A Transcript From Explorer Files (June 1985)

(The M.A.I.S. Bulletin, June 1985)


A Transcript From Explorer Files (June 1985)

SESSION #76-520-5 ROMC Monitor


This explorer took eight minutes to get to Focus Ten. She is now moving into the Twelve state with the creation of the REBAL.


I built the balloon again and started doing some rhythmic breathing which is like filling the balloon full of my own air. I started feeling that I was floating up and up. And ail of a sudden I saw this real blue area. It was just as blue as can be, as if I had gone up more than before. It is always sort of dark, but then-I saw a comical scene. I saw a cloud floating by. And there was my brother, who was always a “ham” in life. He was sitting, playing a harp and just grinning. He is goofing off. That would be the sort of thing he would do.

It was a very light, light feeling, like I floated way up into another atmosphere. It feels very, very good up here. Very light. Light and good. I feel lighthearted.

This is all I see. I see little saucers floating in. One has a glass top bubble. A bubble top. And I'm supposed to get in this glass-topped saucer and I'm going to be taken for a fast ride. I'll get in and see what happens.

Okay. Very, very rapidly in the center of this is a light beam. I'm going to be taken for a ride on various colored light beams. Right now a white light beam is coming down. An energy beam. I don't know where it comes from or where it's going. But it's coming right down the center of this little saucer I'm sitting in with the bubble top. And I'm being lifted now up through that particular beam. Just being lifted higher and higher. I'm going to be lifted up. I'm travelling, spinning, with that beam coming right through.

Let's see what happens now. It's just like—the whole thing is not just a beam—it's getting up to where the source is. And I'm being sort of flooded in with this white light. Now, I'm being slowly let down. Let down on this beam to where it is just a beam again.

Now, I'm going to have a blue beam running through. Okay. I'm sort of spinning around. Spinning around. And I'm being lifted up through this beam which is now coming right down the middle. But I'm being lifted up through this beam and it is ex¬panding until now again, I am all washed in blue. It is very cool and refreshing. It is all blue now. I'm spinning around. Now I'm going to be let back down the beam.

I'm being moved over to another beam. I'm being moved way over and I'm going now to a yellow—sort of a yellow beam—and the yellow is also relaxing, and I'm being lifted up on this beam and through the beam until I get up to the source of the beam and it is all yellow light swirling around. Aahchew! (Sneeze.) It made me sneeze. It must have cleaned out my head. Okay. Now I feel like I'm being let down again.

Now I'm being moved over. It's like I'm being moved over on the spectrum. It is a nice, real orange beam coming through. And now I'm being lifted up through the orange beam. Orange is a nice, real good color. It is giving a lot of energy. It is a pulsating orange. Pulsating. Now the orange is turning red. It is like a pulsating. Very energizing. And it is like, orange-and-red, orange-and red. Now it is like two beams together. So ... I'm being let down now.

Okay. Now, I'm being moved over to the purple beam. Purple is very nice. Calm and cool purple. And I'm being lifted now on that beam. Okay. Now I get up and it is ail purple and I'm swirling-around.

Now all the colors are going to come in. I am swirling around now on all the various colors. All the colors now. I am going around and around.

I am going to hear music . . . music is coming on, sort of lifting me up. I hear this real nice music . . . it is all blending in with and part of the color. It goes with the colors.

Now I'm being taken out of the protection of the saucer with the bubble top and I'm going to be left to float a little bit. Now, just to float. I'm just floating in these colors, these beautiful colors... it just keeps changing... and I can hear the music. I am floating now, very, very relaxing and very energizing. I want to float here for a little bit. I will just float and listen to the music for a little bit. While I'm floating and listening to the music, when I look down I can see me playing the piano... like it is my own music playing . . .

My little saucer is coming back. I'm still floating, it is relaxing and very energizing. I'm supposed to get in it now and I'm going to be taken somewhere.

A platform now ... I'm put off on a little platform. And I'm just standing there straight up. I can see a circle of myself. I'm standing there, but I can see a circle... like aspects of myself in a circle. I'm standing on this platform, floating way out in space, but it is very nice... completely away from everybody and everything.

I am floating up now, standing on this platform. I'm supposed to stand here and observe what is going to happen.

There is a ringing in my ears... and someone is working on my face ... like someone exercising—helping to exercise, my throat muscles. They talk about getting me 'prepared' . . .

(After 1 min., 12 sec.)

(Voice quality change; BV-2, 3 Up 41 MV) ASV:

We are coming to help ROMC to see visually that she is multidimensional and this is why she is able to see the great circle of self ... of many forms of the self. It appears to her to be like many selves extending from a circle in between. We are trying to show her that there are many, many dimensions of one human self. As she can see and understand that she is much more than the conscious self that she sees in the mirror and which she experiences in her waking state, she will be much more readily prepared to go into the multidimensional levels, or consciousness levels. And this is why we are working on various levels, not only the visual… which is very important... but we are also working with the other senses as well.

As she realizes, senses and experiences the light feeling of floating, this helps to take her away from the heaviness of this worldly self, and helps her to see more clearly that she is not tied down, nor bound by this physical self. At the same time, we are showing her her human body: as each cell glows, we are showing her that the cell is a complete universe in itself. Every cell in the human body is a complete universe of great complexity, but yet, at the same time, of great simplicity. And within each cell is a whole energy level, and the energy is self- sufficient within each cell. And there are millions of universes within one human body. The cells of the physical body have many levels of energy patterns within them. And as a soul is aware that the mind and self can be very much in control of the use of the energy within the millions of cells, it is very awe-inspiring and it is a great sense of responsibility. This is why it is important to stand aside to look at the magnitude of the universe that the self is responsible for.

But the greater dimensions are the many, many dimensions of what we call the energy body, the Universal Self, which goes beyond the body which can be seen. And this body is in touch with all levels of the highest forms of energy. Therefore, when this body is released into its highest form, in its highest working form, then all of the levels and universes within the physical are put into place, with great energizing and balance between the two. There is no limit to what the soul and the self could perform in this minute second of a lifetime.

Once the soul is in control and releases the levels of energy, it is in its purest form.

The human self is capable of the highest of what you would consider miracles. But they are not miracles. The human body would be capable of appearing and disappearing at any stage and any level of existence in the earth, if the higher energy levels of the self and the soul are in the right communion. And, of course, this is possible as you well know.

It is possible for the energy body to travel, but it is also possible for the physical body to be capable of many very unusual feats. They are all combined and connected. But we are only saying this to use an example so that this entity can see and know that there are no limits put upon the human body and the self, other than those limits that the mind puts upon the self and the body.

This is why it is important to work in changing the concepts that the earth level puts upon the mind of man. Once a soul is aware that there are no limits to the experiences and levels of existence within the physical body, then new frontiers open up where all things are possible. But the great work which we have to do first is to work with the minds of human souls. And this is why we are now working to clear the mind of this entity from all of that which has put into her that has limited her horizons. It is no fault of her own that she feels limited. It is only that kind of thought-form that is sent to her from other thought-forms of earth levels. And it is our main job to work with thought- forms to release those false thought-forms that hold down the soul from its true release and its true activities. And this is what we are working on at this time. We are going to con¬tinue to help this soul to see herself in the many levels that she occupies. As she can see and experience these various multilevels of her existence, then she will be that much freer to explore into the unusual and the most amazing universes that exist right within the Self. And we have a good beginning.

It is always our desire to help all who are interested in being helped. All that we do is to help as many as are willing to listen and be helped. Therefore, it is not that we are working with one entity. It is that we are working with the earth level. And there are many who are working to help the release of those who are caught in the wrong thought-forms on the earth level. Therefore, we are most happy when anything that we do is shared with all who are interested in learning. Of course, all who are with you are growing, and they are going into the many dimensions and are learning. Much of what we are saying is already known.



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