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Dolphin Energy Club

The Dolphin Energy Club (DEC) of The Monroe Institute was formed in 1991 to promote emotional and physical health and wellness. The more than 230 DEC members use special frequency patterns based on brain-mapping studies of talented healers. When a request for assistance comes in, ten members of the DEC network are asked to focus consciousness on that person’s behalf at least once during a two-week period. For more information on DEC please email dec [@]

As a Dolphin Energy Club member, during your year of DEC membership, you:

  • receive a DEC training exercise on CD:
    • Track A offers the means to learn the DEC methods and techniques.
    • Track B offers two DEC exercises: one to heal yourself, the second to heal others.
  • agree to use DEC to help only those who request it.
  • agree to use your DEC ability during the year of your DEC membership to help those submitted to you by the DEC Service Committee.
  • may present any petitioner, including yourself, to the DEC Service Committee for healing support, provided the petitioner has requested such help.
  • agree to report to DEC any measurable changes or improvements in your petitioner following the time line that will be given you by the DEC Service Committee.
  • agree to report to DEC on changes in your own physical and mental state resulting from your application of DEC techniques.
  • receive periodic reports from The Monroe Institute of DEC results.

The DEC training CD, includes, as integral parts of the preparatory process, the Security Repository Box, Resonant Tuning, and moving to Focus™ 10. If you are not already familiar with these from work with other exercises, we strongly recommend that you first learn to use them by working with the Gateway Voyage Introductory Exercise. And be sure to follow the "How to Listen" instructions provided.

Learn more about the Dolphin Energy Club. Contact: Ann Vaughan, DEC Coordinator
Phone:(434) 361-1252
Fax: (434) 361-1237
Email: ann.vaughan [@]

Sustaining Members and Professional Members pay only $35.00 per year; nonmembers $50.00 per year.

Dolphin Energy Club History

by Shay St. John

Speculation has abounded on the origin of the Dolphin Energy Club since its inception. Now, Shay St. John, long-time friend of Bob and Nancy Monroe and member of the TMI Board of Directors, shares below her personal recollections of the event which birthed this vital, growing healing network.

Al and I were visiting with Bob and Nancy. She had a chemotherapy treatment, so I rode in with her and we planned lunch afterward. During the treatment, the needle was improperly placed, and the chemo leaked into Nancy's hand rather than flowing into her bloodstream. The nurse was extremely upset. So was Nancy. I was furious, but attempted to remain "calm and poised" to keep things somewhat in order!

Nancy was told this was extremely serious; that she could possibly even lose her hand. The hand would definitely turn black. Great pain would be experienced. She was to call immediately for a doctor's appointment. He was not in the office when this occurred. Nancy's hand was already at least twice its normal size, deep gray, and getting blacker by the minute. We went to lunch and I shared a story I had recently heard about the relationship between killer whales and dolphins. It seems that the two species set aside their natural enmity, and the dolphins assist the whales while they give birth. I then suggested, "Let's make the dolphins the mid-wives of your healing right now."

At lunch, over a glass of white wine, Nancy identified seven dolphins flowing through her bloodstream. As we ate, we told these dolphins that their very favorite food, the chemo in Nancy's hand, was theirs to devour. We focused their work on her hand during lunch and watched in awe as Nancy's hand stopped turning blacker. The swelling continued to decease. Within an hour and a half, we could actually see the hand beginning to lighten and deflate.

We were so excited! Nancy had found a wonderful dolphin ring at Best Products, and she was thinking of getting it. We went there right after lunch--I bought Nancy her ring and she bought me mine. She felt so good, we went shopping and returned to the house in the late afternoon. By this time, nothing unusual seemed to have happened to Nancy's hand. By evening, it was totally normal.

The next day we both talked to the dolphins and thanked them for their help. Then we told them of a real dietary treat, the cancer cells throughout Nancy's body. In addition, the unnecessary chemo could be their weekly "dessert."

We shared this experience with Bob and Al and, in an evening of brainstorming, the Dolphin Energy Club was born.


Dolphin Energy Club


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  • Contact DEC: Ann Vaughan, DEC Service Call: (434) 361-1252 The Monroe Institute 365 Roberts Mountain Road Faber, VA 22938-9749 E-mail: dec [@]