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Twin Telepathy and the Illusion of Separation

May 07, 2012

"Despite substantial evidence validating psychic phenomena, the scientific community remains largely resistant. Enter the revolutionary phenomenon of telepathic communication between twins. Numerous cases have been accumulating since the late 1800s. If they can't be explained through synchronicity or genetics, what other explanation could there be?"


From: The Institute of Noetic Sciences, IONS Library, "Twin Telepathy and the Illusion of Separation"
by Diane Hennacy Powell, MD

Twins and Coupled Consciousness

Some of the most compelling evidence for telepathy comes from the study of identical twins. More than one hundred years ago, the eminent British scientist Francis Galton published a short article in which he commented that twins in the company of each other were witnessed to “make the same remarks on the same occasion” or “begin singing the same song at the same moment.” According to Guy Playfair, author of Twin Telepathy (Vega, 2002), as many as 30 percent of identical twins appear to experience telepathic interconnection.

...Telepathy happens frequently between closely connected twins during crisis. The term crisis telepathy was coined after several dramatic accounts such as the following: Martha Burke felt as if she “had been cut in two” one day in 1977 when a searing pain crossed her chest and abdomen. Hours later she discovered that her twin sister had died in a plane crash halfway across the world. Similarly, in July 1975, Nita Hurst’s left leg became agonizingly painful as bruises spread spontaneously up the left side of her body. She later discovered that her twin, Nettie Porter, had been in a car crash at the very same time four hundred miles away.

...The complex similarities between separated twins simply cannot be accounted for by science’s genetic model....Some researchers suggest that the phenomenon of twin telepathy can be explained by looking at what regulates genes, or causes them to turn on and off (the field of epigenetics). Genes are turned off by methylation, which is the addition of a small carbon-based molecule to the backbone of DNA by a substance called a methyl donor. Environmental factors can cause this methylation of genes at any time in life, including during critical stages of development in the womb....

Richard Rose, professor of psychology and medical genetics at Indiana University in Bloomington, has studied personality in more than seven thousand sets of twins. He believes that environment, whether shared or unshared, plays a larger role in their personality development than do genetics. Our genes only create the potential for what we could become, but our environments largely shape that potential into who we actually do become. For example, we could have a gene for alcoholism in our genome, but it wouldn’t be expressed if we lived in a culture without alcohol. We might have the genetics for a calm temperament, but experiencing severe trauma could leave us easily startled and afraid.

Rose examined a factor unique to identical twins that correlated with the degree to which the twins were similar: the length of time they were joined in the womb....

In the research to date, the twins who were the most alike were those whose cluster of undifferentiated cells separated one day before the biological deadline that would have resulted in their becoming physically conjoined. This made me wonder whether telepathic twins could be an illustration on the macro scale of what physicists see on the micro scale between electrons that have been entangled, or coupled. Entangled electrons must always have spins that are complementary, or opposite, to each other. If entangled electrons are allowed to travel light-years away from each other, they still maintain complementary spins. If the spin of one of them is altered, the spin of the other instantaneously changes. This “nonlocal” effect is due not to a signal between the two electrons but rather to the fact that in some way they have remained interconnected.

How can electrons be light-years apart but not separate? Superstring theories propose that there are at least six more dimensions than the four (time and three physical ones) that we experience directly. Perhaps entangled electrons only separate in the dimensions we knowingly experience but not in one or more of the “higher” dimensions. What if the time that identical twins spend as “one” similarly keeps them from separating in one or more of these other dimensions?

Identical twins may just be one example of how those who are close to each other can tap into a “field of interconnection” and experience it as telepathy. Mothers and their children spend many months as “one” during pregnancy and later show a higher level of shared telepathic experiences with each other than they have with strangers. Increased experiences of telepathy also occur when people meditate together and synchronize their brain activity. Lovers who have moments when they feel they are “one” have also reported a sense of interconnection when apart. How frequently could we be experiencing the same thoughts as someone to whom we feel closely connected? It probably happens far more often than we’ve ever imagined.

See the full article.

Diane H. Powell, MD, was on the faculty of Harvard Medical School, was director of research for the John E. Mack Institute, and now maintains a private psychiatry practice. Her new book is called The ESP Enigma.


Wish this was properly considered. I remember being in primary school coming home with my big sister as my twin brother was with mum wasn’t told why. I was walking past the door way when I felt a searing pain in my right arm so bad I’ve not forgotten the pain of it. Mum walked in with my brother who yelled at me as he was injured not me and took him straight to the hospital. It turned out it wasn’t a sprain but a fracture. Mum was so used to me sharing his pain she didn’t even blink.

I was just a kid no Internet no tv why would I feel every headache every pain my annoying brother had.

There is a difference between my twin and me. A bond I don’t share with my other siblings. It isn’t fuzzy love or something imagined. It is tangible.

I’ve explored religion, meta psychics, was hoping the 50 year study on twins would shed light but no.

I really believe that when we start studying this the placebo effect why women’s periods align etc. properly we will evolve so fast. As to me everything is connected we just haven’t developed the knowledge to see how yet.

I don’t believe this is scientific money plots. No one wants to stick there neck out. Half of the psychic world is full of on artists or nut cases - who would want to wreck a reputation. Look at the religionous thought awards mostly go to those who talk of god not existing. Why - we are too afraid of looking like fools or too egotistical. In the 80’s a bird scientist was considered mad outrageous for stating some female birds had anger issues. Why - science at the time thought female birds weren’t capable of male aggression.

Science needs to think bigger at the moment its lame and too afraid to say don’t know maybe.

By Tash on 2014 01 03
From the entry 'Twin Telepathy and the Illusion of Separation'.

I can say that my fraternal twin sister and I display twin telepathy very often; we’ll be having a conversation at the dinner table, my parents will say something, and my sister and I will look at each other and laugh, knowing that we’re thinking the same thing. Our moods are in sync. Despite the fact that she is over 300 km away (at university), we have instances where we are listening to the SAME SONG at the SAME TIME!

By Nich on 2013 11 23
From the entry 'Twin Telepathy and the Illusion of Separation'.

Why haven’t you proved telepathy and claimed the million dollar prize from the Randi Foundation?

By Tony Hickerson on 2013 10 22
From the entry 'Twin Telepathy and the Illusion of Separation'.

Hi I myself was a fraternal twin.  I had predicted my twin brothers death four days before his death. This was the most profound feeling emotion that I had witnessed,my friend who was with me while I was going through the motions of this feeling basically going crazy making calls to numerous family members to confirm what I was feeling,telling my mother you must tell me the truth because I know his dead don’t hide it from me. mY Poor mum was trying to ease me by telling me no no his fine,mum knew this gift I had but only with bad news so mum and dad drove back home the short trip to the country was cut short,for they knew from the tone of my voice there might but some truth in what was going on with my senses were. The only person I did not want to call was my brother,I did not want to speak with him for some strange eery way,something told me not to speak with him.It was death itself that had me not to communicate with him.I did make the call spoke to a person where he was living at which they said he is here would you like to speak to him,I said no as long as his fine even though he was beside the phone ready to talk to me I cut the call short four days later we get the infamous knock at my parents door with the bad news and for someone to go and identify the body. Thats one story we had many. as far as science goes they can go read all they want….......HALF A TWIN.

By Dora mirsodelis on 2012 09 11
From the entry 'Twin Telepathy and the Illusion of Separation'.

The scientific community work, for the most part, for the benefit of commerce, directly or indirectly, and there is no financial gains to be made from psychic phenomena or the mass enabling of the mass enabling of the populous. Rather the contrary.

By bryan on 2012 05 09
From the entry 'Twin Telepathy and the Illusion of Separation'.

Twin studies are fascinating. Although my twin and I are fraternal, we have had numerous events that many people find hard to believe. For example, growing up, one of us would fall down and the other would have a bruise in the same area of injury—without falling. These are much more common among identical twins, but still present with fraternal twins.

By Candice M. Sanderson on 2012 05 07
From the entry 'Twin Telepathy and the Illusion of Separation'.


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