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The Path: Afterlife

December 18, 2010

I highly recommend it to anyone who has lost someone, or is currently going through a transitional experience.

Sometimes in our travels through physical life things show up unexpectedly but serendipitously, synchronistically, and with flawless precision. The Path: Afterlife may be one of those things. Creators of the project, "... believe that whoever is destined to see this DVD will either buy it, have it given to them, or borrow it from a friend. The Path we feel has been guided by the divine universe and whether we sell 1 or 1 million copies we know our message about life after death and the countless possibilities of our own power and souls purpose will reach whomever it was meant to. There are no accidents and everything happens in it's own divine timing."

This DVD, released in 2009, was recently praised in the blog Life In the Second Half :

I have been in the process of building a spiritual video library and came across one that I thought exceptional. The Path: Afterlife, with The Monroe Institute, William Buhlman, Tom Cambell and others, is one that I intend to watch over and over. I'll order one for my daughters and niece to watch, and I highly recommend it to anyone who has lost someone, or is currently going through a transitional experience.

There is so much information in this little video that it would be hard to pin down what I liked about it, except to say that there were pockets of information that spoke directly to me. I suspect that might be true for others, although not necessarily the same pockets of information.

Could this be what you've been looking for?

New Typing Interface for Touch Screens Mimics Handwriting

December 16, 2010

A faster and more natural text input app for small devices, which mimics handwriting and eliminates typos. Sounds good? That is what the 8pen app for Android touch phones offers.

Kids now are keyboarding before they hit kindergarten. In 1965 BC ("before computers") high schools offered typing classes. Afraid of being forever pigeon-holed as a "secretary" once in the work force, many girls opted out of learning to type. The occasional male typing student was a real oddity. Long story short, I took Typing I, and OMG I'm glad I did!

All that is well and good, and I think much faster on a keyboard than with a pen in my hand. BUT, what about handwriting? It's so personal, so intimate, so telling; so artful. Just when it seems we are evolving beyond the handwritten word some of that quaintness may be resurrected in this little text input app. And the typo elimination thing — cool!

Here's an excerpt from Grant Banks's review of the app for

The 8pen replaces the conventional keyboard interface on touch screen devices with one that mimics human handwriting. Its use of simple gestures reduces the problem of mistyping that occurs with the classical qwerty layout due to the lack of space on small screens. By having a single reference point, at the center of the screen, the size of the device and of your finger becomes irrelevant. The intuitive nature of the writing motion also allows complete blind-typing without promptive dictionaries." target="_blank">See full source article here.   

Evidence of Other Universes?

December 15, 2010

Cosmologists have discovered evidence that our universe has been "bruised" by collisions with other universes. This certainly opens a lot of doors for scientific 'proof' of what so many have intuitively known for many years. And just thinking about a universe being 'bruised' really boggles the mind, doesn't it? Painful, but also beautiful sounding.

From the article:

Today, another group says they've found something else in the echo of the Big Bang. These guys start with a different model of the universe called eternal inflation. In this way of thinking, the universe we see is merely a bubble in a much larger cosmos. This cosmos is filled with other bubbles, all of which are other universes where the laws of physics may be dramatically different to ours.

The findings are currently difficult to reproduce, but with better data on the way, scientists are hoping to get to the bottom of the matter in the next few years.

The Visionary Art of Alex Grey

December 10, 2010

Perhaps you've not heard of Alex Grey, but chances are you have seen his art. Grey's images represent multidimensional, multi-level aspects inherent in mundane and transcendent human experience. That he's able to graphically convey these concepts at all, let alone meaningfully, is fascinating to me.

When we align with our own creative energy we align with God. When we manifest this alignment by communicating it to others, this is art.

Author Danielle Graham and photographer Dean Chamberlain visited Grey at his New York studio awhile back. Here are some excerpts from Graham's article, "Alex Grey: Artist of Love and Wisdom," posted on

How exactly does an artist go about portraying the intangible? Alex Grey entangled his artistic skills with the memories of his mystical moments and in doing so found spiritual connection. His unique style is immediately recognizable – a kind of luminous x-ray technique – and fans of his work claim his paintings visually represent their own sacred experiences. Today he is internationally renowned as one of the world's premiere visionary artists.

Grey describes his artwork as showing both the tangible world and also pointing to what he calls "an interdimensional luminosity - worlds of visionary splendor and beauty." He does this through the utilization of his x-ray style painting to depict "common human experiences like kissing, birth, caring, nursing, and dying which portray the archetypal human experience that is relevant and resonant to everyone." Through this combination, he perceives that his art points towards the "spiritual force, a creative force that I think runs through all artists."

To view Grey's galleries visit his Website HERE." target="_blank">See full source article here.   

On the Planets

December 08, 2010

For all of you science fiction lovers out there, I thought that you might enjoy this!

Matt Webb of BERG shares some of his favorite sci-fi about each of the planets. Well, and the Sun (sort of) solar system sci-fi list would be complete without a mention of the sun! Below is an excerpt from the article where Mr Webb discusses the movie Sunshine.

In 2057, the Sun is dying, and the Earth is freezing. So the ship Icarus 2 goes on a mission to reignite it with a massive bomb. This is the movie Sunshine, and if you get a chance to see it, watch it on a big screen. The crew themselves watch the Sun close-up, awestruck, from a view-port the exact dimensions of a movie screen, so the Sun fills your picture too and you spend half the film bathing in powerful yellow light. Like some kind of church.

Everyday Extraordinary

December 08, 2010

I think that this video by BoxHead is such a nice meditation on finding inspiration in the things that we look at every day. If you have a few moments, please watch this evocative, quite video and let us know what you think. Do you see poetry in the pile of laundry? Train tracks in the power lines against the sky? How does your perspective help you every day?

Balloons#1 from Wave Media Productions on Vimeo.

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