Dolphin Energy Club

Dolphin Energy Club


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The DEC training CD, includes, as integral parts of the preparatory process, the Security Repository Box, Resonant Tuning, and moving to Focus™ 10. If you are not already familiar with these from work with other Hemi-Sync® training exercises, we strongly recommend that you first learn to use them by working with Discovery, Wave I from the Gateway Experience® series.

As a Dolphin Energy Club member, during your year of DEC membership, you:

Will receive a Hemi-Sync® DEC training exercise on a CD.  Track A offers the means to learn the DEC methods and techniques. Track B offers two DEC exercises: one to heal yourself, the second to heal others.

Additionally you:

  1. Agree to use DEC to help only those who request it.
  2. Agree to use your DEC ability during the year of your DEC membership to help those submitted to you by the DEC Service Committee.
  3. May present any petitioner, including yourself, to the DEC Service Committee for healing support, provided the petitioner has requested such help.
  4. Agree to report to DEC any measurable changes or improvements in your petitioner following the timeline that will be given you by the DEC Service Committee.
  5. Agree to report to DEC on changes in your own physical and mental state resulting from your application of DEC techniques.
  6. Will receive periodic reports from The Monroe Institute of DEC results.
OtherTo learn more about the Dolphin Energy Club. Contact: Ann Vaughan, DEC Coordinator Phone: (434) 361-1252 Email: Annual membership fee is $50.00 per year.