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Manipulating Time—China’s Extraordinary Human Potential Research

October 21, 2010

In 2006, I accepted an invitation to visit China and present my experimental research to an elite yet somewhat mysterious group of scientists. These researchers have dedicated much of their professional careers to the study of extraordinary human potential, driven by a passionate thirst to discover the underlying fabric of reality. Their demeanor was friendly and unassuming yet they held some of China’s most prestigious and powerful scientific positions.

So begins Danielle Graham, Founder and Executive Director of the NW Frontier Research Institute (NWFRI) in WA State, in an account of her eye-opening trip into China's world of mind-over-matter research.

Does mind over matter or even mind 'as' matter seem realistic to you?


"... hundreds of elite, specially trained researchers from a broad spectrum of scientific disciplines within China’s technical Universities have studied the physical phenomena generated by this unique group of people affectionately known as EHF’s or, 'Exceptional Human Functions.' The EHF’s excel in the ability to manipulate matter non-locally through intensely focused thought."

"The researchers agree they are observing repeatable, hyper-time-space non-linear macro phenomena that violate the classical and relativistic models in which the nature of physical matter is currently understood."" target="_blank">See full source article here.   



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