Rosy Verdile

Rosy Verdile

Outreach Trainer

Providing an opportunity for others to experience a deep connection with themselves as individuals as well as a connection to an exquisitely harmonious totality inspires me to offer the Outreach Excursion Workshops of The Monroe Institute®. Living at a time when as a society our norms fall short to support the sincere seeker of personal truth, I feel privileged to have discovered pioneers working at the forefront of our collective explorations and experiences of who we truly are as spiritual beings.

After committing twenty years to a lifestyle with deep respect for meditation and prayer, when I attended my first program at The Monroe Institute I immediately recognized the profound impact and potential of the Hemi-Sync® audio guidance technology.

As an artist, I focused my work in community based collaborative art projects. In a community environment, I believe, individuals discover, generate and are validated at a deep authentic level. The power of community is a vital dynamic of The Monroe Institute programs. I have proven for myself that we are more than our physical bodies; nevertheless, to be given the opportunity to explore this through a repeatable technological protocol in a community of others who share the desire to actualize this truth is a profound experience. I believe it is the interpersonal validation of who we are discovering ourselves to be which truly creates a reality we can stand on in this world.

Rosy was born in Troy, New York and holds an MFA form Virginia Commonwealth Universality.  She spent ten professional years exhibiting her art and working as an arts administrator both domestically and internationally.  As an arts administrator, she worked with development, grant writing and curatorial and installation elements of exhibitions for the List Visual Arts Center of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the Massachusetts College of Art and several other independent exhibition spaces in and around Boston, Massachusetts.

In 1993, she stepped out of the flow of conventional life to live in solitude and meditate in a wilderness canyon in Northern New Mexico.  Currently she consults for and manages the monastic craft department of the Monastery of Christ in the Desert, located north of Abiquiu, New Mexico.

Contact Rosy Verdile:
Address: Abiquiu, New Mexico
Phone: 505-470-5522
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