The Monroe Institute

3-Day Residential Programs

Dowsing—A Self-Empowerment Seminar

Dowsing is many things to many people and limited only by our imagination as to the ways it can be used to enhance our lives.


Mini One-Day Program

Have you ever heard that saying, ‘the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step’?  Sometimes just taking the first step of picking up the phone or sending an email is the hardest step because we’re not sure what to expect.


On-Campus Excursion Workshop

The basic Outreach program is a weekend workshop called the Excursion. This two-day adventure into expanded states of awareness facilitates profound relaxation, deep contemplation, increased intuition, and communication with the higher self and with related energies.


Opening to Stillness

This long weekend retreat will be an opportunity to deepen your practice of meditation and explore more fully the nature of spiritual awakening with Peter Russell, whose meditation sessions were greatly appreciated by many participants in Exploration Essence and Graduate Exploration Essence.