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New Year’s

Prerequisites: None

Would you like to do something more meaningful to greet the New Year? With special Hemi-Sync® exercises to reflect on the passing year, and pattern for your best year yet, TMI offers you that possibility! But it’s not all serious – we have a party planned and all at a very special price!!!

First, from an inner space facilitated by different Focus levels, we will be looking at situations in our lives on physical, emotional and spiritual levels, with the intent of healing those that might need it, and celebrating those that have brought personal evolution.

Then we will move into creating love and abundance at all levels of our being. Different patterning tools in Focus levels 12, 15 and 27 will support the subtle, but deep, inner work. These will be balanced by other types of exercises that are designed to tap into your innate creativity and plant the seeds for your best year yet.

With an average of five Hemi-Sync® exercises per day, we will be working through the process using Focus levels 10 through 27, taking advantage of the unique qualities of each to understand and clear different issues, and prepare for the coming year from different states of consciousness. Some of the exercises will be taken from our broad list of programs and others will be voiced live for the New Years’ retreat, especially designed to facilitate the unique purposes of this program.

Spending part of the holiday season with like-minded people who share many of your same interests and concerns is an added attraction that also supports your own personal work.

Relax, re-energize and look to the future with different eyes, new insights and renewed energy.


· Nancy Penn Center, The Monroe Institute


· TMI grads and partners or friends (even if they haven’t done a program)


· $1595 all inclusive

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New Year’s Schedule



Dec 28, 2014 - Jan 2, 2015
USA LOCATIONS  Virginia Campus

Dec 29, 2015 - Jan 2, 2016
USA LOCATIONS  Virginia Campus