International Chapters

Welcome to LCN International Local Chapters! 

If you would like to join one of our local chapters, please contact the chapter leader directly using the contact information provided below. 

The following chapters are open to new members in your region:

Region 1: Canada
Chapter Location: Rimbey, AB
Chapter Leader: Beth Haley
Contact Information: 
Chapter Location: Calgary, AB
Chapter Leader: Tim Cayzer and Caleb Lee 
Contact Information: and
Chapter Location: Vancouver, BC
Chapter Leader: Carlie Trueman
Contact Information:; 604 738 6804
Chapter Location: Milton, ON
Chapter Leader: Stephen Ng Qui Sang
Contact Information:
Chapter Location: Toronto, ON
Chapter Leader: Nancy Richardson
Contact Information:
Region 2: Latin America:
Chapter Location: Puerto Rico
Chapter Leader: Carmen Montoto
Contact Information:
Region 3: Europe:
Chapter Location: Antwerp, Belgium
Chapter Leader: Rolf Nuyts
Contact Information:
Chapter Location: Cyprus (Coral Bay, Paphos)
Chapter Leaderr: Linda LeBlanc
Contact Information:
Chapter Location: Korsor, Denmark
Chapter Leader: Anja Lysholm
Contact Information:
Chapter Location: Paris, France
Chapter Leader: Nelly Jolivet
Contact Information:
Chapter Location: Padova, Italy
Chapter Leader: Stefano Roverso
Contact Information:
Chapter Location:  Milan, Italy
Chapter Leaders:  Davide Rozzoni, Mattia Matteucci, Carolina Quaresima

Contact information:
Chapter Location:  Kaunas, Lithuania
Chapter Leaders:  Agne Kasteckiene

Contact information:
Chapter Location:  Warsaw, Poland & Poznan, Poland 
Chapter LeadersDominik Kociecki & Pawel Byczuk
Contact information: or
Chapter Location: Brasov, Romania
Chapter Leader: Sanda Zaharie
Contact Information:
Chapter Location: Bucharest, Romania
Chapter Leader: Lorelei Nassar
Contact Information:
Chapter Location: Cluj, Romania
Chapter Leader: Petru Stetiu, PhD
Contact Information:  Mobile: 0040775306075
Chapter Location: Constantia, Romania
Chapter Leader: Mihai Anghel
Contact Information:
Chapter Location: Galati, Romania
Chapter Leader: Adrian Turcu
Contact Information:
Chapter Location:  Iasi, Romania
Chapter Leader: Iulian Zonenstain
Contact Information:
Chapter Location:  Transylvania, Romania
Chapter Leader: Alina Redencuic
Contact Information:
Chapter Location:  Moscow, Russia
Chapter Leader:  Sviatoslav Ignatjev
Contact Information:
Chapter Location: TMI Penrith (includes: Carlisle & South Lakes)
Chapter Leader:  Julia Rhodes & Ian Brown
Contact Information:
Chapter Location:  Brigend, South Wales
Chapter Leader: Wayne Hay
Contact Information:
Chapter Location:  Getafe, Madrid, Spain
Chapter Leader: Marisol Perez
Contact Information:
Chapter Location:  Albacete, Spain
Chapter Leader: María Pilar Morales
Contact Information:
Chapter Location:  Zurich, Switzerland
Chapter Leader: Nicole Stoecker & Peter Renner
Contact Information:
Chapter Location:  Brighton, UK
Chapter Leader: Adrian Briscoe
Contact Information:
Region 4: Asia
Chapter Location:  Bangkok, Thailand
Chapter Leader: Theera Piroonratana
Contact Information:
Region 5: Australia (includes: New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, East Timor, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Fiji, New Caledonia, and Indonesia).
Chapter Location:  Wellington, New Zealand
Chapter Leader: Antony McKechnie
Contact Information:
Region 6:  India:
Chapter Location: Kolkata, West Bengal, India
Chapter Leaders: Nikate Khaitan & Shrimangala Khaitan
Contact Information:,  Mobile: +91 98300 32777; Office : +91 96747 45008


If you don’t see a chapter listed near you but would be interested in starting your own chapter, please continue reading.

Are you a graduate of:

  • Gateway Voyage Residential Program
  • Two-day Outreach Excursion Workshop, OR
  • Gateway Experience® Online Program Waves I & II?  

If you answered “yes” to any of these, then you are eligible to start your own local chapter close to home!   We have volunteers who are happy to support you in this process.  Chapter members often meet monthly to listen to an exercise and share experiences and insights. Others prefer to start in a more casual way, such as meeting for coffee or lunch with a few other people who share a common interest in consciousness.  Meetings vary in length from 1-3 hours.  

For more information about this exciting opportunity, please complete the form below.

Thank you for your interest in the LCN! We look forward to hearing from you.


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