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How do I register?

  1. Choose your program. Add it to your online cart or call 434-361-1500.
  2. Fill out the online application or download the application and email, fax or mail it to us (see numbers below).
  3. Pay your deposit or full payment online, Paypal, check or money order.
  4. You will receive a Confirmation notice.  (If registering for Gateway Voyage, Out-of-Body Intensive, or Exploring Energy Healing, your application must be approved.  Once approved you will receive a confirmation.)
  5. The remaining program fees are due 30 days in advance of the program date.  Please see our cancellation policy.

What to Bring

Bring a notebook or a journal to write in. Also bring comfortable, loose clothing. The style of dress during the program is casual; so do wear whatever you are comfortable in. You will be in and out of your bed a lot during the day as that is where you listen to Hemi-Sync. People are also often barefoot or in socks in the Center. Please pack enough clothes for a week, as there are no personal laundry facilities available. Also, in warm weather you may want to bring a swimsuit and beach towel if you wish to swim during the season. Weather forecasts are available at (zip code 22938).

Some additional things to bring,

  • Comfortable hiking or walking shoes
  • Cell phones can be used outside of the building. Please note that some cell phone services do not pull a strong signal. A public phone is available and we sell long distance phone cards.
  • Layered casual clothing
  • Flashlight
  • Prescription drugs, emergency numbers


Our home-style meals offer choices of vegetables and legumes, salad bar and fruit with entrees of chicken, turkey and occasional seafood. If you have any restrictive dietary needs feel free to bring any unique food items with you and TMI will be happy to accommodate to the best of our ability.

If you have any specific food requirements/allergies, please let us know at least two weeks prior to your scheduled arrival. Limited space is available for prepared or precooked foods in our freezers or refrigerators for special diets. Our staff will be able to cook special meals under most circumstances.

Recommended Readings and Audio Downloads

Free Audio Downloads
If you are unfamiliar with our audio-guidance process, it is suggested that you listen to the Gateway Voyage Introductory Exercise and the Gateway Affirmation before attending the program. And be sure to follow the "How to Listen" instructions provided.

Robert Monroe’s Books (Journeys Out of the Body, Far Journeys, Ultimate Journey)

If attending the Out of Body Intensive Course with Bill Buhlman, Adventures Beyond the Body book is recommended to be read before you attend.

Program Application

An application is required for all participants, for each program you are planning to attend, regardless of the number of times you have attended TMI.


Accommodations are primarily double rooms. The bathrooms are located outside of the bedrooms (at the Nancy Penn Center) so be sure to bring a robe or something to wear between the bedroom and bathrooms.

The bed linens, comforters, pillows and towels are provided.

TMI is working diligently to ensure our facilities are Handicap Accessible. If you have medical needs or special accommodations, please contact a Registration Coordinator.

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Headphones - We use ultraviolet sanitizers to sanitize headphones before each program. Disposable headphone covers are available from trainers upon request.

Yoga - Early morning complimentary Yoga classes are available with Iyengar Yoga Teacher Shaaron Honeycutt and Integral Yoga Teacher Surya Lipscombe. This is a good chance to maintain or begin your practice and an excellent way to start the day! Please bring comfortable loose fitting clothing if you wish to join in the classes. There are mats, blocks and other props available for use as well.

Fitness - There are a variety of other fitness opportunities including weights, walking, hiking, swimming, and ping pong. At Roberts Mountain Retreat, a swimming pool is available for your enjoyment and boating/swimming is available at The Nancy Penn Center in Lake Miranon as we provide a boat & oars. TMI feels strongly that light daily physical activity is integral to improving the quality of each individual experience. Please bring appropriate clothing if you wish to take advantage of any or all of these activities.

Spa Services - Massages are available during program break times, at additional cost. Please plan in advance to bring either cash or personal checks (US Dollars Only), as credit card payments cannot be accepted.


Send your travel information, even if you are driving, as soon as possible, so we can arrange for any transportation needed. For 6-day residential programs, please plan to arrive on Saturday and leave on Friday before noon. Plan to arrive approximately between 12 noon and 4 pm the day your program begins.  Departure from the Institute should be before 12 noon on the final day of the program.  If you need to arrive a day early (recommended for international travelers), you can stay at a motel/hotel in Charlottesville and we will arrange pick-up from your location.

We strongly recommend that you obtain trip cancellation insurance in the unlikely event that we have to cancel the program, so that you can recover the cost of your ticket.

If you are driving, please see our driving directions. Be aware that google maps does not provide accurate directions.

If you have travel delays, please call 1-434-944-6907 or email at to let us know so that we can rearrange your pickup and arrival information for our staff. You can also give this number to family members in case of an emergency after normal working hours (9am to 5pm EST).

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Want to stay in our beautiful area before or after your program? Ask us about local inns and B&B's.

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Historic Estates

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Local History


Have more questions? Contact a Registration Coordinator


Typical program schedule

Upcoming programs

If you have travel delays, please call 1-434-944-6907 or email at to let us know so that we can rearrange your pickup and arrival information for our staff. You can also give this number to family members in case of an emergency after normal working hours (9am to 5pm EST).

For emergencies during normal working hours please call 434-361-1500.

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