The Monroe Institute

Creative Chaos: Soul Crafting, Transforming Trauma & the Burning Man Experience

July 30, 2010

Samantha Sweetwater, a "trauma mentor," offers wisdom and commentary on the efficacy of embracing creative chaos in these non-ordinary times.

July 23, 2010

These are times of extraordinary chaos, change and newness for our human race. They are non-ordinary times.

Could a wise response to non-ordinary times be for ordinary people to cultivate practices and presence around the non-ordinary? Could it be that we are now called to be non-ordinary people, or a super-ordinary people?

...When I made the decision to join in the Trauma Mentoring program at Wisdom University, I was moving from an inner knowing that has been a core operating principle of my life. The call to be a trauma mentor is the call to be a responder, a leader, a healer and a wisdom beacon in an increasingly chaotic world. It is a call midwife the dancing star in the lila of cacophony. Trauma happens. It has always been a part of the initiatory path of a human life, but this moment in earth’s history is unparalleled in the potential it holds for mass scale upheavals precipitated by super-weather, epidemics, drought, war, famine, rising seas, terrorism, economic collapse, unemployment, and failed social systems. Thus, trauma could become, and is becoming, systemic, endemic and unavoidable. How do we respond? Are we ready to be “response – able?”

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