Going Home® in a Workshop Setting

(TMI Focus, Vol. XVII, No. 3, Summer 1995)

Going Home® in a Workshop Setting

by Bill Roberts

Bill Roberts of Scottsdale, Arizona, has pursued a course of self-directed study in personal development and expanded awareness for over twenty years. Mr. Roberts is currently an international business and planning coordinator for a Fortune 100, high-tech manufacturing company. He has been closely involved with TMI since 1991 and has attended both the GATEWAY VOYAGE® and LIFE SPAN 2000 programs, as well as participating in the INNER CIRCLE. Bill has conducted seminars using TMI’s Hemi-Sync® technology in five countries.

While making plans for a recent trip to Europe, I was asked by a couple of different groups to conduct workshops using Hemi-Sync tapes. This interest was generated primarily by the fact that, over the years, I have always taken a few tapes with me on group tours to foreign countries. During these tours, I am invariably asked to conduct a mini-workshop for the tour members. This is accomplished using two remote, battery-operated speakers from Radio Shack® driven by a Sony® Sport Walkman®. This set-up has the power and frequency response to provide acceptable performance even in the most demanding conditions. On one tour, members clamored for a second session, even though darkened and secluded space was a premium commodity. We arranged over a dozen people on the empty floor of a small stateroom, during a cruise down the Nile River. This room, the only one available at the time, was very near the ship’s engines, and the sound of the two large diesels was unavoidable. Still, every participant reported significant experiences during the session. However, not all circumstances are so challenging. As a matter of fact, during this same trip, we arranged forty-five minutes of uninterrupted time in the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid. This same system memorably reproduced the unique sounds and experiences of Free Flow 12. This combination then, was the ideal answer to my need for a simple and lightweight sound reproduction system that could meet the requirements.

Prior to leaving, I contacted Darlene Miller to explore the possibilities of introducing the GOING HOME tapes to the participants. My suggestion was enthusiastically received and offered an opportunity to share the latest technology with both old and new friends. The people in England, especially, are hungry for quality information and training regarding expanded states of consciousness. Fortunately, contacts both in England and Germany made life easy for me, since the workshops were to be held during a long-planned vacation to Europe and the Middle East. These contacts advertised the one-day workshop using the brochures I had provided. In addition, they arranged the location, handled the registration, and collected the fees. The charge was nominal, since my primary intention was to introduce the technology. In return, the organizers attended the workshop free of charge. Three workshops were held during the trip, two in England and one in Germany, with an average of twelve participants in each.

The plan was simple. Lay a solid foundation in Focus levels 10 and 12, then move on to 15 through 27 using GOING HOME. Intersperse the tape exercises with very brief lectures that employ both pre-drawn and spontaneous visual aids—primarily flip charts. Pepper the conversation with examples and anecdotes from Bob’s talks and books. The results were remarkable. In each workshop, at least one individual reported going to the Park. Some recounted specific and detailed experiences with friends or family members who had died. In almost every case, participants reported some sort of altered-state experience. A total of six tapes was employed, including: Intro Focus 10, Intro Focus 12, Problem Solving In 12, Edge of Here-Now, and Touring the Interstate, in that order. For the inevitable participant who “never gets anything,” I wrapped up with Free Flow 12. This proved successful in two out of the three workshops.

The feedback during and after the sessions has been extremely positive. I have received a number of letters from participants who have received “tremendous benefit” and experienced “significant personal transformation,” particularly in the process of meditation. The group in England has already requested another workshop, although this is not logistically possible at less than six-month intervals. As with any workshop there are always opportunities for improvement, and this trip was no exception. Next time I will use tapes with less instruction, especially in Germany. The German people prefer an explanation and then want to be free to experience the tapes without the embedded verbal instructions. For that reason, I start the subsequent tapes right in Focus 10 or 12, depending upon the participants, after a brief verbal reminder of the process.

It is important to note also that the GOING HOME tapes were designed for personal listening, as opposed to the other tapes mentioned from the OUTREACH series, which are more appropriate for group listening. This important distinction is easily recognized in the volume levels required for GOING HOME. An unprepared facilitator can easily shock the participants during a GOING HOME selection if the volume is too high when Bob’s verbal suggestions are reached. One final and important note. Europeans like long breaks, and the English, in particular, do not consider tea time an optional activity. For that reason, I began the morning with short “bio-breaks” and increased the length as the day progressed, until the final break—which lasted up to thirty minutes. It makes for a longer day, but the participants appreciate the pace and the material more fully.

After all, when was the last time you were introduced to a technology that took you from Focus CI to Focus 27 in one day?         

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