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Worth a Thousand Words

April 05, 2011

Since starting The Hub, we have shared a number of photography links, in part because we love photography around here, and in part because I believe that empathy is a powerful part of the evolution of consciousness, and photography is an essential medium for inspiring empathy. We talk a lot at TMI about working really hard to spread joy, to focus on the positive, to maintain our individual versions of faith in the bigger plan, and so please know that I'm sharing this with you today not as a means of saying, "look there's some gut wrenching stuff out there in the world", but more as a way of saying, "here's something to think about as you're sending your love out there into the world". We believe in the power of the collective consciousness and importantly we believe in the power of each of you to help us continue to share much needed positive love into the larger realm of our world.

All of that was my way of saying, I think that you'll find this photography slide show from comparing pictures of the earthquake in Haiti to the more recent one in Japan very moving. It certainly fulfills the charge of using art to inspire empathy, and it also serves as a reminder that we are all, in our most stripped down moments, very much alike.




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