From the Desk of Laurie A. Monroe - TMI Focus 2000

From the Desk of Laurie A. Monroe - TMI Focus 2000

The Most Important Day (Winter 2000)

Cocreating a Sustainable Future (Spring 2000)

The M Field: Limitless Potential (Summer 2000)

Courageous Teens Voyage Through Time (Fall 2000)










~ Robert A. Monroe

MIND FOOD Morning Exercise

We all know the importance of being present in each and every moment, and we all know the difficulty of staying totally in the moment as thoughts of the future or past incessantly drift through our minds. So perhaps we need to reflect on the past and to consciously pattern our future with a compassionate vision. Setting time aside to do this helps us to stay present in the now.

 Yesterday is then. The Monroe Institute is a product of continual evolution. We at TMI greatly appreciate the many people whose contributions through the years have insured the Institute’s growth. The dedication of many friends who devoted time and energy to understanding the OOBE phenomenon was crucial. One of those close friends, Charles “Charlie” T. Tart, PhD, stands out in my memory. While Charlie was an instructor in psychiatry at the University of Virginia School of Medicine during the mid-sixties, he would frequently visit our home for in-depth discussions with my father. They were studying Bob’s OOBEs in the university EEG laboratory. They developed a wonderful relationship based on mutual respect. Thank you, Charlie, for your friendship, your laughter, and your commitment to understanding limitless possibilities.

Many others in the past have made significant contributions to the Institute’s growth: Dave Wallis in the lab, Nancy “Scooter” McMoneagle as executive director, Rita and Martin Warren, who monitored many EXPLORER sessions in the early days, Eleanor Friede as the publisher of Far Journeys and Ultimate Journey, and Helen Warring as our program registrar. Our gratitude embraces all who have played a role in bringing us to this particular “now,” especially our Board of Advisors, the Professional Division, the original EXPLORER team, our trainers, many nonphysi- cal friends, and you—our members. The list must also include all of the program participants who have shared their experiences with friends and family. Hearing their stories and truths has inspired more and more people to attend the GATEWAY VOYAGE®  and learn how to “find out for themselves.” What wonderful gifts we can give each other by sharing ourselves.

I recently attended the funeral of a former employee, Amanda Harris, who had worked in the kitchen. Those of you who knew her surely remember her delicious chocolate chip cookies, friendly smile, and loving heart. Perhaps because she was content and happy with the past, Amanda just naturally lived in the now. Her minister noted that quality many times during his eulogy. Even Amanda’s way of speaking emphasized the present. She’d say, “Now, we need to do this” or “Now, let’s go here.” In that spirit, I thank all of our employees for their many contributions and for their efforts to maintain the essence of “now” in their daily work. Through their actions, the wonderful TMI team supports our mission and vision.

Tomorrow is when. At what point does “when” begin? If when refers to the time or moment of an event, then we are creating “when” in this moment of now. So by patterning for the future in the present moment, we are actually manifesting the future “now.” From that perspective, our actions and thoughts “now” are of utmost importance to “when.” Although our manifestations may not appear immediately in physical reality (as they do on other energy levels), what we envision “now” becomes tomorrow’s “when.”

Knowing this, it logically follows that being what we are patterning for makes it not only the future but also the now. The outcome of being our own true expression of self and allowing ourselves to be whatever we so desire, is a joyful, happy, effective life experience, which produces positive and constructive results. Continuing to pattern in the present for a more compassionate society automatically creates more compassion “now.” To be successful, our patterning must be integrated through all parts of our being—emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual. Through this integration we align our intentions to be all that we can be. Through gratitude for yesterday’s achievements and appreciation for tomorrow’s promise, we lift our consciousness to a higher level.

Remember, “this day is now; you can use it and be it however you so desire.” I invite you all to participate in the vision of a compassionate future—one of joy and happiness, one of being in service to others for constructive ends. Infinite resources of strength, courage, and wisdom are available for manifesting the highest good in this physical reality. Here and now, our limitless and infinite essence can unfold in full expression. As . Bob would say, “Let this flow begin NOW.” 

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Cocreating A Sustainable Future



We have all experienced seeming coincidences in our lives. The more closely we observe these incidents, the more obvious it becomes that they are really creations of our own thoughts and feelings. The fact that you are reading these words is more likely to be part of a well-orchestrated plan from that which is far greater than our physical reality than a “coincidence.”

The powers of creation and manifestation reside within everyone; it is merely a question of learning and remembering how to use and control such powers. We can create what we need in our everyday world by bringing the energy of There to Here. To do so, we must know that the separation between There and Here is an illusion. The power of manifestation is the essence of who we are. Looking within, we rediscover the means to create our desired pathway to a future Now.

Our emotions fuel our ability to manifest our desires in this physical lifetime. Emotions and feelings—love, joy, fear, and anger—create both mental and physical reactions. Emotional fuel burns cleanest when our feelings are aligned with the higher vibrations of love and joy. Choosing this alignment attracts love and joy to us, mentally and physically. Emotions are our teachers. If we perceive our needs as being met, then we will broadcast positive emotions. If our needs are perceived as unmet, our emotional pains may manifest in our physical bodies. Therefore, it is crucial to listen to our emotions, own them, and know that we have chosen to entertain certain emotions as part of the growth process. The key is to experience and, subsequently, to learn to control and direct emotions and feelings.

Through exploring our inner world, we come to recognize that the magic resides within us and is always readily available. Several Institute programs expose participants to tools for creating their own futures. Our inner world is a reservoir of wisdom that can be utilized in every moment. This pervasive, connective element within each individual mirrors the creative web that bonds all life. Choosing to employ our personal energy in productive and constructive ways can lead to a better future for everyone.

At the 1999 Institute of Noetic Sciences Conference, I attended a session on The Pathfinding Project. The Pathfinding Project is “an opportunity to discover, envision and create new paths. It is a network of people connected by the common goal of creating a positive future and committed to transforming their own lives and the world around them.” It is an opportunity for all to envision a future that resonates with the heart and spirit. The project seeks to understand the present state of the world, to visualize a positive image of the future, and to identify specific paths by which a more just, sustainable, and compassionate world can come into being.

People can make a difference. If we envision a future that is just, sustainable, and compassionate for all life on planet Earth, perhaps we will create it. Trusting our inner sources of knowing and utilizing the power within us opens the way to express the highest potential through our actions. Our inner qualities of being will illuminate our outer expression of manifestation.

Many signs of an emerging new worldview are present in our everyday lives, if we choose to be aware of them. If we hold the vision of a future that works for everyone—actually see it in our mind’s eye—it will be our reality. Imagination must precede creation. Imagining and visualizing a future based on the fundamental values of compassion, justice, and sustainability endows all possible futures with those potential attributes.

Releasing the illusion of separateness and moving into an awareness of wholeness awakens us to the role of spirit in this physical dimension. Individually and collectively, we can then devote our creative energy to making a difference. I invite all of you to participate and to begin to walk the path toward a future that is just, sustainable, and compassionate for all.

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The M Field: Limitless Potential


The more we improve humankind, the more our prospects improve. One major improvement is equal to one hundred minor ones.” ~ Robert A. Monroe, Ultimate Journey

Throughout Ultimate Journey, my father’s growing understanding of his true multidimensional nature was evidenced by his realization that his Inspec guides were really himself. This realization led him to delve deeper into his understanding of M Field energy. The M Field information had been given to him as a ROTE (Related Organized Thought Energy) so the task of explanation was even more difficult, especially given the magnitude of the topic and its implications.

Simply defined, the M Field is a nonphysical energy field permeating time/space—including our Earth Life System. This broad field of frequencies operates both inside and outside of time/space. The M Field contains all of the frequencies in LIFE, an acronym for Layered Intelligence Forming Energy. All life forms have specific vibrational frequencies that resonate with the intelligent energy that creates physical matter. All matter came into form through manipulation of energy by that intelligence. All matter is therefore subject to it.

The M Field also contains frequencies in the form of thoughts and emotions. According to my father’s ROTE, every thought that LIFE has ever had exists in the M Field. This concept is compounded exponentially because all of current LIFE (yours and mine in present time/space) is a very small part of the picture. Not only all thoughts from our current life, but also those from our past lives—human, nonhuman, physical, and nonphysical—are in the M Field. This vast, confusing mass of thought-form energy exists within the M Field, and even what I have described is but a small slice of the totality.

My father described the M Field as an interactive system. He thought that the Intelligence within and underlying the M Field continually influenced all life. We humans feel the influence of the M Field through an Aligning Receptor. During times of meditation, contemplation, or prayer, we are able to consciously experience this influence while in physical form. An individual’s awareness is in phase with or attuned to certain parts of the M-Field radiation. If it is out of alignment with a given frequency, nothing is received. The thoughts of others also impinge on us and affect us subtly through our Aligning Receptors. After all, in the M Field there can be no separation of consciousness.

According to information from my father’s I-There, a small handful of people who have lived on Earth at various times understood the principles of utilizing M-Field energy. Some of them were important political and religious leaders, but most of them went about their business unnoticed. Many could not explain their power to work “miracles,” but they did know that the key principle lay in an interactive system in which like energies attracted each other. Healing is a good illustration. Whatever method a healer uses, it evokes a fundamental emotional response in the person being healed. That response may help the person open up his or her Aligning Receptor to the frequencies necessary for healing. Once a connection is established, the M Field simply resonates with the emotional response. This resonance of frequencies accomplishes the healing.

My father explored the M Field for several reasons: first, he believed that such a field existed and that its influence could be felt; second, he acknowledged that this energy is exchanged between humans in every relationship—usually without their conscious knowledge. Acquiring the skill to manipulate M-Field energy is part of why we are Here. Utilizing that energy Here is very beneficial to the portions of our consciousness There.

Perhaps it is time for us to recognize that we are mature enough to use this energy consciously, for the benefit of all. As science continues to uncover the secrets of physical life—from molecules and atoms to the human genome and quantum physics—my father’s belief in the M Field concept may soon become a Known. Certainly, when this occurs, it will require a great deal of maturity on the part of those whose belief structures are affected to use the knowledge responsibly.

“The physical universe, including the whole of humankind, is an ongoing creative process.” If we have truly acquired the ability to use M Field energy, then we are poised to consciously create our own future by aligning ourselves with the highest frequencies. Group thought, especially when it is catalyzed by emotion, can be contagious and powerful. If we all envision a future that exemplifies unconditional love, compassion, and equality, then we will attract and resonate with frequencies that produce such a future. What does it mean to Know that we are all interconnected through the M Field? Each story in this issue is a personal account of tapping that inexhaustible reservoir of energy, with the potential to do so for the good of all LIFE.

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 “As a participant in time-space, you perceive it and it is a reality to you. If you have not perceived any other energy systems, they are not real to you. However, you must consider that you have done so but they are not within your present awareness. It then becomes simply a matter of remembering.” ~ Robert A. Monroe, Far Journeys

Our second TEEN GATEWAY VOYAGE®, which was held in July, was extraordinary for everyone involved. Some of the fifteen participants had attended the first TEEN VOYAGE in 1999. By the end of the week, all of them were able to feel and understand the concept “I am more than my physical body.”

Observing the teens’ reactions and comments was quite revealing. For some, although their belief systems were strongly challenged, their youthful flexibility allowed them to remain open to the prospect of “remembering” their essence. Others felt that their experiences were imaginary and questioned whether they were “real.” As the trainers gently guided them to see that it is “okay” to use imagination, their acceptance of their perceptions broadened. They began to remember their true nature and to comprehend that self-love is essential for their growth and existence in this physical reality. With exposure to Focus 12 came the ability to sense and recognize that which lies beyond the physical.

A special tape developed just for them took the teens on a one-of-a-kind adventure to the year 2020. Looking back from the year 2020 put a different spin on what they were experiencing here at the Institute. During the discussion following that exercise, they realized that they could contribute to creating humanity’s future and become partners in creating their own futures as well.

Tuesday afternoon the trainers and I took the group on a field trip to Monticello, the former home of Thomas Jefferson. They were asked to simply be open and receptive to whatever came and—if it felt comfortable—to move into Focus 12 while walking around the grounds. One participant was startled to feel “a heaviness, a heavy weight” upon his shoulders. He couldn’t identify the source. We later figured out that he was walking down Mulberry Row, where the slaves had lived in the 1800s, when that feeling surfaced. Interesting... since he had no prior knowledge of the Monticello layout or the nature of his location at the time. Was the “heaviness” a reflection (and possibly a validation) of tuning in to the nonphysical energies associated with the slave quarters?

Later that evening, I was scheduled to do a radio interview. At dinner, I asked the teens what they would say to someone who had never attended a GATEWAY VOYAGE. They eagerly gave me their comments, and I shared those that follow on the radio.

“No matter what your problems are, this program helps you to deal with them.”

“It is a life-changing experience.”

“It’s a voyage into you.”

“It’s an opportunity for you to reacquaint yourself with the one who should be your best friend—YOU.”

“It opened my mind; made me relax.”

“It clears the spiderwebs.”

“You make friends for life.”

At the end of the week we planted a tree together. The tree represented their strong connection to Mother Earth and their potential for unlimited growth. The inner strength the teens remembered during the week will always be theirs. They had come to realize beyond doubt that the real magic is found within them.

We are grateful to the parents who gave their children this opportunity for self-discovery. We hope that the VOYAGE experience will be a lifelong resource for the teens to tap into at need. Special thanks are due to each participant for having the courage to explore the greater part of who they really are. This group assuredly left an energetic imprint Here that will remain to encourage those who come after them.           

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