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TMI will soon be conducting a new one-day business program, Taking Care of Business—Balancing Act Workshop, on site at various business locations. The Balancing Act Workshop is designed and presented by TMI trainer and former Procter & Gamble executive, Andrea Berger.

Balancing Act includes Hemi-Sync® exercises, an audio technology which create a highly coherent brainwave environment, encouraging focused attention. You will be introduced to a variety of mental tools and processes designed to assist you perform at your personal best. No previous experience with meditation and Hemi-Sync is required.

According to the Institute for the Future (IFTF), we live in an increasingly VUCA world, characterized by Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity, which presents both danger and opportunity. Strong leaders are able to transform Volatility into Vision, Uncertainty into Understanding, Complexity into Clarity, and Ambiguity into Agility. They have the skills to stay productive and effective under pressure.

This workshop offers innovative tools and exercises to help business people boost their ability to deal with anxiety and stress, and to think creatively in an ever-complex business environment.

In January, 2014, Forbes published an article, "How Meditation Can Make You A Better Leader," by Randel S. Carlock, in which he states that forward-thinking companies such as General Mills, Google, and McKinsey, found that meditation improves creativity and improves teamwork because people are more sensitive to each other. Google has an internal course called “Search Inside Yourself” to teach employees to breathe mindfully, listen more to their co-workers and enhance their emotional intelligence. Would not your business benefit from such a program?

Human energy is the most critical resource businesses have. According to the Human Performance Institute, productive people learn how to manage their energy. They balance their energy expenditure (investment) with energy recovery (growth). To achieve peak performance over time, we need to oscillate between "fully engaged" (performance zone) and "strategically disengaged" (recovery zone). 

This workshop offers innovative tools and exercises to help business people boost their ability to deal with anxiety and stress, and to think creatively in an ever-complex business environment.

For more details or to enroll your business, please contact Jan McConnell at TMI—
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From the Director’s Chair: August, 2014

Energy Healing

Hello, Everyone!

Those of you who knew Bob Monroe or who have been around TMI for a while will recall that Bob was extremely cautious about how he described TMI's work in consciousness exploration. Any terms that could be construed as religious, "New Age," or possibly interpreted as making vague, non-provable claims were verboten—such as "spiritual," "God," or "healing."  

Despite the numinous, exceptional human experiences people often had and continue to have in TMI's programs, Bob preferred to use scientific versus mystical terminology whenever possible, both in our consciousness research and in TMI's courses.

In March of 1995, the week before he died, while addressing a Lifeline program group, Bob asked if there were any healers in the room. Internationally-known energy healer and teacher Barbara Brennan, a participant in the program, agreed to do a healing session with him. As the group watched, a massage table was brought in, the lights were dimmed, and Barbara began working on Bob. Longtime TMI Trainer Franceen King recounts what took place:

With the very first move, she reached for his throat and pulled out a long shaft of energy. Her work with Bob was like a light show. You could see her pulling things out and moving energy. At one point Barbara told him she would sing to his liver, bent over and began toning. While she was working, many of us were aware of Nancy’s presence. She came into the room. You could hear a pin drop. Many people were able to see the energy moving. It was very powerful.

Months later, after Bob’s passing, Barbara revealed that she had felt that he, on some deep level, agreed to pass on soon, so her healing was more of a rendering of comfort and the highest functioning possible for his last months of life. For the entire Franceen King interview go to:

An important point here is that Bob, who felt energy healing was just too non-scientific to include in The Monroe Institute’s curriculum, was open to a personal, public healing performed by one of the most famous energy healers in the field. With that event and the subsequent openness to consciousness exploration that has occurred in the world since Bob’s passing, and with a respectful bow to Bob, this newsletter is dedicated to the topic of energy healing.

Read the interview with our very own and treasured Ann Vaughan, DEC coordinator and Professional Division coordinator. Ann talks about the Dolphin Energy Club. And don't miss the interviews with Dr. Larry Burk and Winter Robinson discussing their new weekend program coming to TMI this December: Medical Intuition and Symbolic Diseases. Be sure to check out the 4 Programs You Don't Want to Miss, and our 2015 program lineup -- Take Your Life to the Next Level!

So … if Bob had stayed with us another ten or thirty years, who is to say how his views and vocabulary might have evolved or how he would have felt about energy healing and its place at the Institute?  What we do know is that we are proud to be offering powerful training programs that provide effective methods and tools for accessing, expanding, and using healing energy in our lives!

To your good health,



Nancy H. McMoneagle
Executive Director and President

Dr. Larry Burk: Integrative Medicine

Larry Burk
Integrative Physician
August, 2014

Larry Burk, MD, CEHP, is an integrative physician and musculoskeletal radiologist, trained in hypnosis, acupuncture, and the Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT). He was co-founder of Duke Integrative Medicine, a founding board member of the American Board of Scientific Medical Intuition and former board president of the Rhine Research Center. He is author of Let Magic Happen: Adventures in Healing with a Holistic Radiologist. His many articles, video blogs and newsletters can be found on his Website.

Q: You are a certified Medical Doctor.

A: Yes in my hometown at the University of Pittsburgh is where I did my medical school and radiology residency training.

Q: How did you go from that to teaching at The Monroe Institute—the Medical Intuition and Symbolic Diseases program?

A: Well, after this very conventional beginning, I was unexpectedly launched into a multifaceted adventure into holistic healing in 1987. It was prompted by a perfect storm of events including my father being diagnosed with metastatic renal cancer, discovering my first metaphysical bookstore, and joining the national MRI safety committee to address concerns about claustrophobic patients and the health effects of electromagnetic fields. The safety issues led me to become interested in hypnosis and acupuncture, taking my first hypnosis training in 1990 while beginning to explore alternative cancer therapies for my dad, including acupuncture.

Q: OK where did that lead?

A: The next stop on the journey was private practice in Virginia Beach where I was introduced to the Edgar Cayce material and medical intuition. Experiences with a number of talented intuitives caused a significant paradigm shift in my worldview, and in 1993 I moved to Durham, North Carolina,home of my alma mater, Duke University, and the Rhine Research Center, formerly the Duke Parapsychology Laboratory. I took a job as section head of musculoskeletal radiology at Duke and also pursued parapsychology research in intuitive diagnosis, eventually becoming a founding member of the American Board of Scientific Medical Intuition and Rhine board president for a year.

Q: So at Duke was it difficult to follow this alternative medical path?

A: No, surprisingly not. Upon arriving at Duke I discovered a number of like-minded colleagues and started the Mind-Body Medicine Study Group. The deaths of one of those friends and my father led me down a spiritual rabbit hole into the world of dreams and shamanic journeying, including a healing encounter with my first power animal, the jaguar. Led by these unusual forms of guidance I co-founded the Duke Center for Integrative Medicine in 1998, became the education director and took the UCLA Acupuncture Course for Physicians. I left full-time radiology and began to practice acupuncture along with hypnosis and dream work at a variety of clinics at Duke.

Q: So did the work culminate at Duke?

A: No, the journey continued. A fortunate twist in the story occurred in 2002 when I was introduced to EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), the perfect combination of my hypnosis and acupuncture training. Through a series of magical synchronicities in 2004 I was guided to leave Duke to set up Healing Imager, PC, to offer consulting services in MRI musculoskeletal radiology for NATIONALRad and in EFT and hypnosis for Oriental Health Solutions, LLC. I became a certified energy health practitioner through the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology in 2010 and was certified in hypnosis by the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis in 2011.

Q: OK, and then?

A: After telling stories about all these healing adventures for many years, I was finally inspired to publish Let Magic Happen: Adventures in Healing with a Holistic Radiologist in 2012. Along the way the journey has continued to unfold in mysterious ways. I’ve explored my own various musculoskeletal ailments through the lens of symptoms as metaphors and have gained valuable insights that I enjoy sharing with patients in my practice as well as with healthcare practitioners through workshops. Dreamwork has also expanded as a focus inspiring me to do a research project on women who have warning dreams about their breast cancers before diagnosis.

Q: How about the Medical Intuitive component?

A: Along the way I had interaction with Caroline Myss. My initial experience occurred on a day when I had just made an MRI diagnosis of a malignant sacral tumor growing into the spine in a young girl in my practice as described in the opening story of Chapter 5 of Let Magic Happen: Adventures in Healing with a Holistic Radiologist. Prior to writing the book, I also published the story in a Psychic/Intuitive Diagnosis article in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine. I happened to have met Caroline a few weeks before at the Association for Research and Enlightenment in Virginia Beach. We had discussed the possibility of doing research on this topic, and she returned my follow-up phone call that afternoon. After initial hesitation, she graciously agreed to demonstrate her abilities on this case as described in the excerpt below.

Diagnosis from a Distance excerpt:

Caroline wanted just the name and age of the patient without any other information about the scan or the girl’s symptoms. I made sure there were no clues that would tip her off to the diagnosis. There were five seconds of silence, and then she said, “There is a tumor in the pelvis working its way into the spine.” In basketball terms, Caroline had made a “slam dunk.” I was stunned, but managed to ask her to tell me more. “This is an immature girl who has a fear of going through puberty,” she said, and I responded that it might just be an infection. But she said, “No. It is a malignant condition.” Her words came with a sense of knowing and certainty.

After another couple of seconds, she continued. “There is a severe imbalance of the second energy center, or chakra, due to her genetic background, her family history, and her current relationship issues.” I asked her how she got this information. She said I had given her the “spiritual signature” of the patient, and she tuned in to Jessica through me. At first, I thought she was just reading my mind, which would have been impressive enough, but she clearly had access to more information than I did. My mind was reeling from the shock to my belief system as I struggled to fit her abilities into a box I was familiar with.

Sure enough, the biopsy a few days later revealed a malignant sarcoma. It had a relatively poor prognosis. Jessica got chemotherapy followed by radiation to the pelvis, which would likely affect the ovaries and her ability to have a normal puberty. When I left for North Carolina one year later, Jessica was still alive, and I have no further follow up. I was left to ponder the fact we had charged $2,000 for the two-hour MRI diagnosis that Caroline had made remotely in about two minutes. The idea of doing research to validate what I had just experienced became something of an obsession for me. Caroline is very much in demand so we were not able to work together much after she made me a believer.

Q: Your work with Medical Intuitives started there, correct?

A: Yes, I sought out and put to the test many people who claimed to be medical intuitives but none were up to the standards I required. Then, Winter Robinson was giving a seminar one afternoon at Duke and I attended and was impressed after we talked. A few months later I called her with a difficult case. She saw things that I had not guessed at and turned out to be true. Over the years I have called her with different cases and her quality of insights are rare in my experience. We have talked of doing a class together for a long time. Recently, Nancy McMoneagle gave us the green light.

Q: So what will Medical Intuition and Symbolic Diseases be about?

A: Winter will be focusing on how people can learn to discover ailments in others and apply healing techniques. My main interest is in how people can examine their own bodies and discover the causes of their ill health, then work to rectify them. I will also be teaching the EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), which I feel is a simple and effective way for people to work on their personal healing. Winter and I had enough material to teach for a few weeks of programs but we decided for the program to hold it to these areas and the areas that the participants most need. We are both excited about offering this weekend workshop and what people will get out of it. 

Q: What is it, “for people to work on their personal healing?”

A: Or you might ask, what does invisible disease mean? New Zealand clinical immunologist-turned-psychiatrist Brian Broom estimates that 25% of the patients in his clinic have psychosomatic illnesses that manifest as frank somatic metaphors such as those described in his linked article “A Reappraisal of the Role of ‘Mindbody’ Factors in Chronic Urticaria.” Using the titles of Dr. Broom’s two books, these Meaning-full Diseases are symbolic of The Patient’s Other Story in a way that is invisible to clinicians in Western medicine who are trained to think in a linear fashion. Acupuncture practitioners who use Chinese five-element theory are more likely to be willing to explore a non-linear approach to symptoms.

After reading Dr. Broom’s work, I wondered whether the most acute and life threatening form of immune disease, anaphylaxis, might also have a symbolic component that could be addressed with EFT. One of my EFT weight loss patients mentioned that he had a rare allergy to tomatoes causing him to turn red and swollen in the face like a tomato with severe respiratory distress leading to shock. It required carrying an emergency Epi Pen. He revealed being bullied as a teenager in the school cafeteria by boys who threw tomato sauce on him, splattering his clothes like blood. After much tapping he went to a party and ate cocktail sauce for the first time in years, which freaked out his friends, but caused no symptoms.

Dr. Broom also observes that symbolic diseases are essentially “invisible diseases” to most conventionally-trained physicians. This was the case for a recent client of mine, a psychotherapist who had experienced multiple episodes of pneumonia and sinusitis since the death of her husband nine months earlier. Several courses of antibiotics failed to resolve her sinus condition, so she was scheduled for sinus surgery. Our first tapping session focused on unresolved grief, and her sinuses began to clear. She called the surgeon, who couldn’t see the symbolic disease, to cancel. After a couple more EFT sessions she was better. This is the sort of information I plan to share and explore with people in our program.

Q: Thank you Dr. Burk this was great.

Larry Burk Website:

Winter Robinson: Medical Intuitive

Winter Robinson
Medical Intuitive
August, 2014

Winter Robinson, MEd, is an internationally recognized author, teacher, consultant, and medical intuitive, adept at facilitating the intuitive process, multi-sensory development, and exploring human consciousness. A licensed therapist, she is the author of A Hidden Order: Uncover Your Life's Design; Intuitions: Seeing With Your Heart; and Remembering: A Gentle Reminder of Who You Are. She has also created a series of guided imagery CDs to help the listener reduce stress and deepen the alliance with the source of inner wisdom. A board-certified therapist and graduate of the University of Virginia (MEd), Winter began her career as a therapist at the Addiction Research Foundation (Toronto). She headed a pilot study facilitating the art of medicine (medical intuition) to medical students at a major university. For many years Winter was a TMI residential trainer and a research subject in the TMI lab.

Winter Robinson and Dr. Larry Burk offer Medical Intuition and Symbolic Diseases at TMI in which participants are taught to recognize, process, and release psychospiritual imbalances underlying illness.

Q: What kind of work do you do day to day?

A: It varies. Being a medical intuitive I am very big on healthy eating. It is my belief that most of our illnesses/diseases are a result of what we put into our bodies, so I grow as much of our own food as possible. Gardening, a four-season greenhouse, chickens, and, of course, a husband, two dogs, and a cat, keep me busy. In between trying to live sustainably, maintaining our Website, and leading seminars, I use a model I developed from my time at Monroe to work with individual clients. This work incorporates subtle energy, guided imagery, deep relaxation, and the client's sensing of their physical body.

Q: What type of clients do you work with?

A: Each client is different. They do not all come to me because they have an illness. Some are searching for their purpose, or feel lost. Sometimes this manifests as an illness, but usually it is something greater that they are seeking—not just health issues.

Q: So you look at the holistic being, where everything is connected.

A: Yes, of course.

Q: You and Dr. Larry Burk have put together a new weekend retreat for TMI.

A: It was at TMI that I discovered my ability to be a medical intuitive, so naturally I am excited about this retreat. It is as if I am coming home. Let me give you a little background. When Bob Monroe reopened the new lab in the mid-eighties I was asked to be in the second group of Explorers. (During my Gateway we discovered that I could be in a very deep state and describe what was going on.)

Q: So you were a subject in the lab?

A: Yes, Rita Warren was my primary monitor, helped by Martin Warren, Darlene Miller and Michael George. (Occasionally Bob Monroe would pop in.) Remote Viewing was big in those days and, because Joe McMoneagle was there, they were exploring how Hemi-Sync® might contribute to the process. (This was before Joe’s first book came out.) They had been giving us "targets" for several weeks. So there I was, feeling very important, in a lab conducting remote viewing experiments, very mindful of the Monroe tenet to “not edit” what shows up.

So it was a humbling experience when, during one of my sessions, Rita read the target to me and a cartoon character showed up. As a child I never read comic books or watched cartoons. Now I was watching and listening to a character I called "Sam the Pirate" because I had been taught not to edit any information that I got.  

Sam proceeded to tell me about Rita’s body. After the session during the debriefing Rita confirmed everything Sam told us because she had just come from the doctor. She had a diagnosis, but no treatment plan until now. Later I learned that my cartoon character was "Yosemite Sam," and that was probably the original target, something in Yosemite National Park.

Thus began my career as a medical intuitive.  Often I wondered "why me?" I never wanted to work in the health field, nor did I see myself as a "healer."

Six months later I attended a Professional Seminar at the Institute and, as usual, I was running late for a packed-to-capacity meeting. Fortunately, there was one empty seat in the middle of the crowd. I squeezed myself in, sat down next to a gentleman and introduced myself. I heard him say he was a biochemist. At the break we started talking and I felt compelled to tell him of that lab experience. It turned out that James was on the faculty of an Ivy League university medical school. We struck up a friendship.

From the beginning, James said, "I do not need to be told someone has a broken arm. I can see that. What I want to know is what I can’t see." We discussed working together, but we were unclear how. Then a few months later, he called me because one of his students had Hodgkin's disease. He asked what I could tell him about this student. I told him where I sensed the disease originated. That began our work together.  James would call me with someone who needed help and I would give him the information. Eventually, I assisted second-year medical students to find their abilities as medical intuitives.

Q: What a great position to be in.

A: It was wonderful. These students who self-selected into class were amazing. There was one student who saw a patient as a tree. He looked at that tree and conducted his physical assessment of the person. Others sensed on the body as I do, reading subtle energy.  The students had a variety of styles and approaches.

Q: I am surprised this was allowed in a medical school.

A: It was an incredible situation. After conducting their intuitive scan of the patient the students were able to go see the patient and ask follow-up questions to confirm or clarify what they picked up.

For me, medical intuition is the tip of the iceberg. Once you start having successes there, you have to ask, "How does this work?" And you can’t seem to help going into all kinds of other dimensions.

Q: How did you connect with Larry Burk?

A: I was asked to present my work at a medical meeting being held at Duke University. Mainly, the meeting was geared toward applying new technology to patient assessment. Larry Burk was in my seminar on using intuition to facilitate the diagnosis. That is how and where we originally met. From time to time, over the years, we would touch base with each other.

Q: That is the genesis of this new weekend retreat—Medical Intuition and Symbolic Diseases? When you and Dr. Burk decided to develop this class, how did you come up with the details of what it would be?

A: I have wanted to do this class almost from the time I met Yosemite Sam, and have been thinking about what it could include since then. But the timing has not been right until now. Years ago Scooter [Nancy McMoneagle, TMI’s executive director and president] hired me to be a facilitator at Monroe, which I did for eleven or twelve years. Then I left to do more of my own teaching. But the idea of a medical intuition class kept haunting me and I couldn't think of a better place or atmosphere to explore this concept. No doubt the same Source that brought me Yosemite Sam is the Source saying we need to offer this program. I proposed the idea soon after Scooter became executive director this year and she thought it was compatible with the Institute's evolution. Larry has his techniques and I have mine. We both focus on self-awareness and self-healing; we come at it from different approaches.

When I do a scan I ask, “why does this person have a backache or a shoulder ache and how is stress affecting their body?” Larry is bringing that in along with EFT—Emotional Freedom Techniques. He will be helping people not only find their illnesses but release them. The "let’s go deep process" is my role. Let’s see what information comes up. Then we will put it together in a language for each participant's own consciousness.

Personally, I am looking forward to learning from Larry as we co-facilitate.

Q: What a wonderful combination.

A: I think so. To say that I am excited to be facilitating this weekend retreat is an understatement!

Q: The premise according to the class description is that anyone is capable of getting in touch with this energy and using it to either scan another person to help find and heal their illnesses or health situation, or to heal themselves.

A: Absolutely. Real information comes from within. I think what has happened as we have moved into the digital age, (which is the first part of the Aquarian age) is that many of us have lost touch with our intuitive sensing. We don't even use our five obvious senses. We are so busy texting that we bump into people as we walk. We can't tell the weather without a weather app. And yet, we are in such a major time of intense change in the universe we need to develop and use our innate abilities, our senses. We need to learn about and use self-healing.

Q: People who will sign up for the class will build on what they already know?

A: To me, knowing implies the intellect. Perhaps better said, they will discover what they sense but perhaps don't know they sense. So come with an open mind, without any expectations, and expect the unexpected.  What I have spoken of is what we are going to aim at offering. My experience as a facilitator has shown me that the group brings their collective intuitive unconscious and it comes forth exactly as it is meant to. Larry and I will be offering everything we have in our bag of tools and do our best to work with people’s desires.

Q: What else?

A: This program is a pilot. There was much more Larry and I wanted to share but we could only fit so much into the first pilot weekend. But it will be a lot. People can visit my Website or Larry’s Website. Or, they can call or email me and I will gladly talk to them about the program. I have been facilitating programs on medical intuition since the mid-eighties but this is the first time Dr. Burk and I have taught together. That guarantees it will all be fresh and exciting.

Winter Robinson contact:  •  (207) 929-6960   •

Larry Burk Website:

Ann Vaughan: It’s All About the Love

Ann Vaughan
DEC Coordinator and Professional Division Coordinator
August, 2014

Ann has been with The Monroe Institute for almost twenty-five years, first as a member of the hospitality team, then as the special assistant to Shirley Bliley in the Bob Monroe Research Lab, and currently as the Dolphin Energy Club (DEC) coordinator and Professional Division Coordinator. Working several positions has given Ann an intimate knowledge of TMI operations and allows her to provide service in a variety of capacities. She enjoys life outside the Institute by being with her family, reading, and just being.

Q: So, Ann Vaughan, how long have you worked at The Monroe Institute.

A: Since March of 1990, almost twenty-five years.

Q: You must be one of the longest-term staff members.

A: Yes, I am. When I started, Bob Monroe was alive. I worked here six years before he passed.

Q: You have seen The Monroe Institute go through many wonderful changes that were necessary to get us to this exciting place we are now.

A: Yes, it has been sometimes like a roller coaster.

Q: What is your official title here?

A: Dolphin Energy Club (DEC) Coordinator and Professional Division (PD) Coordinator.

Q: As I understand, those are two of the most important ongoing groups at TMI.

A: I would say that.

Q: When did you take over responsibility for coordinating these two groups?

A: Three years ago, in 2011.

Q: What did you do before?

A: I started at TMI working in the kitchen. I did that for over six years. Then I began working in the offices. I assisted Shirley Bliley with these two groups until her retirement, when I took on some of the responsibilities of her position.

Q: How would you explain the Professional Division?

A: The PD is a professional organization, open to physicians, researchers, psychiatrists, and psychotherapists—anyone who uses Monroe tools or ideas or skills, in their professional capacity.

Q: People cannot just sign up though, is that correct? They have to apply and qualify and be accepted into the Professional Division.

A: That is correct. They have to submit an application, which is reviewed by the PD steering committee, and then, if it meets the criteria, the applicant is accepted.

Q: Once someone is accepted, what are the benefits?

A: They are eligible to attend the Professional Seminar here at The Monroe Institute. People come from all over the world to the seminar. At the seminars they get to meet colleagues and compare notes on using TMI tools in their work. They network and collaborate with other members. Papers and research reports are presented, focusing on how the TMI approach has been successfully applied in different settings. Most of the presentations can be seen in past issues of the TMI Journal and on our YouTube channel. Other benefits include a discount on all items in our Store, and a new benefit to be announced soon.

Q:  During the year do many of these people contact you?

A: Many people call and email with questions. They want to know who is using our tools and methods and how in their professions. I send out a networking roster to members regularly so they can either contact people in their area or in their specific professions.

Q: So members can connect with people on that roster and say, “it seems like you are doing something similar to what I am doing. I have this problem or question—how have you dealt with this situation?”

A: Yes, there is a great deal of collaboration within the Professional Division. It has become a strong support to its members and to TMI.

Q: In many ways, it sounds like you are the cement that holds the PD together?

A: I am here as their go-between. I answer questions and assist in making connections. I am a clearinghouse of sorts.

Q: What about the Dolphin Energy Club? What is DEC?

A: DEC is love!

Q: OK, DEC is love. What does that mean?

A: It is the purest form of love. I just had a man call in and tell me that this morning!

Q: How beautiful. And why did he say that?

A: He is a DEC member who had a brain injury. Bob Monroe gave him a cassette. He has used that cassette to successfully deal with his brain injury through all the years since then. He later joined DEC and now purchases CDs for other people who cannot afford them, but who are on the DEC list to receive healing. He truly believes in the power of the Dolphin Energy Club energy.

Q: What a great testimony that is.

A: All I can say sometimes is: “WOW, thanks! Just thank you!”

Q: He is helping other people in the true spirit of DEC.

A: Yes, he is an unsung hero.

Q: What exactly is DEC?

A: DEC is a remote or distant healing service. Some people are more comfortable defining it as a support group. It consists of members worldwide who have committed to sending healing energy to those who ask for DEC support. I receive healing requests and send them out to DEC members, who then use the methods they have learned from the DEC training CD, as well as their personal experience, to extend energy healing.

Q: Does DEC always heal people?

A: No, of course not. We do not claim it does.  People experience what they need to. DEC can help if they are fully open, and truly desire, and can accept the help.

Q: Most of the people who belong to DEC have taken the Guidelines® program. Is this because, in that program, they are taught how to assist themselves and others to return to normal functioning, when their bodies are off kilter?

A: Yes but Guidelines® is not a requirement. If someone can pray for people in need or can send supportive energy, they can join DEC.

Q: If I call you up and say, I want to be someone who sends energy for the Dolphin Energy Club, and I pay my fee to belong, do I have to do anything to prove that I am qualified to send out energy?

A: No, you do not. We trust your intentions.

Q: I just have to want to send that healing energy.

A: Yes, that’s all.

Q: And you put me on and email list and what happens?

A: I email you along with all the other people in DEC., when someone requests energy be sent to them.

Q: People call you who are sick, and what kinds of things do they say?

A:  For instance, “I am having surgery on (a particular date) and could you have the group send me some positive energy.”

Q: After the surgery, do many call back?

A: Yes, if it went well or as they are getting better, they will often thank everyone for sending them energy and I forward that on to everyone in the club.

Q: That is lovely. Was this Bob Monroe’s original idea? Who put this together?

A: Mrs. Monroe–Nancy—Scooter’s mom, and a friend, Shay St. John, were the founders of DEC, so to speak. Mrs. Monroe had breast cancer and went for a chemotherapy treatment. The chemo missed the vein and leaked into her hand, which started turning grey. Shay remembered that dolphins have been seen to assist whales with births. They envisioned seven dolphins eating the chemo. They then went to lunch and when they came back her hand had gotten better. So they discussed it with Bob and Shay’s husband, Al. Together they developed the concept of the Dolphin Energy Club.

Q: It seems symbolic that here at the Monroe Institute we are making changes, bringing it into the twenty-first century, but when we talked about changing the name of DEC, people said, “No, that still works.”

A: It is nothing but LOVE. Many people, when they listen to the DEC CD, send the dolphins to pray for these people. It often takes the form of prayer.

Q: I imagine them praying, or dancing, or swimming, or healing.

A: Even if a person has a terminal illness, the DEC will send dolphins to take them up to the Park, a name TMI uses for the area where those who have recently passed meet friends and relatives.

Q: My understanding of things is that death can be, when appropriate, viewed as a form of healing.

A: Doesn’t it make you feel good when people think about you—when they tell you, “I been thinking about you and praying that you will get better?”

Q: Yes, you’re right, I do.

A: It is all about how you feel. Words come from your mouth. You can say anything and not mean it, but you cannot lie with energy and strong caring feelings.

Q: What else about DEC should be said?

A: The membership is growing.

Q: Do you think people are becoming more aware that energy can affect their state of health and their recovery?

A: During TMI programs, the trainers explain to the participants about DEC. After each program two or three people sign up. DEC is a way for people to practice fulfilling their intentions. They are signing up to help others and practice their energy sending skills.

Q: Yes, I can see how people develop their skills by practicing and getting feedback and knowing they were part of something, and the people asking for support get better or heal faster.

A: Yes, the people who are in the DEC enjoy all that.

Q: What is the DEC CD that people get?

A: The training CD includes techniques and methods for healing themselves and others, and a basic explanation of what DEC is and what they are expected to do.

Q: So we do not sell that in the Store?

A: No, you cannot buy this CD you have to join DEC to get it.

Q: That sounds like a valuable tool that people could use to help enhance their energy work once they become aware of some of what is possible.

A: That is true. People love the CD. Also, Bob Monroe’s voice is on the CD explaining to people about belonging to DEC.

Q: Ann, thank you so much. This has been great.

A: Just tell them all DEC is pure Love. They can call me and I’ll help them with sending out pure love.

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