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Super Heroes Needed

TMI is looking for additional Board of Directors members specializing in Marketing, Finance and Human Resources.

Dear TMI Friends and Family,

We need your help! The Board of Directors has conducted an assessment of the skill sets we need in order to meet our goal of expanding TMI's reach. As such we have identified the need for a Marketing, Human Resources, and Finance Director to be on our Board of Directors.    

We ask for your help in finding individuals interested in joining the TMI Board of Directors who have the following qualifications:

  • A passion and love for TMI
  • A commitment and deep desire to help TMI reach globally 
  • Attended a minimum of one TMI course
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Enthusiasm to be part of an integral team    

An ideal candidate in each related field would include experience in developing strategic plans, along with the following:

Marketing —

  • Expertise in the development and implementation of marketing plans
  • Knowledge and experience in optimizing a company’s website and leveraging social media to grow the organization
  • The ability to coordinate with and provide guidance to the TMI staff in the development & implementation of all forms of marketing campaigns, including e-Marketing, digital marketing, print and web-based campaigns  
  • Experience in Brand Management and Sales & Marketing Research is also preferred

Finance —

  • Monitoring business performance  
  • U.S. CPA or equivalent is preferred
  • Working knowledge of a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization
  • Awareness of U.S. IRS and Virginia State laws

Human Resources — 

  • Experience in compensation, benefits, recruitment, performance evaluation, training and staff development
  • Knowledge base in U.S. Labor & Virginia State Laws in personnel issues
  • Can effectively plan, develop and evaluate human resource-related initiatives that support TMI's strategic goals.

Being on the TMI Board of Directors is a volunteer position. We have an active Board that requires six to ten hours per month to attend meetings, investigate solutions, etc. It also requires attending quarterly day-long Board meetings. The term of a Director can be one to three years.

If you or someone you know may be interested in filling a position as a member on the TMI Board of Directors, please send your resume and download the Director Questionnaire, fill it out, scan it in and email it back to Stephen Ng Qui Sang, Chair of the Nominating Committee, at, by April 7, 2014. The Nominating Committee will review the resumes and conduct interviews of the top five individuals. The Board of Directors will then review the results of the interviews and vote on the new Directors.   


Yours truly,

The Monroe Institute Board of Directors Nominating Committee,

Al Dahlberg, Lee Fisher, Stephen Ng Qui Sang 

What is the greatest gift you have received from Bob Monroe?

For the nineteenth anniversary of Robert A. Monroe's death, TMI's Facebook fans were asked, “in ONE word, what is the greatest gift you have received from Bob Monroe?”

Here, in a word cloud, is what they said—

Consciousness Creates Your Reality

I found that three amazing phenomena—psychokinesis, energy healing, and manifestation—are all variants of the same process of consciousness affecting or creating physical reality.


By Joseph Gallenberger, PhD

The Monroe Institute® (TMI) has been employing scientifically based, brain-wave balancing binaural beat technology under the name Hemi-Sync® for over forty years. The technology is used to facilitate explorations of consciousness including what most would call spiritual experiences. TMI still maintains vibrant research and a professional division and has recently been working with a new technology called Spatial Angle Modulation™ (SAM) for achieving altered states.

In working as a facilitator for over twenty years at The Monroe Institute, as a subject in university science labs, and the trainer of over sixty Inner Vegas Adventure™ workshops, I found that three amazing phenomena - psychokinesis, energy healing, and manifestation are all variants of the same process of consciousness affecting or creating physical reality. These phenomena allow the effects of enhanced consciousness to be studied scientifically and applied practically. Psychokinesis (PK) is the ability to affect physical matter with our energy. PK activities span using our energy to bend metal, grow seeds in minutes, illumine light bulbs, roll dice in patterns, and influence slot machines and other electronic equipment. This PK energy can also greatly empower energy healing of self and others, resulting in "miracle cures" where disease of body, mind, or spirit can at times be instantly healed.  And PK power can be used to greatly enhance our ability to manifest our dreams and reliably create blessings in our relationships, work, and finances.

These three aspects of the same process are in fact the core of The Monroe Institute's Manifestation and Creation Squared program (MC²). In MC², besides seeing dramatic PK, healing, and manifestation on a regular basis over the past decade, we also now have an independent university attempting to measure this consciousness energy in real time as we apply it during the program. Initial pilot data looks very promising in that we can measure to a statistically significant level the energy at moments of peak PK power.

“...the most powerful and positive generator of PK energy in all its forms is the power of love”

PK experiments in facilities such as the Princeton Engineering Anomalous Research lab (PEAR) have reported results at times at the billion to one chance level. I personally have achieved results on slot machines that would be expected only once in 160,000 times by chance. While in a playful heart space my wife and I obtained two identical large jackpots side-by-side almost simultaneously, which I estimate would occur only once in over 20 million times by chance.

I also discovered and confirmed repeatedly that the most powerful and positive generator of PK energy in all its forms is the power of love. PK is definitely not ego-based and is instead a wonderful expression our potential as spiritual beings, currently embodied in the time-space illusion. So it is not just a mental consciousness we are talking about but rather the entirety of human consciousness, which includes the consciousness of the heart. The Institute of HeartMath has been exploring the neurophysiology and field effects of this heart consciousness.

There are formidable dragons that guard the kingdom of manifestation. Negative emotions such as fear, guilt, and lack, and limiting beliefs such as "nothing good comes easy" and "I do not deserve this," impair both mental and emotional consciousness's ability to create these miracles of PK, healing, and manifesting. Fortunately there are many technologies such as Hemi-Sync that can rapidly sing these dragons to sleep and aid in the raising of highest heart energy. Programs such as MC², SyncCreation® a Course in Manifestation, and even a simple single CD exercise such as Liquid Luck can be very effective at boosting our power to create positively with our consciousness. Thousands of people are now reporting dramatic results using these techniques.

People ask, if psychokinesis is real and even scientifically proven, why don't we hear more about it? Psychic abilities are proven well beyond the level of certainty usually required by science in thousands of well-controlled studies over decades of research. However, there is a resistance to changing traditional beliefs. The book Science and Psychic Phenomena: The Fall of the House of Skeptics by Chris Carter is the best description of the politics behind this.

It can take a half million dollars to design and implement a double blind scientifically rigorous PK experiment. The good news is that you can perform your own practical PK experiments for under $20 - just get some heavy silverware to bend, grow seeds in your hand, or roll dice in patterns beyond chance. PK can be some of the most fun that you can have on the planet and it provides immediate and clear feedback that your consciousness affects the outer world and that it can be used for benefit.

We are miracle workers living in a miraculous world. If you allow yourself to feel the miracle space that surrounds you, creating your own miracles becomes easier. I have seen miracles of healing including a person waking up pain free from post polio syndrome for the first time in twenty years during Inner Vegas Adventure to someone in MC² waking up with completely clear nails after suffering from foot fungus for decades.

We can indeed shape our personal futures and the world’s welfare. If we clear our limiting beliefs and raise our heart’s energy we can focus it for healing and abundance.  This is an important message because it counters the sense of scarcity in our culture. We need to clearly communicate how central our spiritual nature and consciousness is to creating an abundant and compassionate world and that it is powerful and practical to be able to create our own reality, a reality that can reflect the beauty of our highest dreams as individuals and as a community.

My book, Inner Vegas: Creating Miracles, Abundance, and Health describes decades of personal exploration of psychokinesis and its practical applications in life.

I would like to end with a few manifestation tips from my book that I have found to be very useful:

  • Before starting, invite your intentions to have surprisingly positive results. Be open to the delightfully unexpected.
  • View the physical world as delicate and changeable - and the spiritual world as solid, strong, real, and constant. Spirit is the foundation from which to change the physical.
  • Manifestation power is enhanced by energy. Raise a high energy through open-hearted gratitude and praise of yourself, all others, and the universe. Eating well, exercise, and appreciating beauty and grace in all its forms can help take you there.
  • Being well-grounded is a key secret to strong creation. Bring your spirit fully into your body, suffuse your body with energy and light, encourage your body and emotions to speak to you freely, feel your connection with the earth, and receive her sacred energy - so that you are fully spirit and flesh at the same time.
  • To form your goal, visualize what would make your heart sing without being held back by limits. See and feel your dream as real right now, fully experiencing how good this manifestation will make you feel and how it will benefit others. 
  • Send positive energy to all others, seeing them in their maximum soul potential. Allow others to help and guide you. Be abundantly generous with yourself and others, and the universe will be generous with you. This includes being joyfully generous with your money, smiles, time, attention, and thoughts.
  • Make sure that your desire to succeed is greater than your fear of failure. Remember: Fear is expensive and love is priceless – choose wisely.

Happy Manifesting!

About the Author

Joseph Gallenberger, PhD, is a clinical psychologist with thirty years experience as a therapist. After achieving powerful psychokinesis results at a university laboratory, Dr. Gallenberger began to teach this skill in over sixty Inner Vegas Adventures™. His students achieve dramatic physical and psychological healing, strong influence over dice and slot machines, and many marvelous manifestations in their lives at home.

Dr. Gallenberger is a senior facilitator at The Monroe Institute where he created the highly successful MC² program and a home study version, SyncCreation®, a Course in Manifestation, which teach psychokinesis, healing, and manifestation.

A dynamic, heart-driven speaker, Gallenberger is in demand internationally as a workshop presenter. His latest book Inner Vegas: Creating Miracles, Abundance and Health takes us on a wild ride into the world of psychokinesis where mind, energized by the heart, influences matter. His latest CD, Liquid Luck, summarizes his work into a brief meditation designed to increase good fortune.

For more information visit Dr. Joseph Gallenberger’s Website:

Change in Prerequisite

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Remembering Carol de la Herran

Among the many messages we received from the TMI family—of support, encouragement, and later, condolences—were a flood of loving memories. We want to share a few of them with you.

From Patty Ray Avalon

Photos the Professional Seminar. Carol and members experience an exercise from the Creative Flow workshop.



From Frank DeMarco:

When I think of Carol, I associate her not only with TMI, but with my first experiences of her, both of which involved healing and energy work.

In 1998, she was one of the teachers of a Reiki I course I attended. Her attunement, as it is called, moved me deeply. It felt like what I had expected the Sacraments to feel like, when I was a boy. Indeed, I sometimes said it was my first experience of a Sacrament.

Then a few years later, Carol and I were among a dozen or so participants at our mutual friend Nancy Dorman’s. For many years, Nancy held what she called an “energy exchange” once a month, and people paired up to do whatever healing modality they preferred. I well remember lying on my back on the massage table with my eyes closed, and feeling, without any uncertainty, Carol’s hands a foot and a half above my body, balancing chakras. (I opened an eye to be sure her hands were where I was feeling them, and they were.) Never experienced that before or after.

Neither experience should be surprising, in light of the fact that she ran a Reiki Center in Spain for decades, among all her other activities.

And now, on this, Independence Day, she has freed herself from the limitations of life on earth, and moves on to other things. Join me in raising a virtual glass and wishing her bon voyage.

From Deborah Sachs:

To my good friend Carol
My dear and fantastic friend...I am writing this little paper to say thank you for being in my life those last years...You brought color and hope... incentive and happiness... creative ideas and funny situations...And most of all you shared a wonderful friendship that I will never forget...

I very well remember you in my group.. during our ORCA 1999. And all those years after that picture when we strengthened our friendship...We took all opportunities to share in Spain...and me in Brasil...Doing the new design for Advanced Workshops...all the ideas and plans...And lately sharing what was happening after so many Advanced Workshops done...

And years passed, you left Europe and came back to USA...Got a new position and continued doing the good work...Expanding the Monroe workshops out in several continents of the World
Supporting all Outreach Trainers in the path Bob Monroe asked us to pursue. Giving orientation and guidance to old and new trainers...enlarging the Monroe family...Opening more opportunities to new Residential Trainers to get accredited...Making The Monroe Institute stronger and well known everywhere...

I do remember our last picture together...And this was at the Professional Division Seminar in 2012...You were so happy with so many plans... and several came to reality...

We could feel not only your sweetness but also your strong capacity on doing all that TMI needed...I do think you will be connected to this Monroe family forever...Wherever you can see us from... and work with us daily...As a friend, guide, inspiration, dream, and most of all wonderful example...

My good friend, continue your journey where all of us one day will be together...

with love and admiration, your friend
Deborah Sachs
TMI OUTREACH Facilitator and Residential Trainer, Professional Division member

From Lídia Salas Ros

Buenas noches, una amiga me ha comentado el reciente deceso de Carol y desearía, si es posible, recibir ese newsletter dedicado a ella.

Lo que puedo decir de Carol es que la conocí en Madrid en el año 2009. Coincidimos como ponentes en el primer Congreso de Reiki y congeniamos inmediatamente.
Descubrí a una Carol abierta, alegre y deseosa de compartir sus experiencias.

Me contó como fue pionera del Reiki en España y me abrió al mundo fascinante de Hemi-Sync®, que yo desconocía en aquel momento. Desde entonces utilizo los CD's que me aconsejó y que considero imprescindibles para mis cursos y terapias,

Agradezco al universo que la pusiera en mi camino. Siempre la tendré en mi recuerdo y en mi corazón.


From Fay and Skip Atwater

  1. Backpacking on Mounte Perdido, Spain
  2. Carol and Skip filming TV special in Spain
  3. Carol meeting Hal Puthoff
  4. in Madrid
  5. Carol and Skip at the remote viewing conference, Virginia Beach
  6. Fay and Carol on Lost Mountain







From Daniel Chumillas

I met Carol Sabick some years ago. We shared the excitement of seeing the big changes that Excursion produced to the participants. I organized her Excursion programs for some years in Madrid (Spain). I remember our conversations about The Monroe Institute, the great potential to improve people’s awareness and, the most important to me, her giving me the encouragement to become a facilitator. I had the gift of being her assistant at the first Gateway in Spain. I remember that I met Robert Monroe in a Focus and he told me I was going to be a member of TMI family. When I shared this experience with Carol she said - Then, let’s get down to business - and she personally arranged everything for me and became my mentor, too.

I also remember with special love my Reiki Mastery from her and Teresa Garcia.

The last time I met Carol at TMI, and in spite of her busy schedule, we talked and talked for some hours. We got excited about some possible projects linked to Spain. However, due to some personal issues, these projects had to be postponed. Fortunately, thanks to TMI’s technology and thanks to Carol’s Reiki teachings, I have been able to overcome these issues and leave them behind. I am truly convinced that Carol is now going to keep on working spiritually in our projects, and that she is going to give us all her support so as to make these projects come true.

Besides these lovely memories I also treasure a touching legacy that she entrusted me while sharing our enthusiasm for TMI in Spain. Now, more than ever, I feel honored by these, and I also feel, very deeply, the duty to help these dreams become real.

With love,
Daniel Chumillas
Gateway Outreach Facilitator
Editor of  ̈Viajes fuera del cuerpo, Robert Monroe” (Palmyra, 2008)

From Marisol Pérez

My family and me are deeply grateful to Carol for bringing Hemi-Sync from The Monroe Institute to Spain and Europe. This made it for many of us here possible to experience Robert Monroe's legacy without travelling too far.

Carol also inspired me to become a facilitator for TMI and find enough courage and dedication to hold TMI weekend courses, too. I have had my most profound spiritual experiences on TMI programmes.

But Carol was too the best support for our family in times of grief, when our dearest older son was murdered. She was teacher, trainer, mentor and, finally, friend.  We missed her badly since she moved to Virginia. And now, when she passed away, the feeling is stronger. I write a blog in honour of our departed son where I talk with him about what we are living without him. This is the post where I told him a special signal that I heartily believe was send by Carol in order to stop me crying. Sorry for not translating, we are not at home for a fortnight.

All our best regards
Marisol Pérez
Facilitadora Monroe

Getting to Know Her

From the global to the intimately local, Carol was unconditionally committed to taking Bob Monroe’s tools to wherever they were wanted and to whomever could benefit. Her activities on the world stage were obvious. Less visible was her work at a local women’s shelter, where battered women became able to experience equilibrium and an unfamiliar peace. Carol rented space at a local community center, where anyone could go on a Tuesday to give or receive Reiki healing at no charge. Often she would force herself to leave TMI by 6 P.M. on Tuesdays to be there.

Carol was hands-on. No job as too messy or too small to deserve her attention. When skunks attempted to move in, Carol discovered the “skunk whisperer,” a gentle man who trapped and removed the animals to a new home—without getting sprayed! Wheelchair accessible upgrades to the Nancy Penn Center were a strong intention of Carol’s. Through Project Full Access, TMI is now able to host participants with physical disabilities.

To the staff, Carol was the leader who created a cohesive, collaborative team. She encouraged and nurtured staffers to pursue their passions in service to The Institute. She knew how to rally the troops. When financial crisis was imminent, Carol challenged the team to pull TMI back from the brink, and under her leadership, they were successful.

Carol in her human form is sorely missed. TMI is moving forward from a position of greater strength because of her influence. We are deeply grateful.

Carol de la Herran, originally from the United States, lived in Spain for many years. In 1988 she first learned of The Monroe Institute and, amazed by her experiences in Monroe programs, became a local residential trainer and international Outreach trainer. Beginning in 1995 Carol offered weekend and week-long programs in Spain and other locations around the world full-time.

For many years Carol served as a Professional Member and on the Board of Advisers of The Monroe Institute. As a Professional Division member Carol wrote and submitted a comprehensive article on her work combining Hemi-Sync® with the Reiki healing modality, which is a reference still extensively used.

In 1998 she became a residential trainer for programs in Virginia, and in 2000 began bringing the residential programs to Europe, first in Spanish, and later in English.

Carol held degrees in Psychology (PhD), Law, an MBA in International Marketing, and a doctorate of Energy Medicine. She was dedicated to helping others achieve expansion of consciousness through TMI's programs and Reiki healing.

The challenge delivered by Bob Monroe shortly before his passing, to “Get it out there,” became Carol's passion. In 2009 TMI's then executive director Paul Rademacher asked Carol to move back to the U.S. and reinstate the domestic Outreach program. Without hesitating she said, "Yes."

Carol later accepted the position of Director of Programs and was elected Vice President by the Board of Directors. In December 2011 she was appointed Executive Director and President. In that role she was able to make a bigger contribution to the world—through the study and experience of different levels of consciousness, as well as in very practical ways helping people lead better, more satisfying lives.

Carol put in place administrative structures providing a solid base for the Institute, expanded research of the new SAM technology, and organized systems to spread and develop TMI programs throughout the worldwide community. She successfully shepherded TMI through critical financial times.

In her brief tenure as Executive Director and President, Carol successfully executed her vision: “I believe, as did Bob Monroe, that the Monroe technology is an incredible way to serve humanity on so many different levels. We want to take it to the next level...or three.”

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