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Arkaitz Eskarmendi

Arkaitz Eskarmendi was born in San Sebastian, Spain. Since childhood he felt that something was missing in life and started his quest for the `missing factor´at a very early age. Along the years he tried many tools and techniques for self development, trying to unveil the depths of human consciousness. While working on his masters degree on International Trade and Logistics, Arkaitz was given the opportunity to read Bob Monroe’s books. Reading of Bobs experiences, along with a first contact with the Hemi-Sync technology provided an unmistakable sense of `this is the way to go´. And this is the way he went until, before he knew he became a TMI Outreach Facilitator and Residential Trainer. Now he facilitates both Excursion and Gateway programs.

Using Hemi-Sync on a regular basis, personally and with workshop participants, has brought a sense of purpose and fulfillment to life that is hard to describe. Life has turned into an incredible adventure, full of meaning and mystery.

Arkaitz also had training in Coaching, NLP and DHP (development of the human potential).

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