Hemi-Sync® Experiences and Exercises Related to Blood Pressure


Hemi-Sync® Experiences and Exercises Related to Blood Pressure

This information has been reported to Monroe Products and The Monroe Institute by individuals and/or by professional practitioners about the use of Hemi-Sync®. Extracted from Adventures in Hemi-Sync® Consciousness: Applications, Experiences, and Benefits.

Experiences Related to Blood Pressure

I have worked tapes since the mid-eighties, and have benefited in a number of ways. I have successfully controlled stress and flare-ups of hypertension so successfully that I have been taken off medication to control blood pressure.


I suffer from a heart condition which brings about sudden changes of blood pressure. There’s been a distinct difference since I started listening to H+ Circulation and Heart: Support & Maintenance—markedly fewer changes in pressure, and when there is a change, it’s more moderate.

Hemi-Sync Exercises Related to Blood Pressure

Human Plus Titles
Heart: Support & Maintenance

Heart-Sync Titles
Transforming Life’s Challenges

Mind Food Titles
Deep 10 Relaxation
Restorative Sleep
Total Relaxation


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