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Charleene Nicely

Charleene Nicely, Ph.D., LCAS is the Director of Mental Health and Outpatient Services for Pavillon, providing trauma counseling, assessments, medical and clinical consultations. She also leads psychologically oriented groups and lectures on such topics as the interaction of psychiatric diagnoses and addictions; the interplay of the biological, psychological, social and spiritual factors in addictions and recovery; and improved self-communication. She uses hemi-sync technology in her current position to help patients learn to relax, to increase their connection to their Higher Power, to improve their concentration, and to enter restful sleep.

She received her B.A. in general psychology from Baylor University in 1974 and her PhD in clinical psychology from University of Memphis in 1980 and completed her graduate internship training with the VA medical centers in Memphis, Tn and in Pittsburg, Pa. She has lived and worked in the Hendersonville, NC area since 1979 In her 22 years of private practice, she has worked with families and individuals on such issues as depression, anxiety, marital issues, childhood behavioral problems, parenting skills , and strengthening recovery. In her private practice she also provided psychological evaluations including intelligence testing, personality evaluations, and neuropsychological evaluations Led meditation groups in Hendersonville, in local seminars, and at The Monroe Institute in Faber, Virginia where she has been a residential trainer for week-long seminars since 1993.

Contact Charleene Nicely:
Charleene Nicely, Ph.D., LCAS
Director of Mental Health and Outpatient Services
Pavillon Center
241 Pavillon Place
Mill Spring, NC 28756
(828) 625-8210


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