Accelerating Corporate Culture Change Through Hemi-Sync®

(Hemi-Sync® Journal, Vol. VIII, No. 4, Fall 1990)

Reports from the 1990 Professional Seminar

Accelerating Corporate Culture Change Through Hemi-Sync®

by Iris Martin, M.S.

Iris Martin, president of Creative Dimensions in Management, Inc. (CDM), a Philadelphia-based CEO support services firm, assists chief executive officers and senior executives in transforming their organizations’ cultures to achieve their corporate vision. CDM has worked with both Fortune 500 organizations and fast-growing regional market leaders in a variety of industries, and has sponsored some of the most innovative and progressive research in the psychology of executive development. Ms. Martin holds a masters degree in psychological services from the University of Pennsylvania, and lives in New Jersey.

Creative Dimensions in Management is a leader in corporate culture transformation, utilizing a unique approach that integrates psychological and operational change strategies and techniques into a comprehensive model for transformation. In a fast-paced presentation, Ms. Martin described the application of Hemi-Sync in two phases of culture transformation: individual and group management training and mentoring, and customer analysis. “With the use of Hemi-Sync,” she said, “commitments to performance improvement have greatly increased.

“Corporate transformation begins at the top. If the CEO doesn’t support a change, it won’t happen.” So saying, Ms. Martin outlined CDM’s intervention strategy, which integrates psychoanalysis and family therapy with operations management. The techniques of age regression and reparenting, CDM has found, are the most powerful modalities for personal change. Family therapy reveals how the corporate culture establishes its own ego. Transformation of a critical mass of key people within an organization produces a shift in the culture of the entire system. Ms. Martin interacts exclusively with chief executive officers, while her staff works with the executive managers who report to the CEO.

Presenting Hemi-Sync to corporate clients, CDM announces that they have discovered a new technology that will lead to greater bottom-line performance and a measurable increase in the achievement of management objectives. “I’ve yet to meet a CEO who cared about the personal growth of his people,” Ms. Martin said. S/he needs to see the personal growth of his/her people as a means to an end. The CDM staff has packaged Hemi-Sync tapes as solutions. “If a client says, ‘Gee, I’m an insomniac,’ we say, ‘We have a solution for that.”’ she explained. One client, an aggressive, manic-depressive executive with a “roller-coaster ride” personality was given Morning Exercise and Love Tennis. Use of the tapes resulted in positive mental change and an improvement in his behavior toward others.

Hemi-Sync is used extensively with one-on-one work in the mentoring programs. “It’s sort of a therapist’s best friend,” she said. The PAL [Progressive Accelerated Learning] Executive package, for instance, has helped clients access deeper levels of consciousness and experience self-empowerment. Love Tennis and Under Par Golf are often used as effective introductions to Hemi-Sync. The sports performance approach often appeals to “macho” male executives as a means to build a competitive advantage. Once Hemi-Sync is experienced and curiosity is aroused, other tapes can be recommended as tools for business planning. CDM has seen breakthroughs in the level of commitment to bottom-line results.

The utilization of Hemi-Sync tapes during group work with a CEO and the top fifty or sixty managers often creates a “symbiotic, Gateway-like experience” that increases bonding. Group members tend to approach the CEO afterward on their own to promise performance increases—commitments they would never have made without Hemi-Sync, according to Ms. Martin.

Applied to customer and market analysis, Hemi-Sync helps to identify true consumer needs. Tapes are played during individual customer interviews. “The customer,” she said, “needs to get into his internal experience deeply enough to reach (the level] where he actually makes choices.” Hemi-Sync aids in accessing this level, thereby leading to more accurate information about consumer needs which can be used by CDM’s clients to enhance customer service. Hemi-Sync has also been used to create a “holding environment” for the customer. Some businesses face special challenges in dealing with their customers. Hospitals and doctors, for instance, are often subject to “negative transference” wherein patients project their fears and anxieties onto the healthcare providers. In these cases, CDM gives careful attention to the ambience of the waiting room. The architecture and decor are strategically planned, and METAMUSIC®  tapes are played to enhance relaxation.

“One of my goals,” Ms. Martin revealed, “is to create a corporate, on-site training program at The Monroe Institute modeled on the GATEWAY and GUIDELINES®  programs. It would be positioned as off-site business planning.” The power of experiencing Hemi-Sync exercises in the nurturing environment of the programs, and the ability to receive controlled feedback, she believes, would be inestimable. In addition to special workshops, she envisions the development of personalized tapes to enable self-mirroring. “Corporate change is about intimacy,” she explained, intimacy at all levels: with self, within the corporate culture, and between the corporation and its customers. Hemi-Sync is a tool for evoking intimacy. Ms. Martin expressed her deep desire to see the Hemi-Sync technology mainstreamed. “I consider this to be one of, if not the most, important technological breakthroughs of the century,” she said. “It is a way in which you’re led back to yourself ... a very elegant way.”

Some challenges are associated with mainstreaming to corporate America. The first is positioning and packaging. Individuals who want the safety of a corporate structure are not eager for self- exploration or self-confrontation. Hemi-Sync is more effectively presented as a process for self-empowerment—combined with conventional therapy or as a solutions tool in a mentoring program. Any relationship of Hemi-Sync to hypnosis would make it appear threatening.

The second challenge is marketing Hemi-Sync. As a result of offering corporate-tailored GATEWAYS, they would be added to a company’s list of recommended programs, and Hemi-Sync tapes would become a part of multinational corporate libraries. Other market areas within the corporate milieu include sports training and retiring CEOs contemplating their next career.


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