Elaine Bowes-Lamb

Elaine Bowes-Lamb

Outreach Trainer

Elaine Bowes-Lamb began her ‘Journey’ in the late 1960s, when she decided to look outside the faith into which she was born, for the answers to her questions.

I asked a question about Heaven and Hell during a religious lesson and the teacher responded that a person entering Heaven would have to be a member of our Church. In stunned disbelief I sought confirmation: “Are you saying that only people of our religion go to Heaven and that ‘good’ Jews, Hindus, Muslims, Atheists etc. don’t?” With absolute conviction, she replied “YES”. I knew in my heart this was not the case and began to question how many other teachings, presented over the years as ‘fact’, were also wrong?”

In 1971 Elaine Bowes-Lamb joined the Spiritualists National Union, studied numerous writings from Spirit Guides and sat in a development circle.

When I was a young child I had a spirit friend called Patrick and, right through my teens, I conversed with people who were no longer in the physical, so I felt very much at home in a Spiritualist Church. 

Not receiving the answers she was looking for, Elaine followed her mother into Subud and then, to the Rosicrucians (AMORC). 

I was frustrated. I wanted to know what was beyond death, but every text I read and every Spirit person I spoke to, appeared to know little more than I did. I came to the conclusion that I would not find the answers I was looking for, going from one religion to another. I was drawn to Subud and AMORC, as neither imposes a dogma upon its members. I was ‘opened’ on my 17th birthday and became a Neophyte the same year.

In 1985 Elaine Bowes-Lamb was introduced to Far Journeys, written by Robert Monroe.

My mother was a voracious reader, with no interest in mainstream topics. She was interested in all things ‘alternative’ and had she lived in the Middle Ages, I’m sure she would have been considered a Witch! Her books on Krishnamurti; Gurdjieff; Edgar Cayce; Ted Fricker; Findhorn, to name a few, were all passed down to me. Far Journeys, was the most significant by far, because much of what Bob wrote about, I already KNEW. 

Attracted again by the absence of dogma, Elaine contacted Bob Monroe at The Monroe Institute® (TMI) and, soon after, began purchasing the Gateway Excursion Series.

I wasn’t in the habit of writing to authors, but I felt driven to write to Bob. By return, I received information about TMI programmes and learned more about Hemi-Sync®. In the 80s the cost of a telephone call to the US was prohibitive, so the prospect of travelling to Virginia to participate in a Programme, was as unlikely as a trip to the Moon. Fortunately, Bob Monroe was already ‘getting it out there’ and my mother and I were able to participate at a distance, through the Gateway Excursion Series. Every six to eight weeks we would club together to buy the next Wave and take turns using the tapes. At the weekends, when I visited with my kids, we would share experiences.

Elaine Bowes-Lamb’s mission is to “get it out there” and take Hemi-Sync to every corner of Western Australia – and beyond. 

Hemi-Sync has been beneficial in so many areas of my life. I have used it for meditation and for pain control - and I’m convinced that the Concentration title I listened to whilst studying, helped me to gain 1st Class Honours. My mother left the physical in 1993 and it was not until 2010 that I met another person with knowledge of Bob Monroe, The Monroe Institute or Hemi-Sync. My positive experience with Hemi-Sync and previous lack of opportunity to meet and share experiences with like minded people, prompted me to form an LCN Chapter – TMI Perth & Regions Western Australia and to train as an Outreach Trainer”.

Elaine Bowes-Lamb graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University as a (very) mature student with First Class Honours (BA) and a DipSW in Social Work. She has a special interest in Mental Health and has worked at a number of supported housing projects with clients who have severe and enduring mental health needs and had been detained under the Mental Health Act. Elaine has also worked at the British Red Cross and at local community projects, supporting failed Asylum Seekers, those with Indefinite Leave to Remain and Unaccompanied Minors. Elaine holds a Diploma in Management and has studied Psychology and Humanistic Counselling. She has been a Reiki Master since 2002.

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