Carmen Ramirez Mercado

Carmen Ramirez Mercado

Outreach Trainer

Carmen Xochiquetzal is a psychologist specializing in clinical, psychophysiological and educational fields.

Daughter of a couple highly interested in spiritual issues in the 80s, her involvement in this extraordinary world came early and naturally in her life. Since she was 3 years old, equinoxes and solstices were part of the family’s celebrations. As she grew up she was introduced to meditation, visualization, mind control and much more spiritual issues by her mother and mentor –an herbal, aromatherapy, and massage therapist; astrologist and temazcal (sweat bath) guide.

Being a teenager, she started learning about an ancient technique of purifying body, mind and soul: temazcal; which was destined to heal and forge the inner warrior since Aztec times.

Her background influenced her profession election due to her passion for understanding the mind-body connection. She remembers how this came to her mind as she watched a documentary related to Olympic athletes when she was studying the last year of high school. The TV program showed those athletes being trained through biofeedback equipment by just imagining they were running in a contest. The muscles involved in that sport were activated by thoughts –visualizations-. She was astonished to observe a scientific proof of what she always heard about the power of the human mind. That led her to the next step which was her majors in Clinical Psychology and Psychophysiology.

She has developed her professional experience in diverse fields such as cognitive-behavioral therapy mainly in children and, psychophysiological and educational assessments. She always wanted to develop a thesis project on meditation and psychophysiology, but she did not do that for worrying faculty members would not easily accept her proposal, although, she did a documentary search for 6 months. After 8 years and during a workshop in a Positive Psychology Congress, everything made sense when she met Carol Sabick, the former Executive Director and President of Monroe Institute®, and attended a program that would change her life for the best: the Gateway Voyage® Program. From her point of view, it was difficult to believe that she experienced what specialized literature on the topic says that only expert meditators reach after 30 years of disciplined practice. She was amazed for her new discovery and wanted to share it with others, mainly girls and women. For that reason and for other more magical ones, she became an Outreach Excursion Trainer and soon a Local Chapter Leader.

Simultaneously, she has created together with her mother, family and other community’s women, a non-profit civil association called Callicuauhtli Productive Women whose main purpose is to instruct women in different ways of healing their body, mind and soul mainly through ancient Mexican techniques. These include herbal medicines, temazcal (sweating bath), meditation while hiking and contemplating mountains, massage therapy, and many others. It is important to mention that their work has another benefit, which is to raise women’s incomes as a part of their labor practice. Considering the financial problems of Mexico, mostly among women and children, this work has a valuable impact on their quality of life. Also they create aromatherapy and herbal medicine products.

One of her personal and professional objectives is to design a program for encouraging resilience, grit and positive emotions in girls, young women and mature women for their own empowerment. She believes that a holistic approach can always be valuable because it combines the best of two worlds she has known: modern technology – Hemi-Sync® and ancient techniques.

Contact Carmen Ramirez:
Address: Mexico City, Mexico
Phone: +52 (55) 4386-5079

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