The Seven Stages of Alchemy with Metamusic®

(TMI Journal, Vol. II, Nos. 1 & 2, Winter-Spring 2010)

The Seven Stages of Alchemy with Metamusic®

by Theresa Bullard, Ph.D.

Combining a doctorate in physics and an interdisciplinary research background encompassing quantum theory, nanotechnology, origin of life studies, and crystal chemistry, Theresa Bullard embraces and epitomizes the new paradigm of synthesizing knowledge from a variety of fields to create a new synergy. Following a lifelong path of exploring ancient metaphysical teachings, consciousness expansion, subtle energies, alchemy, and holistic medicine, she brings fresh ideas to the new study of science and spirituality. She possesses the much-sought-after ability to communicate these concepts in an inspiring and profoundly practical way that every generation from every background can understand and incorporate for real results.

A writer, speaker, and life-coach, Dr. Bullard has been leading programs in self-empowerment, professional performance, and personal transformation since 2002. She has assisted hundreds of people from all backgrounds in transforming their lives by realizing their unlimited potential. For more information, visit

The Monroe Institute’s pioneering work in the studies of consciousness, expanded states of awareness, and the development of technologies using music, suggestion, and binaural beats is a modern example of similar pursuits by the alchemists of old. In fact, the intersections between science, spirituality, consciousness studies, and use of subtle energies share a common history rooted in the ancient tradition of alchemy. The times in our history when the ancient art of alchemy was the science of the day were times when synergy abounded, creativity flourished, innovation blossomed, life was full of wonder, and science was sacred.

In reading this you might be thinking, “Wait a minute, I thought alchemy was an archaic tradition of attempting to turn base metals into gold. What does that have to do with consciousness?” This common stereotype has greatly obscured what the true tradition of alchemy is about. The old “lead into gold” fables were more of a metaphorical language that revealed how we can transform ourselves inside and out as well as purify and perfect raw materials from nature.

What really is alchemy then? Alchemy is the epitome of an art and science that has discovered and preserved the secrets of how to expand awareness and harness subtle energies, both macroscopically and microscopically. Ultimately, the primary objective of alchemy is to raise the subtle vibratory frequency of ourselves and the material world by clearing negative patterns, purifying body, mind, and soul, and thereby achieving our full potential. Alchemy holds the keys to both practical methods and deeper understanding for harnessing consciousness to influence the material world, a possibility that is being rediscovered in today’s popular culture. It seeks to expand awareness and direct subtle energies to transform nature into a perfected state.

These goals of perfecting nature and the self are achieved in alchemy through a very specific, scientific, and intentional process of seven stages of transformation and purification. At the most simple level, these seven stages involve

  1. breaking down the old, imperfect forms to release the essence trapped within;
  2. separating out the various essential components that were released to gain clarity;
  3. purifying the separate parts to eliminate any impurities;
  4. recombining the various purified essences into a more harmonious and balanced whole;
  5. raising the energetic vibration of the recombined substance;
  6. continuing to refine and purify the specimen through more cycles of separation and recombination; and
  7. ultimately transforming or transmuting the original psyche or material into a state of beauty, integrity, and incorruptibility.

Through these seven stages, we take a transformative journey to reclaim and awaken the “gold” within ourselves. Upon completion of an alchemical cycle, a whole new level of consciousness is awakened within, allowing us to experience a greater sense of wholeness and self-actualization.

Music’s Role in Alchemy

One of the essential tools used by alchemists to create the inner transformations they sought was music and vibrational energy. Music has long been recognized by many traditions as a powerful tool for expanding awareness and shifting vibration. As Joachim-Ernst Berendt said in The World is Sound: Nada Brahma: Music and the Landscape of Consciousness, “Our ears are the gateway to transcendence,” and music is the bridge. Musical tones can affect virtually every function in our body. The types of music we listen to can help us improve our health, explore inner realms, and enhance our creative and mental performance.

There is documented evidence that alchemists from around the world frequently used specific types of sound, frequency, and musical instruments in their work. Alchemical artwork often depicts musical instruments somewhere within the setting of an alchemist’s laboratory. The alchemists recognized the effectiveness of music for helping them harness their consciousness and entrain their mind and body into coherent, expanded states of awareness. Once in a coherent and elevated state, they were able to achieve quantum leaps in the transformational process.

Alchemists have long held sacred the patterns of creation written upon the face of nature. These patterns—often termed “sacred geometries”—contain certain mystical proportions that are harmonious and conducive to life. One such proportion, known as the golden mean (1.618...), can be found again and again throughout the cosmos, in nature, and also in the human body. Because of its prominence in nature, the alchemists held all manifestations of the golden mean in high regard. The alchemists and philosophers of the ancient Pythagorean Society used a musical scale that was determined by “golden intervals,” rather than the modern musical scale we are most familiar with today.

Each of the alchemical stages of transformation is associated with one of the tones on the Pythagorean scale. In addition, each of the seven planets known by the ancients to comprise our solar system was thought to correspond to one of these alchemical notes. In their dance around the sun, the planets were thought to create a celestial symphony called the music of the spheres. It was believed that each of these alchemical notes had transformative properties when acting upon the denser manifestations of physical matter and the human body.

So important is music to the tradition of alchemy that the creation of the first musical lyre was attributed to Thoth-Hermes, the scribe of the gods and father of alchemy, science, astronomy, language, and all subjects of higher learning. This lyre was tuned to the golden mean, or Pythagorean scale. Today, the only instruments that can produce these tones accurately are electronic music programs or instruments such as chimes and of course the lyre, which is specifically designed to be tuned to that scale.

Through experience and observation of natural rhythms, alchemists learned to use the phenomenon of entrainment in their own practice and experiments. First they used it to entrain themselves into the desired state of consciousness, then they used it to create a harmonic field within their environment in order to influence their experiments in a positive way. Whether their experiment was performed upon the self, an individual seeking healing, or an herb or mineral that they were using to create a remedy, entrainment to a higher vibrational state was an essential step in alchemy.

The Alchemical Use of METAMUSIC

If alchemists had understood the phenomenon of brain waves and hemispheric synchronization as today’s scientists do, and had they possessed tools similar to METAMUSIC to achieve the states of consciousness they sought, they would have certainly found their “gold” much faster. Alchemy is already an accelerated path to transformation, and music is essential in achieving that, but METAMUSIC allows us to take this even farther and faster.

METAMUSIC is used to create inner transformations within our consciousness, our brains, and our bodies--the very same goals that alchemists had. This “designer music”—combined with its embedded layers of binaural-beat patterns that directly entrain the brain into desired states—is a vital tool for creating the kinds of alchemical transformation needed on the planet today.

In a sense, the Hemi-Sync® and METAMUSIC technologies already stimulate a kind of alchemical process for the brain. They accomplish several stages of the transformative process in entraining the listener into a whole-brain expanded state of awareness. For example, these technologies guide the listener through a process of first detaching from the outer mundane world, turning inward to the subconscious realm, separating the left and right hemispheric activities in the brain using binaural signals, and then eliciting synchronization or harmonization between these two sides. This sequence coincides with the first four stages of alchemical transformation. Once the whole-brain state is achieved, the brain is then entrained into an expanded state of consciousness and allowed to rest in this for a while, often revealing a vision or allowing the listener to tap into fresh ideas and inner guidance corresponding to the fifth stage of alchemy. And through immersion programs, such as the GATEWAY VOYAGE®, this process is repeated again and again: each time going to a new level of expansion and vibration, ultimately leading the listener to connect with a deeper sense of self. This completes the sixth and seventh stages of the alchemical process. The result can be likened to a rewiring of the brain in which new neural connections are formed and the brain functions are transformed into a permanently enhanced state.

Through understanding the scientific sequence of alchemical transformation, we can further select specific METAMUSIC compositions to accompany each stage of alchemy in appropriate sequence for enhanced and expedited transformation. I have done this in my workshops with great success. Selections I have used for this purpose include Breakthrough, Into the Deep, Cycles, Lightfall, Remembrance, Touching Grace, Between the Worlds, Ascension, Inner Journey, and Higher. The broad selection of METAMUSIC available today allows for a number of options that achieve goals corresponding to each stage of alchemy.

This premise could be taken even further by developing an alchemical METAMUSIC series specifically targeted toward eliciting each of the seven stages. For example, by using musical compositions based on the appropriate fundamental note and energy that correspond to each stage, as well as Fibonacci series or golden mean binaural-beat patterns embedded below the music, the user would be entrained to a particular alchemical stage. Doing so would assist individuals to move through these stages with greater ease when they arise naturally, which occurs frequently. What a great melding of both ancient and modern technologies that would be!

My presentation at this year’s professional seminar—Consciousness: The Endless Frontier—sought to restore awareness of the power of alchemy. An exploration of each of the seven alchemical stages, accompanied by the soundscape of specially selected METAMUSIC tracks that match the goals of each stage, was included. Why they were selected for each stage and how they can be used in life, work, and professional practice to elicit the seven stages of alchemical transformation at the appropriate times was explained.

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