The Monroe Institute

The Sound of Silence

September 29, 2010

We won't do this too often, but this remarkable program offered by The Monroe Institute is too good to miss!

The Silent Retreat is scheduled for November as this time of year reflects the energies of the Earth drawing inward, inviting us to do the same; to reconnect with what is deeply calling to us.

Prerequisites: Gateway Voyage

Hemi-Sync exercises, group meditations, and other meditative practices will support listening to the quiet, all-powerful voice within.

Saturday and Sunday morning will allow for conversations, the rekindling of friendships, and an orientation to the week's activities. Silence will begin Sunday following lunch and continue through Thursday afternoon. The program will conclude with time to share, ground, and prepare to reenter our lives in new ways.

While there is a structure provided, you are totally free and encouraged to follow your own process wherever it takes you, whether it be an extensive period of journaling, communing in nature, creating a water coloring, walking the labyrinth, sitting by Lake Miranon. As one participant wrote, "I was free to go wherever I needed to go. Silence was the key! The silence allowed us to quiet our minds and just 'be.' It allowed us time to meditate. Even though we were in silence, I could feel the group energy and the group love. You could feel the love everywhere. The group meditations were awesome!"



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