Laurin Bellg

Laurin Bellg

Outreach Trainer

Working as an Outreach Trainer in Wisconsin, Laurin's passion is to contribute, in whatever way she can, to the awakening of humanity through the exploration of consciousness. As a critical care physician working in the intensive care unit, her nearly twenty-year professional life of being present at the bedside of patients near death has brought her face to face with the unknown and only served to confirm solidly for her that we are truly more than our physical bodies.

She has written various articles and stories about her patient's and her own encounters with the mystery that supports our suspicion that we are more than physical matter. Her most recent collaboration was with John Kortum, residential facilitator at The Monroe Institute® and author of The Kortum Technique, to produce a documentary video on the presence and application of intuition in medicine.

Before becoming an Outreach Trainer for The Monroe Institute, Laurin lead various types of workshops, both as a medical officer in the United States Air Force and in her remote past as a part of a professional theater company. She brings with her a long history and deep understanding that for work of any type in a group setting to be meaningful and have lasting impact it needs to be experiential and, above all, fun!  Laurin brings that sense of adventure and excitement to her Outreach Workshops, as evidenced by the comments from her participants.

Her own journey with The Monroe Institute began in 2005 when her then 2-year-old daughter randomly pulled a book from the shelf of a book store, handed it to her and said "Mommy, read!" That book was Ultimate Journey by Robert Monroe. She did read it and found that previously fragmented thoughts and ideas she'd had long held about the "reality of the universe", but that had lain separated in black and white, suddenly found language and came together in cohesive, vivid color.

After reading all of Monroe's books, she knew she had to become a part of the community and the conversation of the The Monroe Institute. That involvement extends to not only participation in several residential programs since 2007, and eventual training as an OutreachTrainer, but also involvement in The Local Chapter Network of The Monroe Institute. Since 2010 she has lead TMI Wisconsin, a local chapter of over 80 members and 3 chapter leaders, that meets in Appleton, Wisconsin several times a month. She is also a member of the Leadership Council of The Local Chapter Network, working as a part of a team to bring The Monroe Institute's presence and technology to as many local communities as possible.

Not only does Laurin incorporate the Hemi-Sync® she teaches in workshops into her daily life, she is an activist for introducing the technology to her community. After finding success with the use of TMI's audio technology for concentration and ADD with her learning-challenged child and seeing her daughter's ability to absorb and assimilate new information more easily improve, she became a public voice and invited speaker in her community about Hemi-Sync as a learning tool to an audience of teachers, occupational therapists and special education specialists.

Laurin is available for workshops in Wisconsin and the Great Lakes Region and looks forward to working with you!

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Address: Appleton, WI
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