From the Desk of Laurie A. Monroe - TMI Focus 1999

From the Desk of Laurie A. Monroe - TMI Focus 1999

Exploring Beyond Focus 27 (Winter 1999)

Finding The Way Home (Spring 1999)

The Spirit’s Journey—There To Here (Summer 1999)

Gems Of The Next Generation (Fall 1999)




Change—a source of human worries, anxieties, and concerns. We are afraid something might change, or that it won’t. Yet change is an inescapable part of the design that encompasses the entire time/space continuum, certainly our Earth Life System. A solid Different Overview accepts completely this reality and acts accordingly.” ~ Robert A. Monroe

As we here at TMI have grown and changed, each in our own way, our sense of gratitude has expanded proportionally. We have been inspired to continue our exploration of other realms and energy systems with the methods we have learned and to build on those basics according to our highest guidance. As our beliefs become knowns, that which is not in alignment with the essence of our being is filtered out; we begin to remember the truth-our truth. Through exploring inner dimensions of self, our understanding of and trust in the process increases. These principles are the foundation of BEYOND EXPLORATION 27® (BX 27).

The first BX 27 was launched at Roberts Mountain Retreat (RMR) on Wednesday, October 28, through Sunday, November 1, by a wonderful group of eighteen EXPLORATION 27 graduates who came together to experience a deeper knowing of realities beyond the time/space continuum. BX 27 participants spend quality “time” at the Healing and Regeneration Center in Focus 27 and in the energy of Focus 34-35. Group energy is especially powerful for perceiving, observing, and navigating in these dimensions. Just as Bob utilized individual “explorers” years ago, now the group’s combined energy and intent can facilitate a greater awareness of information “There” and enable us to translate that information to “Here.” The following insights from a BX 27 “crew member” demonstrate how the process works:

“During this incredibly blissful, empowering experience, I received/know incredible insights into what it is, what I am. You spend many lifetimes in an outward search, not knowing what you’ve been searching for, pushing further and further out, away from yourself... like a needle in a balloon, the further out you go, the more the tension, the harder the search. What you don’t know at the time is that what you are searching for is You. Eventually you reach a point where you can go no further. You, only then, finally turn your search inward. Although you still don’t know what you’re searching for, you recognize that you are finally going in the right direction. You are finding and rediscovering parts of yourself-it feels right. Your search back inward begins to accelerate as the outward push is released... once you quit struggling, pushing out, the balloon literally catapults you inside where you belong. You realize that everything is YOU. Everything and everyone is YOU. Every time you connect with someone or something, you connect with YOU. YOU are all there is.”

It felt especially fitting to celebrate Bob’s birthday on October 30 in the middle of BX 27 with appreciation and gratitude for the gifts of his legacy. In his own words, “Our acceptance and allowance creates our Different Overview—the constant expansion of the knowledge of what you really are... and the freedom to do and be in ways you always thought were beyond your capability.”

Some closing comments from the group echo Bob’s sentiments: “Triumphant congratulations”; “One of the two most profound experiences of my life”; “We should allow love to happen to us, and know that we can give this love to all the beings on the planet”; “I feel complete and released”; “Thank you for the lovely, most productive days here. I will take a special spirit with me that will remind me to return again. Love, love and thank you all”; “As we move into the future, the answers change. Explore, be open, and allow”; “Feel and express love and honor the God in all things”; and “The circle is complete.”

Many thanks to all who sailed into uncharted seas on the maiden voyage of BX 27. Your spirit of adventure will forever be a beacon for others to follow. As explorers willing to dare the final frontier-the frontier within-you are in the vanguard of TMI’s twentyfirst-century research effort.

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Finding The Way Home


Love can’t be taught, can’t be bought. Love can’t be learned. It is generated within the individual in response to an external stimulus. The individual has no control over this generation. Once initiated, it may be layered over or sublimated but never destroyed. It will always be there, glowing quietly within you. Physical death has no effect upon the reality of its existence, as such energy is neither dependent upon nor a part of time/space. The most consistent and visible facet of this love energy is probably mother love.” ~ Robert A. Monroe, Ultimate Journey.

December 27 was a quiet day. Lying in bed that morning, I was thinking about the day of my birth. My thoughts naturally turned to my mother, who was in the hospital in a coma. She had begun the dying process. I had been with her the day before while listening to the Homecoming exercise from GOING HOME®. In that other reality, we were running through a garden of many beautiful flowers—all in stunning colors. She was very young, almost childlike, and seemed very happy. I felt that same feeling when I woke from my light sleep that Sunday morning. It was a feeling of freedom, the lightness of a young child with no cares, no responsibilities, and no worries because everything is taken care of. It was wonderful to experience, even for a moment, and I gave thanks for the many times my mother had created that space for me in childhood.

I had visited my mother in the hospital on Christmas Day. She looked at me as if to tell me that I shouldn’t be there. I repeated that Mother’s dog, India, her most loved companion and friend, was fine and that she could visit India at will by simply thinking of her. I played Higher, one of our METAMUSIC® tapes, and spoke to her calmly and gently, telling her that she was free to go and do whatever she wanted. I know that she heard my voice as I continued my reassurances that loved ones and many others were there to help. Mother opened her eyes and looked to the ceiling as if she knew—as if she saw them—then closed her eyes again. I sensed the presence of many spirits in the room and understood that this process would not go on much longer. I lovingly asked for Divine Light to enfold her and aid her to release any fears restricting her from moving forward.

Mother died on December 27 at 9:50 p.m.

Throughout her transition, she listened to the Relocation Theme from GOING HOME. It was, perhaps, not coincidental that she died on the same day that I remembered our shared experience. It might have been her way of confirming to me that she had found her way to Focus 27. Certainly, my trust in Spirit helped her and I give thanks for all who participated and assisted in the process—physical and nonphysical friends.

Writing in my journal that night with music playing in the background, I felt enfolded by Spirit. Mother was resting now in the Focus 27 Healing and Regeneration Center. Soon she would discover her freedom from physical constraints and limitations. Her life experience Here would have exquisite value for her continuing journey. I went to bed with an overwhelming sense of peace and feelings of gratitude for Mother’s love and guidance throughout my life. At the same time, it was as if I’d lost a part of me—yet my Higher Self knew this was untrue. The separation is only physical, since we are truly one.

This personal experience reaffirmed the great value and importance of our LIFELINE® program. Since attending the inaugural LIFELINE in 1991, I have traveled the pathway to Focus 27, and later to the Healing and Regeneration Center, many times with frequent sidetrips into the vastness of Focus 27. Once this pathway is known, you are prepared for the task that all of us will eventually confront—dying physically.

Through LIFELINE, innumerable individuals from all walks of life have come to know that they survive physical death. LIFELINE was intentionally designed to be effective regardless of participants’ specific beliefs and to instill knowledge through direct experience. The theme of the program is “service”—service to those who are no longer in physical existence and need help to detach from this Earth Life System. Those who have prepared themselves beforehand, or have been prepared by others, can more easily sever their physical ties. Once you have been in the Focus 27 energy, you know that an essential part of you exists There and that you are always connected to that part. The conscious awareness of being a part of the whole gives you freedom to experience the limitless being that you are and to live your life to the fullest. In this knowing, your appreciation of There transforms your physical life Here.

I encourage each of you to “find out for yourself’ and to prepare for our ultimate encounter—the transition to There. What wonderful freedom, to Know that love—our purest energy—transcends the boundaries of time/space and that our core selves truly do survive physical death! See you in 27,


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In previous articles, I have shared personal stories of the abundant oneness and unity There—in nonphysical dimensions—and the importance of fully integrating the essence of that oneness and unity into our daily lives. Consistently bringing that energy into this physical reality can make a profound difference to humanity. I am convinced that a large portion of the purpose behind our consciousness explorations is to strengthen and widen the bridge between dimensions, dissolve illusions, and clarify our perceptions.

What is the most effective way to use the energy of pure, unconditional love Here, for the benefit of ourselves, and our communities, families, and friends? The easiest way is to simply BE love. In other words, internalize the love energy so completely that it becomes who you are. Imagine yourself as a pebble tossed into a pond. As the pebble strikes the water’s surface, ripples effortlessly emanate from the point of entry and flow outward to the farthermost shore. In the same way, love ripples out from our inner being.

Recently I felt the effect of bringing this love energy Here and integrating it into my physical being. My guides had lovingly nagged me about my cigarette smoking with words, ROTES, and images for almost six months. I tried to ignore them and sometimes got pretty annoyed. They remained understanding and persistent.

Then, during a consultation with a spiritual astrologer, he quoted my guides verbatim. It was obvious that they had spoken through him in another attempt to get my attention. That very night I met with my guides again. They simply smiled and filled my entire being with pure, unconditional love. I haven’t smoked a cigarette since. When the desire arises, a part of me opens to the higher energy and the physical craving dissipates. The sensation is like standing in two worlds—Focus 27 and Here—simultaneously.

This experience led me to examine the inner dimensions of myself more closely. I asked my guides to help me understand how the process works. They showed me how they had opened me to levels beyond even Focus 27. According to them, my healing was primarily on the emotional level of being. They reminded me of my experience in the Healing and Regeneration Center during EXPLORATION 27® when I was immersed in pure white light. The longer I stayed within the light, the more I resonated with its vibration—as if I were the light itself. Such connections with higher energies are constant reminders of our multidimensional selves. Embracing this energy flow allows the higher self to take charge and catalyze new levels of perception. Closer attunement with our own guidance opens the way for amazing and wonderful manifestations in our lives Here.

We have all chosen to be Here now for a purpose. The numbers of us who have experienced the energy of totally pure and unconditional love is approaching what my father called “critical mass.” The interdimensional bridge is becoming a magnificent, soaring span—a broad thoroughfare on which love energy from all dimensions can meet and meld into one.

We are responsible for ushering in this energy and helping others to do the same. The words of a participant from a Connecticut weekend workshop, who recently attended a GATEWAY VOYAGE®, are a succinct summation: “In our fears, our joys, our truths, and in simple—yet fearless—moments, we dared to walk, dared to share, dared to cry, and dared to embrace one another, for in our mutual experience we discovered the bond of our common humanity. And for now and the rest of our lives, throughout the pages of our journey, we have become a part of each other. For who are we who have traveled so far, in search of the mystical experience—so long yearned for, so long awaited, and so long held within the very fabric and core of our being? Through the GATEWAY we walked arm in arm, one step, one tear, one smile, one hug, and one laugh at a time! Who are we? We are humanity, and out into the world we returned to share, to embrace our individual lives and carry the message that love is all that there truly is!”

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I recently attended the annual Institute of Noetic Sciences Conference held at Disney World in Orlando, Florida. A profound statement by one of the speakers etched itself into my memory: “Those who are in a position of leadership, of any kind, need to make decisions that are based upon seven generations from today.” I resonated completely with that powerful message. Presently, the future of this planet—and of all of the species that inhabit it— depends upon the generation now coming into adulthood. Now is the time to assist them in identifying and achieving their goals. I feel that fostering and encouraging a shift in consciousness among teenagers is of paramount importance. Out of concern and compassion for this younger generation, we have created the Teen GATEWAY VOYAGE®.

The inaugural program took place during the last week of July.

There were fourteen participants—seven of each gender. Each teen completed a confidential application and mailed it directly to TMI, separately from information provided by their parents. This allowed them to answer our questions openly and honestly. The application process was the first step in creating a safe place for them to express their feelings. The most prevalent desire or expectation was the need to be liked, accepted, understood, and loved. Several participants wanted greater self-confidence and self-esteem. As with most teenagers, there was a tendency to “push the envelope” in many different ways. In this program, they were pushing the envelope of their perceived limitations  and beliefs. The group bonded quickly, and the older teens made a point of including and engaging the younger ones.

Comments on the program evaluations revealed that tremendous openings had occurred during the week. The participants gave their permission to share these examples:

TEEN GATEWAY participants and TMI Trainers gathered around the tree planted in honor of Dave Wallis to pose for a farewell photo.

During this time that we have been here at The Monroe Institute, I have gone through what some might call “an awakening.” I believe strongly that every one of us was brought here for a strong definite reason. For some, like me, it was to find themselves. I am sure that everyone here has noticed us as flowering into a great garden that will soon be adults. I’m sure that I speak for everyone when I say that this was a much-needed experience that will be remembered with fond memories for our lifetimes. I really hope that we will have this opportunity again next year. ~ Sarah Beth Gallenberger

I thought that this experience was one of the most influential lessons that I have learned in my life. I learned about friendships with others and a stronger relationship with myself. I think that the program was great, and I would readily jump at the opportunity to attend another teen program. I found that I wish that I had more time here to learn some more about myself, but it is important to continue my learning process on my own. I feel very grateful that I was given the opportunity to participate in a great program such as this. ~ Andy Vasquez

This week was a great way to experience me as I really am. I had a vague idea of what the program was about when I first got here. As the week progressed, I was able to make lots of new friends—the most important friend being myself. I had an excellent time. ~ Felicia Potter

I feel this week has been one of the most positive and exhilarating events I have ever played a part in, in my entire life. This last week in the VOYAGE program has helped me find out who I really am, as well as grow toward a more positive self and future. I am glad that we teenagers are now being included in the TMI programs. I truly enjoyed being a part of the maiden voyage of the TEEN GATEWAY and thank you for having such a positive impact on my life!!! ~ Justin Singletary

The TEEN GATEWAY has been a life-changing experience for me. I am very grateful for the opportunity to spend a week with a group of my peers interested in exploring all aspects of their consciousness. To explore these aspects of my own consciousness was a thrilling, enlightening experience. I enjoyed learning about parts of myself that I was not even aware of. I hold all of you in my heart in love and gratitude and, in my f opinion, consider this GATEWAY a huge success. ~ Lisa Dietrich

I was able to become more aware of my nonphysical self and to experience a new state of consciousness . The program served as a fun time but also served as an educational, learning experience. The experience I shared at the TEEN GATEWAY was extremely memorable to me and a voyage that I will never forget. ~ Kendra Lansing

We have certainly laid the foundation for these young people to continue to explore, experience, expand, and express the true essence of who they are. They now have the tools to turn their beliefs into Knowns. Both curiosity and the desire to search out new experiences have been kindled. Once again, the GATEWAY VOYAGE has opened the door to the inner, higher self and given participants the confidence to direct their thoughts, control their emotions, listen to their intuition, and grasp abstract concepts. These teens now have a head start on exercising their brains through the greater part of who they really are—spirit—that will serve them well on their journey through physical reality. Perhaps the echo of their awakening will be heard by the seventh generation!

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