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Professional Members are a corps of frontier scientists and practitioners—a unique group with a more than 30+ year global tradition of breakthrough research and reporting on the Institute's consciousness development technologies. Professional Members are responsible for most of the vast body of work published independently as well as through the TMI Journal.

The purpose of the Professional Membership is

1. To widen research into the expansion and evolution of human consciousness.

2. To extend more broadly the research information related to the expansion and evolution of human consciousness.

3. To provide the Institute with a greater database of consciousness research than is possible through the efforts of its internal staff and on-site facilities.

4. To teach others basic methods and techniques to stimulate investigation and interest in new and future potentials yet to be considered.

Professional Membership is for those who are working in a group situation or on an individual basis with patients, clients or students. It is for those who have an interest in the activities of the Institute, and the expansion and evolution of consciousness.

Professional Members fall into three categories or combinations thereof

1. Researcher: In which the member, either on his/her own behalf or that of an organization with which s/he is associated, utilizes the basic methods and techniques of the Institute or other related work solely for the gathering of information and experience, with the intent of eventual publication of the results by the Institute or others.

2. Practitioner: In which the member is engaged in private and/or clinical practice and employs the Institute methods and techniques or other related work in his/her relationship with clients, including such specialization as may be indicated to suit his/her unique requirements.

3. Educator: In which the member is associated with a learning institution or program, and elects to include such methods and techniques in his/her teachings.

The Professional Member enjoys a special relationship with the Institute. She/he can receive consultation on the use of Institute materials in his/her own practice or research. S/he may use such audio and written materials as are now inventoried.

The Professional Member receives these commitments from the Institute

1. The privilege of utilizing audio and other materials available or coordinated through the Institute for the purpose stated in his/her membership application. However, this purpose may be expanded or changed upon written request and approval from the Institute. This privilege will continue as long as s/he remains a participating member in good standing.

2. Reports on the research and other activities of the Institute including but not limited to the area of his/her particular discipline.

3. A fifteen percent discount on Institute educational materials. This may not be combined with any other discounts or special offers.

The Professional Member makes these commitments to the Institute

1. That she/he will keep reasonable records of his/her work with Institute technologies, methods, and/or materials and periodically transmit copies of the records and an evaluation to the Institute.

2. That she/he will submit to the Institute for approval prior to publication any material s/he may write regarding his/her work with the Institute methods. The purpose of this commitment is not for censure but to insure accuracy in content. Therefore, approval cannot be unreasonably withheld.

3. That she/he will not reproduce or duplicate any Institute technology, program, recorded exercise, or training material obtained by him/her from or through the Institute, or permit any other person to do so.

4. That she/he will utilize Institute program or training material only in the manner stated in his/her membership application unless s/he receives written approval to do otherwise. Such material will be employed only by him/her or by a person or persons trained by him/her and under his/her direct supervision.

5. That she/he will keep control of such material to preserve its integrity and to prevent unauthorized use of it by others.

6. That she/he will permit the Institute to disseminate any reports s/he may make regarding his/her work, unless s/he specifically requests confidentiality. In the latter event, his/her reports will remain strictly a part of the Institute data and remain in the Institute archives.

7. That she/he will protect Institute copyrights, patents, and trademarks and will abide by the policies set for the by the Institute which have an impact on his/her professional utilization of Institute-specific technologies, methods, and/or materials.


Individuals wishing to apply for the Professional Membership should download and complete the application, which is subject to acceptance by The Monroe Institute.

1. The Professional Member must have familiarity with the Institute’s technologies and the intended uses of these technologies either through the CDs/digital media or through any of the training programs offered by the Institute if the focus of their work is the use of these technologies.

2. The Professional Member must be willing to actively utilize the Institute’s specific consciousness expansion process and/or conduct research with patients, clients, or students and report these findings in writing to the Institute.

3. The Professional Member considers how the application of the Institute’s technologies, methods, and/or materials can benefit those s/he serves.

4. Individuals wishing to apply for the Professional Membership should complete the attached application, which is subject to acceptance by The Monroe Institute.

Membership Fee

The annual fee for Professional Membership is $100.00. A student or Outreach facilitator membership is $50.00. Please do not send in fees with your application. Fees are to be paid after notification of your acceptance as a  Professional Member.

The benefits are:

1. Personal consultation on the use of Institute technologies, methods, and materials for the purposes of research.

2. Access to the Institute's semi-annual publications, the TMI Focus and the TMI Journal, as well as pertinent research papers and publications.

3. The opportunity to join in networking with other Professional Members. A roster of names, addresses, websites, and professional areas of other members is provided for the purpose of exchanging information.

4. Other considerations relative to individual research and application of the Institute's technologies, methods, and/or materials.

Download the Professional Membership Application


Professional Membership


Download the Professional Membership Application


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