The Dying and Living Rescuing Circle

 (TMI Focus, Vol. XXXI, Nos. 1 & 2, Winter/Spring 2009)

The Dying and Living Rescuing Circle

by Alexandre Chaligne

Alexandre Chaligne, a TMI Professional Member since 2001, owns the Aromansse holistic health and meditation studio in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. He has volunteered in palliative care in his native France since 1997 and at the Riverview Health Centre in Winnipeg since 2002. The GOING HOME® series is the core of the programs that Alexandre provides as a resource for healthy people, as well as for terminally ill people and their loved ones. In January 2006 he opened the Riverton Retreat Centre to offer what he calls “pre–palliative care.” Riverton is a sacred space in which to relax, reenergize, and address unfinished business before going into a palliative care facility. Here Alexandre shares the insights and knowledge that he has acquired from his work with the living and the dying.


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The welcoming interior of Riverton Retreat Centre


The Rescuing Circle is a monthly reunion of graduates from the Dying & Living program, which is held at the Riverton Retreat Centre in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada (TMI Focus, summer/fall 2007). During the program people learn how to journey beyond Focus 21––the gateway between human form and spirit—to Focus 27, which we call “home” or “The Park.” The purpose of the Rescuing Circle is to find souls who have died but are lost somewhere in Focus levels 22 to 26 and help them get home to Focus 27.

When these individuals died, they went to where they believed they would go after death. If they had no beliefs, their spirits could be in a sleep state for a long time. If they do not know that they are dead, they may also be stuck in a confused state. They may repeat their death scene over and over while not knowing what to do next. Others may be in higher levels of consciousness, perhaps in a more religious belief system. Children can be found in any of the levels. Their belief systems are not completely developed, and they may be separated from other family members who have passed on.

It is important to assist these people, as it is easier for them to see us than a spirit guide or helper since our vibrational rate is closer to their own. There are very few people trained to help these lost souls compared to the number of souls waiting to be helped. For readers of this article who want to know more about soul rescue or what comes after Focus 21, attending the LIFELINE® program would be a good start.

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Alexandre Chaligne meditates in the Riverton Retreat Centre gazebo

The following are some brief reports of rescue attempts from individuals in my graduate Rescuing Circle:

• I went to Focus 27 and then began to move back down. Somewhere around Focus 25, I saw a very small boy who looked like my brother who died over fifty years ago at the age of two. I took his hand and he came with me to Focus 27 as though he had just been waiting for me. I know he wasn’t my brother but he assumed this guise in order to be sure that I saw him. —Catherine.

• I was floating in what I thought was Focus 21, and I had a vision of skyscrapers and clouds. As I got closer I met a boy and the skyscrapers vanished. We appeared to be standing in light. I asked where we were, and the boy told me he could make things appear and disappear. He asked if I was real. I imagine he suspected I was real because he hadn’t made me up. When I replied, “Yes, I am real,” he changed everything to a tree house in a yard. He looked to be about ten years old, with dark hair and glasses. He told me that he didn’t look like this before but that he changed himself to look like this because he had always liked this look. I asked him his name and he said his name was Bobby Hogart (sp?). I got an image of him as a middle-aged man but didn’t discuss it. He continued to share information. He said food or anything he wanted just appeared when he thought about it—even friends and family. He said he knew he was making it all up, had been for a long time. He was bored. He was lonely and didn’t believe that I was not an angel. I knew at this point he was stuck and perhaps communicated nonverbally, because I can’t remember discussing things. I do remember telling him that I could take him to a new place. Bobby was thrilled to go. I told him about The Park and that he might meet someone there from his past. When we arrived at The Park a woman he recognized met him and they happily walked away from me. She appeared to be dressed in 1950s/1960s clothes. —Cathy

• I encountered a youth, sixteen [to] eighteen years old. He was on a surgical table, in a blue gown, head shaved, and about to be prepped for surgery to remove a brain tumor. He thought he was waiting for the surgery, when in fact he had passed. It was, according to him, 1986. His name was/is Jason Thomas. I explained to Jason that it was in fact 2008, that he had passed in 1986, and that this was not his place. He needed to go someplace where he would heal and be genuinely happy. I asked him if he would allow me to take him there. He said he would, so I dropped him off at a common greeting area in Focus 27 and asked the folks there to take him to a healing place and to acquaint him with Focus 27. —Ted

• I was driving (actually going to a meditation class). I felt this panic inside my stomach and had to look around as to what the panic was. Well, I saw this ambulance drive in front of me with no sirens on but going to the hospital that wasn’t very far away, and I knew that was the reason for the panic feeling but did not know why. After telling Alex this, he said to try to connect with whoever was in the ambulance and to try to rescue this person. So I did. She was around sixty years old, an obese lady who had experienced a heart attack. The rescue was successful. This rescue happened on a Saturday, and when I was trying to connect with this person in the ambulance, another woman that I know (I’ll call her Mrs. N) kept coming through. Mrs. N lived in the same nursing home as my own mother and they would share the same table for mealtimes. The week after the program was finished, I went to visit my mother. On the bulletin board was an announcement that Mrs. N had passed away on that same Saturday that she came through during the rescue of the woman in the ambulance. So of course that proved something to me: that these rescues really do happen. At a later date I connected with Mrs. N and rescued her also. —Diane

• My best recall was going into the rescue level and finding a young boy, who then turned into a young girl. Then I saw a group of young ten- or eleven-year-old kids, all lost and wanting to stick together. They all joined hands and we went up to 27. It was very rewarding for me, because most of my life has been spent rescuing children in the school system. —Izzy

• On my way past Focus 24 I felt like I never had looked for someone in other levels. So I went walking in Focus 24. I could hear drums so I followed the sound. I found a group of dancers. A man was standing by a tree. He said to me, “My people need me; you can take me where I need to go?” I said, “Okay.” A woman took his hand and he took mine. We went up to Focus 27 and I took them to the hospital. He said, “Thank you,” and then went inside. After the rescue was over I felt he had called me into Focus 24. I think he was a tribal warrior who needed to return to this plane for the good of his people. This was a short but very powerful rescue for me. I will continue to walk in Focus 24 for many rescue circles to come. —Mary

• I was standing in front of a second-story window overlooking farm fields. The wind was moving the curtains and I could feel them brush against my face. There was no screen on the window. I was standing beside a woman all dressed in black. She was in mourning and was so sad––I could feel her pain. She didn’t speak but I just knew I couldn’t leave her there. So I put my arms around her and took her to Focus 27. I couldn’t connect with what happened when we got to Focus 27, but I have revisited that farmhouse in other meditations and the woman is no longer there. —Eleanor

What and who are we rescuing? After long years of meditation and soul retrievals, I came to the conclusion that it was gratifying to rescue lost souls and that often we can retrace the trail to a real life, like Robert Monroe taught us with the Patrick tape that everyone hears during the GATEWAY VOYAGE®. But more important for me is the feeling that we are actually helping ourselves retrieve our own parts––our own fragmented soul cluster––for the evolution of our soul or soul group and humanity as well.


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