

Guided by experienced facilitators, an audio network feeds audio exercises to headphones and speakers in each unit. The CHEC unit is also used as a place for sleep.

A sensory deprivation chamber exists at each center. Equipped for physiological monitoring of individuals exploring expanded states of awareness, these are used for private sessions and research. PREP Sessions are available during residential programs and by appointment.

Nancy Penn Center

This residential center houses 24 participants with a dining room, exercise room, massage room, several meeting rooms and space for relaxation. The roof deck offers panoramic views of the Blue Ridge and the stars at night.

Program participants can enjoy forest walking trails, meditation spots along a creek and atop the ridges, and swimming in Lake Miranon. Evening presentations are held in David Francis Hall, complete with audiovisual facilities for large-screen film and video production.

Roberts Mountain Retreat

Robert and Nancy Monroe's former home has been transformed to accommodate 20 participants to navigate their inner landscapes in a comfortable and inviting setting.

Participants attend sessions in the log cabin where Bob Monroe worked and wrote his third book, Ultimate Journey. Nature trails and a swimming pool offer exercise and relaxation.



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