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Save Bob’s Cabin


While Bob Monroe was alive, the cabin up at Roberts Mountain Retreat center (RMR) was ground zero for much of the powerful information and inspiration he bought through his out-of-body explorations. There he wrote Ultimate Journey, “napped” on the daybed while consciously touring other realms, had quiet fireside talks, and enjoyed precious solitude, often in the company of a cat or two. The cabin was Bob’s refuge.

A Little History

When Nancy and Bob built their final home at the top of Roberts Mountain, Bob reclaimed two hundred-year-old chestnut logs for its construction. Using the design drafted by Joe McMoneagle, facilities and farm manager George Durrette and his crew carefully removed the chestnut logs from an old mule stable they had torn down, and built the cabin – log by heavy log. In the end they were one log short. Bob hired a log cabin artisan to fell and mill an oak tree, which he then cut to size and stained to match the chestnut logs. The miller also did the chinking — the technique of sealing a log cabin. Joe fitted the plumbing, Dave Wallis did the electrical wiring, and George trimmed out the interior with reclaimed pine and installed the finishes. Bob was in business.

The cabin is part of Bob’s legacy — the structure itself holds vibrational patterns from Bob’s habitation while standing as a reminder of his tremendous contribution to our lives and to the evolution of humanity.

Today …

Bob’s cabin needs our help. A log cabin specialist and $18,000 are required to replace damaged logs, rechink, install flashing, seal the entire cabin and perform other preventative maintenance. Your donation is deeply appreciated.

Research Fund


One of the building blocks of the Institute is its active participation with the research community for the past four decades. Through tireless and innovative study, our in-house and other research is published for the express benefit of the public. Modern-day research into consciousness and the effects of audio technology on consciousness require very specialized equipment, so we are engaging in collaborative efforts with different universities and off-campus researchers to move these efforts forward.

While our interests most clearly lie in all research pertaining to the expansion and evolution of human consciousness, we are also well aware of how limitless the future is and the Research Fund enables the finances to continue to develop our body of work and share that work with the public. This includes our continuing research with the basic audio-guidance technology and both quantitative and qualitative research efforts to understand personal experiences of expanded states of consciousness and the implications of those expanded states for humankind.

Scholarship Fund


The Scholarship Fund provides essential opportunities to attend programs for those requiring financial assistance. Through an application process, a committee is able to award limited scholarships to qualifying individuals. Unfortunately, there are a limited amount of funds available for scholarships and few are able to be awarded.

Many of our recipients are from other countries where our work is unknown, and prepare to take the Facilitator Training Program to share TMI benefits with their home countries.

A donation to the Scholarship Fund is an extra special kind of gift, a contribution that gives someone the opportunity to both give and receive in the wake of your generosity!

The Monroe Institute Fund


A donation to The Monroe Institute Fund helps to finance continuing improvements, the extension of our programs and workshops around the world, and the expansion of the TMI community at large. This fund might best be viewed as a chance to contribute to the overarching mission of TMI, to the TMI campus and to the future of The Monroe Institute.

We have many projects that must been postponed or not implemented due to lack of funds.  Any way you can help us with sustaining TMI as a power source of tools to improve lives is very much appreciated.


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