Meredith Cheshire

Meredith Cheshire

Outreach Trainer

Meredith Cheshire is currently the President of both Mulberry Integrative Medicine, Inc and HC Medical Group Inc, in The Villages, Florida. With the help of her husband Dr. Christopher Cheshire, she set out to create a special kind of medical practice where patients could feel safe, free and open in a medical environment to optimize healing and overall wellness.

During the 7 years of holding this position, she realized with the help of her physicians that their patients were wanting, asking and needing more guidance within themselves. After numerous requests Meredith decided to take her first trip to The Monroe Institute® in Faber, VA for their Gateway Voyage® Program. Once she returned from this program she started taking the fast track to get back to Virginia and take as many classes as she could until she could become a Certified Outreach Trainer for The Monroe Institute.

Meredith found that the technology of Hemi-Sync® enriched deeply with scientific research was exactly the type of meditation, experience and guidance that her physicians’ patients wanted and needed.

Currently Meredith lives in Fruitland Park, FL with her husband Christopher, son Cullen and daughter Maeve. Since finishing her certification in the Spring of 2013, she still travels to Faber, VA a few times a year to keep up to date with all the recent developments in technology and research that the Institute has to offer.

Contact Meredith Cheshire:
Address: Fruitland Park, Florida
Phone: (352) 446-6175
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