Hemi-Sync® Experiences and Exercises Related to Cancer


Hemi-Sync® Experiences and Exercises Related to Cancer

This information has been reported to Monroe Products and The Monroe Institute by individuals and/or by professional practitioners about the use of Hemi-Sync®. Extracted from Adventures in Hemi-Sync® Consciousness: Applications, Experiences, and Benefits.

Experiences Related to Cancer

(See also: Experiences Relating to Pain Management.)

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The scheduled doses of morphine were no longer controlling the pain of his terminal cancer. When the doctor started continual morphine drips, it was hard to know if he was sleeping or not because even when awake, he wasn’t really here. His wife played the Pain Management tape and he very soon fell into a deep sleep with his abdomen breathing rhythmically. In the morning he was much more alert and asked for more tapes. Energy Walk was his favorite. The following day he was even more alert and asked the doctor to remove the morphine drips. He passed away peacefully this morning.


Report from psychologist. The patient’s cancer continues to spread and he has been in considerable pain. He had been taking large amounts of medication: 125 mg of Tegretol three times a day, 12-15 cc a day of Dilantin, Darvocet every four hours, and Zantec. He had also been taking 11cc of Methadone four times a day and this was recently changed to morphine. Despite all the medication, his pain was poorly controlled.

I introduced him to the Hemi-Sync Pain Management tape to use at home, and he finds it helps reduce pain between medications. After only four sessions, he is now seeing me on an “as needed” basis. The Pain Management tape has furnished the backbone of his treatment program.


My husband was diagnosed as being in Stage III of testicle cancer. Surgery would kill him, we were told. Chemo was the only hope and, even with that, his chances of survival would be 30%. Throughout four months of chemotherapy I watched him lose his hair, lose weight, be violently ill from the side effects.

The mass was reduced in size, though still huge in terms of medical safety. His doctors advised surgery even though there was very high risk that his lungs were now too weakened by chemotherapy drugs to withstand anesthesia for a ten-hour operation. We started using the Surgical Support Series days before the surgery, and consulted (and educated) the anesthesiologist about using the tapes during the operation.

The ten-hour operation took four hours. The surgeons were able to remove the tumor mass intact and no live cancer cells were found.


Report from a social worker. A 72-year-old widow with cancer was admitted to Hospice, and asked for a relaxation tape because, “I’ve never been a nervous person, but I’ve been climbing the walls since the chemotherapy.” The Hemi-Sync tape Deep 10 Relaxation was left with her. The following week she reported, “I haven’t been taking as many pills since I began listening to the tape. I had been taking one pill every four hours or less. Yesterday, I only took one pill all day. I know the tape is helping me.” She also reported improved sleep.


Although nervousness and restlessness were her frequent complaints, she lay quietly after listening to the Surf tape, finally opening her eyes and saying, “I’m too relaxed to move.” She also was delighted with the tape Energy Walk and said, “I played the tape twice today and it quieted my nerves. Not only does it help and relax me, I feel that something is happening in my body, and I know it is doing something for me. I played it again today and counted my breathing with my and over the cancer. It makes me feel all over better and relaxed. I went off to sleep.”


My friend’s whole body system had broken down in the last days of his terminal cancer. The continual morphine drips were not keeping him comfortable and he was “gone,” not really with us even when he was awake. Very soon after we started playing the Pain Management tape in his hospital room, he fell into very deep sleep with his abdomen breathing rhythmically. He didn’t wake till morning, was much more alert than the day before, and asked to listen to the tape again.


Her doctors said she would be in the hospital for at least two weeks after her surgery for cancer. She was released in three days. Doctors were shocked at how quickly she had recovered. The tapes she had with her were Energy Walk, Deep 10 Relaxation, Surf, and Pain Management.


My brother was diagnosed with esophageal cancer. In a desperate effort to save his life, I called upon the Hemi-Sync process. As he listened to the taped exercises I saw how he welcomed this intensive exposure to mind expansion. Although the final battle was lost, there were triumphs on the way. After more than 300 hours of highly toxic chemotherapy, my brother did not lose his hair, as the doctors predicted he would. He maintained his mental and physical stamina through 18 sessions of radiation. Six weeks before he died his physical strength began to wane, and he was virtually pain-free until three days before his death. It was only during his final hours, when his body chemistry was out of balance, that his mental power was unable to overcome the pain.


The tapes (Surgical Support Series) have been used with a number of gastrointestinal oncology patients at The Cancer Institute, and we’ve found them to be enormously helpful in the preparation of these patients prior to surgery (frequently 12-18 hours in the operating room) and in the follow-up period during the extended hospital stay (sometimes 4-6 weeks). Patients often experience a significant reduction in intra-operative blood loss, fewer post surgical complications, greater sense of mastery over pain and discomfort, and frequently a reduced length of stay.


A therapist reports on her experience with cancer patients: “The Surgical Support Series is quite good. The Pre-Op and Intra-Op tapes are very helpful to use during infusion and right after chemo treatments, as they reduce the ill feeling and aid in the normalization process. Metamusic tapes are also very helpful for creating a sense of well-being, especially the tape called Inner Journey.”


Recently a friend was diagnosed with breast cancer and I ordered your Surgical Support Series for her use. She was very impressed by the help the tapes provided in the areas of pain and stress reduction.


An M.D. reports on the experience of a fifty-six year old, terminally ill woman with metatastic breast cancer. She was aware of having only a short time to live and chose to be at home with hospice support and her family. She was having more and more frequent “foggy periods” and was barely arousable when the doctor played Touring the Interstate from the Going Home Package at her bedside. She became very relaxed and slack as the Focus levels increased to 27. Returning, she stirred actively at Focus 15, then fully awoke back at C-1, smiled, and drifted off to sleep. She died several days later after listening to both exercises on the tape more times. Her husband had played the Relocation Theme at her death. As he sat holding her hand during this, he clearly and deeply felt her lift offand his sense of burden go at the same time. A month later he feels very much at peace, with a sense of completion.


About a patient whose cancer had recurred and metastasized, the doctor said, “She listened to Hemi-Sync tapes (Metamusic, Gateway Experience, and Going Home) while undergoing five courses of chemotherapy. Everyone who knows her, including myself, has been impressed with her level of inner peace, her ability to be “in the moment” and take delight in small pleasures. Other feelings are there tooanger and fearbut they don’t overshadow the joy and peace.”

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