Juanita Lee Fisher

Juanita Lee Fisher

Professional Division

Juanita Lee Fisher was born in Key West, Florida, one of five children. Her father's Navy career required that the family move every few years. This taught Ms. Fisher to adapt quickly to new environments and friends.

She graduated from high school in Pennsylvania and became a licensed nurse. A few years later she returned to college, became a chiropractor, and opened a private practice.

An interest in treasure hunting led her to launch nine expeditions to Ecuador, where she met her husband Kim. They married, returned to Key West, and today are blessed with five sons, three beautiful daughters-in-law, five grandchildren, and two pups Indigo and Cobalt.

Throughout the years, Ms. Fisher's love of learning has drawn her to continue studies with many great teachers and institutions. Her favorite is, of course, The Monroe Institute.

After attending courses at TMI for about ten years, Ms. Fisher was very honored to be invited to join the Board of Directors.

Her passion is research. Through TMI she is given the opportunity to work with great minds from around the world, people who share their wisdom and dreams in a united effort to raise human consciousness.

She looks forward to serving TMI as it continues to grow in knowledge and awareness.