Leita Reichle

Leita Reichle

Outreach Trainer, Professional Division

My Journey in the exploration of Consciousness began at the age of 5 with a Near-Death Experience and continues throughout a lifetime of Spiritually Transformation Experiences.

In 1998 I experienced what some call the Christ Consciousness, an experience of Unconditional Love. I had an Out-of-Body Experience during meditation where I was taken out over the Earth and I was able to telescope in and observe the human experience. In observing each experience, I felt a rush of Love that cannot be comprehended by the mind. For three days, I was unable to speak and I could only weep at the beauty of looking through the Eyes of Unconditional Love. For years I asked every spiritual teacher I encountered, WHAT was THAT?! The only answer that seemed to fit came through a channel who called it “The Path of the Heart.”

In 2012 I found The Monroe Institute and those who were also exploring Consciousness. I began a series of programs that led me into integrating my experiences into life and living from that HeartSpace of Unconditional Love.

In 2014, in The Monroe Institute Program called Gateway, I experienced what some may call The Absolute One as the Embracing Love of ALL That IS. This was a Space of such gentle and loving Peace, that again there were gentle tears and there is no explanation that the mind can really grasp. What I do know is that this experience changes the perspective of Self and Who I AM in the Greater Context of ALL THAT IS, Source Consciousness.  The realization that came with the experience, is that the Unconditional Love that I had experienced in 1998 IS the ONE I AM. No human identity holds me in any form or concept that limits. I AM the Unconditional Love I experienced – I AM THAT Unconditional LOVE.

In 2014, I became an Outreach Trainer for The Monroe Institute and now my focus is Integration of Spiritually Transformative Experiences so that our lives reflect that Oneness and Unconditional Love I AM and we ALL are.

My greatest Joy is in finding those who are willing to come together and share this exploration. Join me in the HeartSpace of ALL That IS.

Contact Leita Reichle:
Address: Monroe, VA 24574
Email:  HeartSpace.Infinity@gmail.com

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