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The Scholarship Fund provides opportunities to attend programs for those requiring financial assistance. Through an application process, a committee is able to award limited scholarships to qualifying individuals. We would like to expand this program so we can award more scholarships to an increased number of deserving applicants.

Many of our recipients are from other countries where our work is unknown, and who would like to take the Outreach Trainer Program to share The Monroe Institute® (TMI) benefits with their home countries. There are many people who would love to reap the benefits of a Monroe program and just cannot afford them. Your donation will allow more of these deserving people to attend.

A donation to the Scholarship Fund is an extra special kind of gift, a contribution that gives someone the opportunity to both give and receive in the wake of your generosity!

Donations 90%


Note: If you would like to be considered for a scholarship, please send your request to


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