The Step Beyond: The Going Home Series

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The Step Beyond: The Going Home Series

Throughout human history, there has been a common yearning and nostalgia for something deep in ourselves—our true identity, our origin. Our busy, practical minds, appropriately focused upon accomplishing things in this life, have trouble with this yearning. It seems irrational and emotional, so many of us interpret it as a desire to revisit the site of our physical origin, our birthplace and childhood. Of those who do, many come away unsatisfied and unfulfilled.

They expected more but cannot define what they mean by “more.” Some begin a search for an answer, not realizing they are doing so as they become astronomers, researchers, space shuttle pilots, micro-biologists, psychologists, ministers, therapists, philosophers, to name the obvious. Then there are all of us ordinary people who sometimes pause for a moment to reflect what it all means. But just for a moment.

A growing number of us finally become astute enough to realize one way or another, that each of us will eventually be “Going Home.” To our original point of origin, not Here but There. It's only a matter of time. Thus we begin and continue to identify with an exploratory, seeking attitude.

Although the situation is slowly beginning to improve, our modern culture doesn't treat very well those of us who are ready to “go Home.” Friends, loved ones, and even the medical profession often don't know how to relate to us at that point in life. Too many people die overly-drugged, spending much of their remaining time alone, probably watching TV soap operas and old movie re-runs.

They have no idea that the dying process can be made both interesting and useful.

The Life Span System, in accordance with a determination to provide a learning process for every human need, has designed a special kind of help for those with life- threatening illness or injury and to their family and loved ones. It is appropriately labeled:


This set of recorded learning exercises first of all offers a means whereby the individual can reduce dramatically the common fear of physical death. The result can be at the least, greater tolerance of the situation, including awareness that humans are indeed more than their physical bodies. At most, the GOING HOME user may learn to control willfully and calmly the sequence of physical death.

Concurrently, GOING HOME also helps family and friends understand and accept the physical death process so as to provide badly needed specific support at critical moments. It also includes methods that can be employed to help family and friends consistently adjust to and recover from the loss of their devoted one.

GOING HOME is a series of audio learning exercises on cassette tape or compact disc(CD), designed for use at home, in hospitals, hospices and nursing case facilities. The Project was created with the knowledge and assistance of three leaders in the understanding and use of various states of human consciousness:

Elizabeth Kubler-Ross

A medical doctor and psychologist, Dr. Ross has spent the past thirty years providing help and service to those in the final stages of physical life, and is famous as a world-wide authority on human need during the physical death process. Her lectures, workshops, books, and most of all, her thousands of personal contacts with those in need have made her a living legend in our contemporary culture.

Charles Tart

Dr. Tart is a Professor of Psychology at the University of California at Davis and is internationally known for his research with altered states of consciousness, transpersonal psychology,and parapsychology. His books include two that have become classics: Altered States of Consciousness and Transpersonal Psychologies, and six others dealing with states of consciousness and parapsychology.

Robert A Monroe

The origin of Mr. Monroe's interest took place in 1956, when he set up a small research and development program in his New York based company, a producer of network radio and TV programs. The program was designed to determine the feasibility of learning during sleep. In 1958, a key result emerged—a little-known state of consciousness separate and apart from the physical body.

Immediately, Mr. Monroe and the research team diverted into this new direction. His engineering background insisted there was a logical answer. Yet in the scientific community, there was virtually no information or data, and seemingly no acceptance of the phenomenon. Among esoteric and religious history, there were many reports of such states under various labels but no more than anecdotal reporting.

In the ensuing years, Mr. Monroe and his group began work on means and methods of inducing and controlling this and other forms of consciousness in their laboratory. As specialists in creating patterns of effective sound, they used this base for their research. Their efforts gradually produced significant results, and attracted International interest among people from all walks of life. These include medical doctors, psychologists, physicists, psychiatrists, ministers and research engineers, to name a few.

In 1976, the Monroe Institute was formed out of the original research group, and began conducting learning seminars in self-control of human consciousness. These were held at various locations both in the United States and abroad. In 1979, a special facility was built in the foothills of Virginia's Blue Ridge specifically to enhance the effectiveness of such week-long programs. Most of these are now held at this location as well as the Institute's primary research. Many thousands from the United States and world-wide have attended these learning sessions. Also, the Institute has produced several hundred audio learning exercises and programs on tape and other recordings for use at home and elsewhere that have benefitted many thousands of individuals and groups. GOING HOME is one of the latest of such series.

Through the years, there have been many magazine articles based upon the Monroe Institute activities. Several related books are in publication, including Ronald Russell's The Way of Hemi-Sync, and Robert Monroe's trilogy published by Doubleday: Journeys out of the Body, Far Journeys, and Ultimate Journey.


GOING HOME takes the following positions. The Principal identifies one who is in the last and incontrovertible stages of a terminal illness or injury. Family and Friends identify those who are in close loving and loved contact with the Principal.

The Primary Purpose is to provide the Principal with ah interesting prospect of valuable knowledge achieved through direct experience, rather than a dull and distasteful event.

Related Secondary Purposes:

  1. to release the Principal from the fear of physical death. This is achieved by developing the knowledge that one is more than the physical body, and one does survive physical death..
  2. To help the Principal release emotions, guilt and obligations that are no longer needed and bind one to the present physical life experience.
  3. To help the Principal recognize and remember some of the possibilities subsequent to this present physical life experience.
  4. To provide the Principal an opportunity to exercise calmly and rationally the option to depart this physical existence when one so desires.
  5. To instill in the Principal the knowledge that after the physical death transition, it is possible to send messages and signals to Family and Friends, if so desired.
  6. To provide Family and Friends of the Principal with enough exposure to GOING HOME learning exercises so as to assure their understanding, encouragement and support to the Principal engaged in the process.


The First Section:

An introduction to the factors and people behind the organization and production of GOING HOME. Two recordings perform this function: Life Span Technology (GH #101) demonstrates the pattern of Hemi-Sync sound, the method and technique that enhances the process of learning and concludes with a restful nap. Going Home Leaders (GH #102) is an audio introduction to Elizabeth Kubler Ross, Charles Tart and Robert Monroe in a discussion of GOING HOME, so as to help you better understand it.

The Second Section

Provides an intensive learning program in the differentiation between human mind consciousness and the physical body. The initial step is Mind Awake-Body Asleep (GH #103), with recognition that physical body signal input is not necessary to maintain active consciousness.

The pattern is reinforced in the exercise Edge of Here-Now (GH #104), where the mind remains active during typical stages of physical sleep.

Remove & Release (GH #105), offers a system of mental cleansing from preoccupation with emotional and other attachments to physical life activity.

The Third Section

This is a guided tour and visit through states of consciousness beyond time-space, with mind awake and conscious TOURING INTERSTATE (GH #106). These include the state immediately after the physical death transition, and those engendered by the religious beliefs practiced by Humankind throughout millennia. It is of great interest that the more the Principal repeats this exercise, the greater the return of memory from previous sojourns in these areas.

The peak of the tour is a visit to a site on the edge of human mind influence, neutrally labeled 27 by human explorers still living a present-day physical life. After over two hundred visits and communication with human residents living there temporarily, their understanding is that 27 is the product of human creative thought beginning long, long ago. Since then, it has been implemented constantly up to and including the current era. It is an interim point, a way station where the human mind-consciousness can rest and relax after the possible trauma and stress of transition from the physical, before choosing one of the options then available.

The design of 27 produces a solid replica of a physical Earth environment so as to provide a familiar setting to ease bewilderment and apprehension in the newcomer. The main reception center is a Park, complete with trees, bushes, grassy lawns, winding creek, winding walks, benches—and human counselors, those who have assumed such roles temporarily simply to aid in the process.

No particular religious structure is incorporated into 27. However, if the newcomer eventually decides to move across and participate in a familiar religious pattern that had been a major part of the just-completed physical life, assistance is provided to do so into the related 24, 25, or 26 level.

Over 1,200 individual and separate visits have been made to 27 by Monroe Institute program participants during the past few years—a statement as to the reality of this relatively unknown environment.

The tour may bring to the foreground of the Principal's consciousness a new understanding of the source behind the yearning to “go Home.” No suggestion related to this is made in the exercises. Yet, if it does occur, the transition by the Principal may be eased considerably.

The TOURING INTERSTATE exercise is completed with a careful, guided return back into full physical wakefulness within the present physical body.

The Fourth Section

The point where the Principal desires or needs to make the transition away from the present physical life-time. Either Right of Passage (GH #107) or Homecoming (GH #108) can be used for this purpose. Neither has a guided return to physical wakefulness.

Upon medical certification that the transition has taken place, Relocation Theme (GH #109) is played into the physical system of the Principal. It is repeated for several hours, as long as feasible.


  1. Full use is made of the methods that have been in successful application at the Institute for the past 17 years, and incorporating the profound experience of Elisabeth Kubler Ross and Charles Tart.
  2. GOING HOME has been designed to support the deep spiritual principles underlying major religions without favoring any particular one. Thus any religious group or organization can utilize GOING HOME, and apply their teachings to it such as they may find appropriate. Still, the Principal does not have to believe in any specific religion to participate in the process.
  3. First and foremost, the Principal learns how much more the human is than simply a physical body.
  4. The guided tour from 22 to 27 is a method of exposing the user to options available after departure from physical life, specifically including musical and other sound patterns symbolic of major religions that offer continued existence after physical death. 27 is presented as a temporary alternative where one can consider all options.
  5. A quiet effort is made to present the entire program as simply a system of remembering. We believe that all humans have deep knowledge of our origins and destination, even if they have be clouded by the now passing concerns and hurry of ordinary physical life. Thus with the possible exception of 27, much of the tour can become familiar territory, again removing fears created by uncertainties. Therefor, GOING HOME is phrased in terms of helping the Principal gradually remember this deep knowledge whatever it may be.
  6. The Exercise REMOVE and RELEASE (GOING HOME #105) can be repeated again and again, especially in between the other exercises. It has a long and successful history of adjustment and understanding of emotional traumas that are latent or dominant in the Principal and those in attendance.
  7. Each exercise should be used in sequence, and repeated until the user is well-accustomed to the process. Then the next exercise should follow the same pattern—with the exception of REMOVE and RELEASE, as noted.
  8. Exercises GOING HOME #107 and #108 should not be used until is becomes obvious that the Principal is ready and desires to depart. It may be repeated until this takes place, especially if the Principal drops into a semi-comatose state. Most important, the choice of destination is solely that of the Principal.
  9. Many spiritual systems and religions, as well as the non-ordinary experience of some living people, strongly suggest that the disassociation and departure of the non-physical self at death is not as instantaneous as it seems. In some cases, the last physical link appears to be the sense of hearing.

GOING HOME #109 is to be given the Principal's body immediately after medical diagnosis that the physical body is no longer alive. It should be repeated for at least one hour after such notification. Two to three hours are preferred. Make such arrangements with the medical authorities long before the actual physical death (Passing).


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© 1995 The Monroe Institute


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