Serving Spirit

Prerequisite: None 



Serving Spirit is a hands-on course in evidential mediumship for students at all levels.  Instructor Suzanne Giesemann holds nothing back as she shares her proven tools and tips for connecting with those who have passed.

Make Contact Beyond Physical Matter Reality with an Emphasis on Receiving Verifiable Evidence

The class offers a balance between the theory of spirit communication and actual practice of making contacts “across the veil” with an emphasis on receiving verifiable evidence as well as messages. Students will have the opportunity to immediately apply what they learn in multiple practice sessions. 

The retreat will be held at The Monroe Institute’s Virginia campus, offering greater seclusion, silence, and opportunities for stillness.

In the tradition of Robert A. Monroe, you will discover that you are far more than a physical body. You will experience guided meditations with Hemi-Sync® technology authored and narrated by Suzanne specifically for accessing the optimal states of awareness for mediumship. 

Not all students of the Serving Spirit class intend to become mediums. For many students, the goal is to improve their connection with higher consciousness for their own spiritual growth.

Learn How to Access the Optimal States of
Awareness for Mediumship

As a special bonus, on Saturday evening Suzanne will demonstrate a channeling session, allowing her guides, Sanaya, to teach one module of the class.

In this workshop you will have the opportunity to:

  • Gain an appreciation for the sacredness and responsibility of serving as the voice for those in the spirit world
  • Understand how and why communication with the nonphysical world is possible
  • Experience the difference between psychic work and mediumship
  • Learn a proven seven-step process for connecting with Higher Consciousness
  • Practice doing one-on-one evidential readings
  • Expand your awareness of the vast amount and kind of information those in spirit are waiting to share with you
  • Access greater depth of information from the spirit world by working through the heart
  • Learn “best practices” for working with the highest possible integrity

Access Greater Depth of Information from the
Spirit World—Practice Evidential Readings

Don't take our word for it. Here is what past participants have to say about their experience with Suzanne’s class:

"I enthusiastically recommend Suzanne’s 'Serving Spirit' workshop. It is one of the most outstanding classes on communication I have taken in my almost 40 years as a psychotherapist. The workshop is transformative, inspirational, and provides a 'how to' on seeing the reality of the spirit world with a new perspective and understanding."  - Sylvia Chavez Reaves, LCSW, Certified Bereavement Counselor, Certified Spiritual Director

"Suzanne has a way of explaining the process of mediumship that provides a powerful and clear framework for understanding what we are trying to do. Not a moment was wasted. The work with her took my mediumistic and psychic skills to another level, which is deeply exciting to me. I cannot recommend this workshop highly enough.”  - Judy Tsafrir, MD, Boston Holistic Adult and Child Psychiatry

 About Suzanne Giesemann

Suzanne_Geiseman.pngSuzanne is a retired U.S. Navy Commander. She served as a commanding officer, as special assistant to the Chief of Naval Operations, and as Aide to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff on 9/11.  Today Suzanne addresses questions about the purpose of life, the nature of reality, and attuning to higher consciousness. Her work has been recognized as highly credible by afterlife researcher Dr. Gary Schwartz, and best-selling author Dr. Wayne Dyer. She is a member of the Advisory Council of the Academy for Spiritual and Consciousness Studies.


Your Facility for this Exploration: The Monroe Institute

TMI is the premier experiential residential education center for exploring expanded states of consciousness. For the past 40 years, tens of thousands of people just like you have attended our programs. People from all walks of life, including doctors, engineers, healers, therapists, clergy, homemakers, artists, executives, and many others have come to The Monroe Institute to experience, discover, explore expanded states.


Our Powerful 2-day/2-night All-inclusive Serving Spirit Program Offers:

  • Daily consciousness exploration facilitated by our skilled trainers
  • Semi-private accommodations
  • Freshly prepared meals and snacks throughout the day
  • Transportation from and to Charlottesville (see details)
  • Complimentary WiFi

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