Explorer Tape Comments

 (The Explorer, 1980)

Explorer Tape Comments

(EB) “I have a pervading sense of happiness, of the goodness of things. So much of the content of the tapes reaffirms a lifelong philosophy which I had singlehandedly developed (I thought!) during the years—my passionate love of the earth and its people and all its life forms, my early rejection of a god and of religion as a freezing of development, my acceptance of death without fear as a natural condition of life, and many smaller details. I feel re-assured and re-confirmed and at the same time encouraged to go on seeking new depths/heights of ‘knowing.’        

(MP) “I am delighted with them, and find no conflict of belief, in fact, a feeling of affirmation of what I already believe about the nature of reality, Christ’s life, the meaning of it, and that the “second coming” is really in ourselves. The churches have long distressed me, so there is consensus there. I have also shared the tapes with the following people who are in agreement with the above reaction to the tapes: A former teacher, who experienced spontaneous Kundalini and was given the contract to teach consciousness raising using sound (emitted by herself). A Quaker who has spent time in Ashrams in India. Each of these persons have also shared the tapes with their close groups, so there is a spreading circle of affirmation of the contents of the tapes.”          

(KP) “Interesting material to say the least. It has provided all of us a clearer conception of how you are functioning with your work in VA. Personally it provides many things to think about and work on. It is reassuring to hear the structures hinted at in your work confirmed by these tapes.”           

(WB) “The discourse on side two of the tape about the Christ Consciousness and Jesus was as clearly stated as possible. As far as I am concerned it is a masterpiece in philosophy. It is sure a pity that the average man and woman on the street cannot be aware of this discussion.”

(EB) “And of such unmistakable quality/authenticity/perceptiveness/clarity. Was thrilled to hear the Earth referred to as a “living entity” for I have a lifelong passionate love of this beautiful ball we stand on, and a firm identification with it as a life form. It will take many more listenings before I can sort out the myriad thoughts and make them my own, discarding the debris of my own thoughts and establishing the beauty of these words/concepts in my heart. Because it is the beauty of the system, the compassion, the dignity of the process, the governance and substance that shine out. Beauty and love, that most abused word for which there is no substitute.”      


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