Gateway Voyage Impressions

(TMI Focus, Vol. XIII, No. 1, Winter 1991)

Gateway Voyage® Impressions

by Ginger Casey


GATEWAY VOYAGE is the internationally acclaimed, six-day residential program which has been offered by The Monroe Institute since 1973. An open letter from GATEWAY VOYAGE grad Ginger Casey to her “fellow-voyagers” recently reached the editor’s desk. Ginger is kindly allowing us to share parts of it with you.

“We all came away with a piece of some kind of special magic. For some of us it was an awakening, for others an affirmation. But we all learned that the true journey out begins within. Some of us learned to love, some of us fell in love, and some of us learned that the love we sought was no further than ourselves...”

“If there was one thing that became very evident to me during my VOYAGE, it was that even the most astute among us have certain areas of our lives we sleep through, whether it be through routine, denial, or simply a way to cope with whatever pains us.. “How profoundly moved and changed I have been by my experience... The magic—the true magic—is not really what happened at The Monroe Institute. They gave us training wheels. The real magic is what we have taken away, and what we continue to find on our own individual paths… My life has certainly changed. Movement has a momentum all its own, and I believe the process of change, once begun and embraced, is very rarely stopped...”

“The world awaits. Fly high, my friends... reach for the stars, and bring home the moon for a night light. It will help all of us find our way home in the dark.”

Here are more impressions of the GATEWAY VOYAGE, excerpted from the Non-Physical News, a publication by and for another group of recent grads.

“I have been able to get some things done that I had been putting off for a long time. I feel my life is more in balance.”

“The tapes are wonderful tools of self-exploration. I cannot say that my OBEs have increased, but I have been conversing with ‘something’ during tape activities that has provided answers and insight to my problems (challenges).”

“The rewards from my self-discovery(s) at the Institute have been small and numerous. They are like sparkling little gems scattered throughout my days. These precious insights first showed me my boundaries and fears. Then they changed to show me new, creative ways to love myself and be happy every day.”

“It’s so hard to describe how I feel I’ve changed because it’s not a physical or external change—just somewhere deep in my psyche.”


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