Penny Holmes

Penny Holmes

Residential Trainer

1. Attended Energy Mastery School in Europe with Robert Jaffe, attended Teachers’ training in Sedona with Jaffe.
2. Trained in healing arts in various workshops from healing touch, therapeutic touch, death midwifery and a year long course with Whitewinds Institute of Energy Medicine with Fernan Poulan.
3. Shamanic studies with Kerrith McKechnie in Toms Brook VA. A vision quest and the following year a protector for the vision quest.
4. Sacred geometry.
5. Rosicrucian studies ala Rudolph Steiner.
6. Biogeometry.
7. Earth energy studies with Robert Gilbert in Asheville, North Carolina.

In 1992 shortly before my Mother died, my stepfather, Robert Monroe, asked me if I wanted to be a trainer. He had wanted me to become a stand up comedienne so I guess he thought my humor could be put to good use at TMI.

 I can remember when Gateways were on the road at hotel conference rooms, retreat centers where my sister, Scooter McMoneagle, David Mulvey and Darlene Miller trained programs. I remember when the idea of building a permanent place came up one evening after dinner at the farm. Mom wanted him home at his own establishment where all the equipment could be in place and all the people responding to Journeys Out of the Body could come and spend a week.

In my eighteen years of training at TMI, I have had the opportunity to grow and learn and experience the initiatory process of what Hemi-Sync® groups coming together to spend a week of consciousness exploration can do for the uplift of humanity. Here I get to witness and support people as they uncover more of who they really are in a wonderfully supportive atmosphere of fun, deep work and safe space. At the beginning of the week it is as if we as trainers have been presented with a bouquet of two dozen rosebuds and we get to be a part of the blossoming of each one of those buds as the week progresses. How cool is that?

Over thirty thousand intrepid explorers have joined the TMI family of friends. I don’t think you will find a place more conducive to “taking a look under the hood” as you will here at TMI.

In 1986, I had a full blown in-the-body experience. I learned from that that the body is vital in consciousness exploration. I say this because I know that many people come hoping to have or manage an out-of-body experience. I think the way “out” is in, into yourself and learning that you are truly more than your physical body and the ways that that teaching can manifest in a week’s time is astounding.

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