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Are Past Lives Real? Could They Be Important for Our Health and Well Being Today?

September 15, 2011

“If we are to be open to the truly vast power of the imagination, which is surely the very root of all human creativity and spirituality, we need a psychology that honors not just the human mind, the faculties of perception and learning, but also the human soul and the human spirit.”

~ Interview with Dr. Roger Woolger by Jaime Leal-Anaya in

Excerpted from the interview, which can be seen in its entirety HERE:

Recently, renowned British psychologist Roger Woolger, PhD, shared with SuperConsciousness his research with patients who have gone through a Near Death Experience. His contribution to the scientific exploration of this subject is unique, as he does not leave out the realm of the transcendent and the spiritual from his research....

Dr. Roger Woolger is also a leading expert in past-life therapy and has developed a very popular and successful technique, worldwide, called Deep Memory Process. The results from several thousand patient studies, he explains, have been astounding: “Many cases of ‘incurable’ depression, phobias, anxieties, and physical illnesses find complete resolution when the cause is healed from beyond the current life.”

Dr. Woolger describes himself as a skeptic who stumbled unto the phenomenon of past lives through his professional work with his patients. He argues that the important point here is not so much the philosophical argument for or against past lives, but to consider and rely on the evidence itself, and the recorded healings that follow from past-life therapy and the enduring effects in the patients....

"To access higher realities and also our higher minds we do not need to climb up a ladder or perform brain surgery to get there; instead we need to learn how to alter our state of consciousness. For the simple truth is that it is by sharpening the focus of our consciousness that we are able to encounter these other realities."" target="_blank">See full source article here.   

Lucid Dreaming App for iPhone/iTouch/Google

September 13, 2011

We couldn't be living at a more advantageous time for experimenting with the symbiotic and mutually beneficial interaction of consciousness and technology. New opportunities are popping up everywhere. Here's another one ...

From Conscious Creation Weblog:

Our friend and lucid dreamer/reality creator, Jen Beaven, has created an app for your iPhone/iTouch that helps you do a random ‘reality check’.  That’s a technique where you ask yourself at various points during the day if you’re dreaming, with the intention that you’ll also remember to ask yourself the same questions while you’re sleeping/dreaming, thus giving yourself the opportunity to become lucid in your dream!

The app works like this – when you refresh the page you get a random tip from the following categories:

  • Dream Actions are simple actions to perform which may give unexpected results in the dream state.
  • Dream Signs remind you to examine your surroundings for a sign you might be dreaming.
  • Dream Tips are hints and tips to improve your odds of having a lucid dream.
  • Dream To-Dos are things to try once you’re in a lucid dream.

For more information about getting this app for your iPhone or other Apple product, click here. (For 99 cents you also get the ad-free version with a few more options.)

The good news is that if you don’t have an iPhone, you can still get a widget that you can embed on your own website or blog, and there’s also a Google Gadget version you can put on your iGoogle home page too. Click here for more info on the widgets and to see the widget in action – refresh the page to get new examples." target="_blank">See full source article here.   

Life & Death, Orbs, and Connection

September 09, 2011

When David Bennet faced imminent death, his wife Alex tapped into a deep level of connection and asked for help. Help manifested in a very interesting way. David is alive.

In the video below Alex describes that intense event and the aftermath, which led to joyful communication with orb beings. She shows us photos of orbs who assumed shapes at her request!

Alex and David Bennet are friends of The Monroe Institute from way back. They attend programs, serve as Professional Members, and share generously their library of TMI exercises and resources through Mountain Quest, their West Virginia retreat center. See for further examples of photographs introduced in this video.

Images that Stop Time

September 08, 2011

The exploration and development of human consciousness are prime movers of The Monroe Institute and have been for forty years. As one's individual awareness becomes honed, inevitably one recognizes the vast, deep, and abiding awareness in others, human and not. As a group, National Geographic photographers tend to embody that deeper view; they are mysteriously able to bring it into sharp, stark focus. Here are some awareness-gripping moments captured in time.

Underwater Cemetery

Photograph by David Doubilet, National Geographic. Tomtate grunts and yellowtail snapper swim through Neptune Memorial Reef, an underwater cemetery with decorative arches and columns installed on the ocean floor off Miami Beach. The cremated remains of about 200 people have been mixed with cement and molded into memorial sculptures

Elephant Rescue

Photograph by Michael Nichols, National Geographic. What a scared orphan elephant needs more than anything is other elephants. The process of becoming socialized begins as soon as the worst injuries heal.

Brooklyn Bedroom

Photograph by Abelardo Morell. National Geographic. As vivid as a dream, a hypersharp image of the Brooklyn Bridge and lower Manhattan materializes above tousled sheets. To make the surreal picture, Morell essentially put his camera inside a room serving as a camera and kept his shutter open for five hours to expose on film the incoming image. He used a prism to flip the projection right-side up. "View of the Brooklyn Bridge in Bedroom, 2009"

Kermode Bear in Tree

Photograph by Paul Nicklen, National Geographic. British Columbia, Canada. A mother of two cubs climbs a Pacific crab apple tree to grab its tart and tiny fruit. In years when autumn salmon numbers are low, the bears must find other food, such as wild berries, lupine roots, and mussels.

Underwater Prow of Titanic

Photograph by Emory Kristoff, National Geographic. With 10,000 watts of light and cutting-edge submersible technology, the Titanic comes to life from two and a half miles beneath the ocean’s surface.

Moth Trails

Photograph by Steve Irivne. Canada—Fluttering wings leave lacy trails as moths beat their way to a floodlight on a rural Ontario lawn. The midsummer night's exposure, held for 20 seconds, captured some of the hundreds of insects engaged in a nocturnal swarm.

Sand Castle

Photograph by Marsel van Oosgen. Namibia—In a scene stolen from a dream, a house succumbs to sand in Kolmanskop, once a thriving settlement for diamond miners. Winds have helped desert dunes reclaim the site, abandoned for more than 50 years.

Sea Women

Photograph by David Hagsholt. South Korea—On single breaths of up to a minute and a half, these Korean haenyeo, or sea women, search for conch and other edibles off the coast of Jeju Island. With fewer females free diving for a living, the storied tradition is fading


Can We Bank Time?

September 07, 2011

"Imagine there is a bank that credits your account every morning with $86,400. It carries over no balance from day to day. Every morning the bank deletes whatever part of the balance you failed to use during the day. What do you do? Draw out every cent, of course? Each of us has such a bank. It's name is Time. Every morning it credits you with 86,400 seconds. Every night it writes off as a loss whatever you have failed to invest to a good purpose. It carries over no balance. It allows no overdraft. Every day it opens a new account for you. Each night it burns the remains of the day. If you fail to use the day's deposits, the loss is yours. There is no drawing against 'tomorrow.' You must live in the present on today's deposits. Invest it so as to get from it the utmost in health, happiness, and success. The clocking is running. Make the most of today." - Unknown

Do you feel this way?  This quote feels a little like the pressure cooker of life (ie, did I do a good enough job enjoying myself today? Maybe I didn't? Maybe I should create a schedule of enjoyment so that I don't miss another opportunity to relax?!) which is a bit counter-intuitive to the author's intention, but I like the idea that we can find comfort rather than worry in this sentiment.  It seems that rather than pass our time worrying that we're not 'spending' our time well, we might consider that it's absolutely ok that some of this is fleeting, and then think about how good it feels to know that our time in this body on this earth is essential and absolute.  There's comfort in that space, isn't there?

What do you think?  Are you trying to save time? Spend time? Waste time? Ignore time? Defy time? Revel in time?

The Magic of Truth and Lies

September 02, 2011

by Mark Cummins

So the type of magic I like,
and I’m a magician,
is a magic that uses technology
to create illusions.

~ Marco Tempest

A magician and illusionist for the 21st century, Marco Tempest blends cutting-edge technology with the flair and showmanship of Houdini... Using three iPods like magical props, [he] spins a clever, surprisingly heartfelt meditation on truth and lies, art and emotion.

~ TEDTalks

Reality and illusion -- pretty subjective concepts in the big picture. Take just five minutes and treat yourself to Marco's show in the video below, "The magic of truth and lies (and iPods)":

PS. Could this be the same guy who invented the Junkyard Jumbotron at the MIT MediaLab that we blogged about last April?

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