Deborah Sachs

Deborah Sachs

Off-Campus Residential & Outreach Trainer

Deborah Sachs, M.Ed has been an Outreach Trainer for over sixteen years and is now a certified Residential Trainer from Brazil. She is an Educational Therapist and Regression Therapist or Deep Memory Therapist. And she is accredited for the Excursion Workshop and Advanced Excursion Workshop as well the Residential Programs: Gateway Voyage®, Guidelines®, Lifeline®, Timeline and Exploration 27®.

Deborah offers workshops in various locations in Brazil and South America.  A current schedule of her workshops is available here:

Contact her if you are interested in a workshop in a different location than she currently has scheduled. She will travel to present them.  She can present in Portuguese, Spanish or English.

Contact Deborah Sachs:
Address: R. Ipanema 197 apt 301
Rio de Janeiro, Brasil 22631-390
Phone: (55)(21) 3325-4887
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