Research Collaborations at the Monroe Institute

Research Collaborations at the Monroe Institute

In keeping with the ideals outlined in our mission statement, TMI Research Division is committed to helping further the professional interests of researchers working in the field of consciousness studies. TMI’s Research Division, its staff and advisers, are therefore available to support, promote, and engage in rigorous, ethical research investigations by both independent and institutionally supported researchers. While our in-house research focuses primarily on qualitative forms of inquiry, we value interdisciplinary perspectives, respect diverse traditions, and prioritize inclusiveness and open dialogue in the study of consciousness. We are available to assist researchers in their work at varying levels of involvement, including material and technology support, information services, and the publishing of selected research in our online publication, TMI Journal.

In addition, we are willing to consider participating in research collaborations that necessitate a deeper level of involvement on the part of TMI. While we are willing to consider research collaborations of all kinds, we are primarily interested in projects that address and/or add to the knowledge pertaining to TMI Research Divison’s primary goals and interests. These goals and interests include but are not limited to:

  • The investigation of techniques and technologies intended to help individuals enter into deep and meaningful altered states of consciousness and, through the exploration of inner and outer worlds, achieve insights leading to personal and/or social growth.
  • Research endeavors that result in forms of knowledge that have practical applications—that is, knowledge that can be used to further human endeavors in ways that are applicable to everyday life and that lead to constructive change and the resolution of problems and difficulties.
  • Mixed-methods research projects that bring together researchers from different methodological approaches.
  • Research reports and/or commensurate projects (such as creative media forms) that communicate the results of one’s inquiry in ways that are comprehensible to the largest group of people possible, not just an elite few with a specialized background and vocabulary.

[For an in-depth look at TMI Research Division’s research goals and practices, please consider reading: Thinking Qualitatively: A Statement On TMI’s Methodological Focus]

Researchers wishing to collaborate and/or create research partnerships with TMI Research Division are asked to submit a proposal, written in accordance with the TMI Research Division Proposal Guidelines form (below), to the research director at the email address provided. Before applying, we encourage interested parties to review the various information provided on the TMI Research Division website regarding our goals, mission, and ethical standards and consider if (and, if so, in what ways) your project corresponds with TMI’s interests and intentions. [Please Note: Researchers seeking minimal assistance and/or support from TMI Research Division do not need to submit a proposal. If you are uncertain if your research project qualifies as “collaboration” or “assistance” please email Jim Lane, Ph.D: jim.lane [@]

If you are interested in participating in TMI research initiatives, please consider attending one of our week-long, educational programs, held throughout the year both on and off the TMI campus in Faber, Virginia, USA. In every sense, our educational program participants are our greatest and most accomplished research colleagues! Truly, your courage, sense of exploration, and desire to play in the experiential realm of consciousness has been a tremendous part of The Monroe Institute’s continued success as a leader in the field of experiential research. By sharing the details of your experiences with us during the educational programs offered at TMI on-campus, off campus ( U.S. and international) and through off-site Outreach programs all of you have shaped the direction of our past, present, and future research. In turn, the insights gained from our research has not only added to the pool of knowledge within the field of consciousness studies as a whole, but has also inspired the directions we take in continuing to improve our educational programs, thus providing future students with increasingly positive and meaningful altered state experiences.

Depending on the particular research initiatives going on at the Institute at any given time, towards the end of your TMI program you may be given the option to participate in one or more research studies underway at the Institute. Some studies are conducted by TMI research staff; others by independent researchers who are working under the supervision and guidance of The Monroe Institute. These projects typically involve on-line questionnaires and/or interviews (though other research methods may be employed as well). Please be aware that the decision to participate in any given research project affiliated with The Monroe Institute is entirely voluntary. Research participants are free to drop out of any research project at any time and without penalty or explanation required.

If you have questions or concerns about research being conducted at The Monroe Institute and/or its affiliates, please contact Jim Lane, Ph.D: jim.lane [@]

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Consider joining your fellow researchers in one of TMI’s educational programs! Click here for the educational program schedule.


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