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"The greatest illusion is that mankind has limitations."
— Robert Monroe

What is The Monroe Institute?
  • The Monroe Institute (TMI) is a non-profit research and educational organization dedicated to enhancing the uses and understanding of human consciousness.
  • We are not affiliated with any religion, philosophy, or spiritual practice.
  • We ask only that you consider the possibility that you are more than your physical body.
What do we do?
Through our programs, tools, and world renowned technologies, TMI aids participants in achieving targeted states of consciousness -- many not typically available during normal waking conditions -- and in building skills to reenter, explore, and utilize those states at will.

Robert A. Monroe, well known author of groundbreaking books on the subject of out-of-body experiences (OBE) and human consciousness exploration, founded the Institute as a means to study and utilize the OBE skills he had begun to develop spontaneously. Later he realized what was learnable, was teachable and the Institute became an educational center. In the past forty-plus years, The Monroe Institute has trained more than 30,000 men and women world-wide to achieve profoundly deep, specific levels of awareness.
What can you gain from our programs?
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From several formal studies during and after our programs, it was found that participants were able to:
  • Create purpose and meaning in life
  • Find Inner Peace
  • Enhance mental abilities
  • Tap into personal healing potential
  • Discover your true-essence
  • Experience non-judgmental acceptance
  • Explore consciousness outside of time and space
  • And much more…
Where do you begin?
Your Journey Starts HERE.

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