Leita Reichle

Leita Reichle

Outreach Trainer, Professional Division

I became interested in The Monroe Institute® when a family member in the military was diagnosed with PTSD. I attended a one-day free program at TMI and began to volunteer at these programs. After attending the Gateway Voyage® Program, I began a TMI local chapter in Lynchburg, Virginia, and became a Certified TMI Local Chapter leader.

Through volunteering at TMI local programs and talking with participants, I realized how much benefit there was through the use of Hemi-Sync®, both for those in the military and those who were looking for relaxation, meditation and personal growth through expanded states of consciousness and exploration of these expanded states. In order to enhance and expand this offering to others, I began the process of becoming a Certified Outreach Trainer so that I might offer Excursion Weekends for those who would most benefit; and…. WHO would benefit from Hemi-Sync? – Everyone would!

Personally, I have been a meditator and I have found Hemi-Sync to be beneficial in exploring expanded states of consciousness. My personal journey into Extraordinary Human Experiences began in 1998 when I had a spontaneous experience of cosmic consciousness which led me on a search for how this experience might be facilitated with others. I found that Hemi-Sync is a powerful tool to facilitate experiences that lead us to know that “we are more than a physical body” and to explore this “more” that we are.

Previous to this experience of the “more” that we are, I had 2 “careers” – one in Banking and Finance and one as a Registered Nurse. I have a Graduate Degree in Trust Banking from Northwestern University and the American Institute of Banking. For 10 years I was Compliance Officer for a large Midwestern Bank. I changed careers in 1998 and became a Registered Nurse and as a RN, I worked in ICU and as a marketing officer for Hospice. I have now shifted my focus to TMI and “getting it out there” to those who will benefit.

Come and join me and other explorers and see what Hemi-Sync can do for you!

Contact Leita Reichle:
Address: Monroe, VA 24574
Email: leita.reichle@gmail.com

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