Hemi-Sync® Experiences and Exercises Related to Relaxation and Stress Management


Hemi-Sync® Experiences and Exercises
Related to Relaxation and Stress Management

This information has been reported to Monroe Products and The Monroe Institute by individuals and/or by professional practitioners about the use of Hemi-Sync®. Extracted from Adventures in Hemi-Sync® Consciousness: Applications, Experiences, and Benefits.

Experiences Related to Relaxation and Stress Management

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She returned to work two weeks after losing her son and grandson in an accident, needing to keep busy. Her stress level rose as she tried to to handle the heavy demands of the job along with her grief. It soon became evident that her performance was severely affected. She was unable to bring the required focus to tasks needing attention and recognized that she was becoming a careless driver. After beginning to listen to the Remembrance tape, she functioned much better and was once again able to process information in her usual manner. She also used Super Sleep to help her sleep well again. “Hemi-Sync should be piped through the whole building 24 hours a day,” she said.


My 83-year old father listened to his first Hemi-Sync Metamusic tape, Cloudscapes, and said, “I’m as loose as a goose. So relaxed. I never experienced anything like it!”


Reported by a social worker. A 72-year-old widow with cancer was admitted to Hospice, and asked for a relaxation tape because, “I’ve never been a nervous person, but I’ve been climbing the walls since the chemotherapy.” The Hemi-Sync tape Deep 10 Relaxation was left with her. The following week she reported, “I haven’t been taking as many pills since I began listening to the tape. I had been taking one pill every four hours or less. Yesterday, I only took one pill all day. I know the tape is helping me.” She also reported improved sleep.


Although nervousness and restlessness were her frequent complaints, she lay quietly after listening to the Surf tape, finally opening her eyes and saying, “I’m too relaxed to move.” She also was delighted with the tape Energy Walk and said, “I played the tape twice today and it quieted my nerves. Not only does it help and relax me, I feel that something is happening in my body, and I know it is doing something for me. I played it again today and counted my breathing with my hand over the cancer. It makes me feel all over better and relaxed. I went off to sleep.”


I was working with a large group of foster parents, giving them information about addicted babies now coming into their homes. I treat children with cocaine addiction, and have been having some great effects on their nervous systems with the Hemi-Sync music. These exhausted, stressed, loving people had arrived at 7:30 PM for an hour session. I had Metamusic playing in the background and I just watched as they calmed, relaxed, and we worked together for one and one-half hours. I asked them if they would like the experience of really deep relaxation and, when they agreed, I gave them Deep 10 Relaxation. I’ve never seen those people so relaxed!


Some form of stress management was indicated. I persuaded the patient to use headphones and listen to the Hemi-Sync tape Sleeping Through the Rain. I told him that the latest research from major hospitals and universities finds that hypnosis, certain relaxation techniques, and even special types of musical tapes greatly help people relax and regulate breathing and blood pressure. He seemed fascinated and very receptive to this. Apparently the idea of hypnosis and relaxation techniques was all new to him.

Within just a few minutes of listening to the tape, the patient’s breathing slowed and became clearer. His face relaxed and the familiar wheezing and gurgling sounds stopped. He also quit coughing, which made treatment much easier.


It is our belief that people operating from a relaxed state are more in touch with their “higher selves,” enabling them to gain a perspective and become aware of greater choices in their lives. We have found that the use of Hemi-Sync facilitates relaxation and accelerates the healing process by accessing the client’s deeper levels of awareness.


I had been under tremendous stress for two months. I thought I was handling it relatively well, but I wasn’t able to take a deep breath. After listening to the Relax tape twice, I was finally able to take long, slow breaths again.


They were doing patterning for a small child whose central nervous system had been affected from a brain injury. I told the mother that Metamusic tapes might be helpful. She called to let us know that the tapes were helping her child to relax and enjoy the physical patterning exercises. She indicated that when the tape stopped, the child would tense up and stop making any sounds. As soon as they started the tape again, the child would relax and make happy sounds.


The responsibilities and pressure of my job were feeling heavier and heavier, and it felt like the last straw would be piled on any day. My only choices were to quit, which I couldn’t afford to do, or go on to a nervous breakdown. At least, there would be insurance coverage for a nervous breakdown. I confessed to an old friend about the severity of my stress and my fears for the future. His response was to tell me about Hemi-Sync tapes and how they helped him. He loaned me H+ Relax and made me promise to listen to it, even though I had a hard time accepting that just saying “Plus Relax” would do anything.

I got into the habit of listening to the tape when I got home from work every day. Clearly it made me feel good at the time, and helped me keep the day’s worries separate from the evening. Then one day at the office, when my boss shortened an already impossible deadline on a huge project, I was just about ready to blow. I said, “Plus, Relax” the way I learned on the tape, and the effect was instantaneous. I cooled down, spent some productive minutes organizing the reasons why the new deadline couldn’t be met, presented them to my boss in a calm manner, and convinced her.


I’ve worked with teens for 23 years using many different modalities. Frankly, I’m highly impressed by the results I’m getting. At a drug prevention retreat weekend for teens, there were over 100 hyped-up kids in my session on the first night. I played Deep 10 Relaxation in a large room that had only one ceiling speaker, which meant I couldn’t get a stereo effect. To my surprise, there was a 90% positive responsesome kids asleepalmost all deeply relaxed. In contrast, a comparable group in another room with another presenter stayed silly and disruptive. The next day I played  for two different groups (in the same room with only one speaker) and got a 99% response. Only one person in each group did not fall asleep.


A new job and the move to a new city resulted in very heavy stress just when I wanted to be able to perform at my best. When I felt myself getting tense, I would close my office door for half-an-hour and listen to Hemi-Sync. It does wonders for me.


The nurses aide who visits me at home listens with me daily to Metamusic. She claims it relaxes her, makes her think, and is soothing.


Mrs. C., who consulted me for weight loss, either could not or would not allow herself to relax for a hypnotic induction. I asked her to listen to Sleeping Through the Rain as background music.


As a family, we listen to Daybreak (no longer available) or Morning Exercise while we get ready for the school and work day ahead. There seems to be less rush and confusion in our household as a result. In the evening we listen to either Surf or Into the Deep to help unwind before homework, dinner and family time. This a good activity for us to bond and make the transition into a family unit again. My husband plays Remembrance in his office to help relieve the stress and pressure of his hectic business.


I listen to your guided imagery tapes, The Visit and Guide to Serenity to unwind with and to just “get away” after a stressful day at the office. My energy and attitude is always much better after a tape session.


Your tapes have helped me learn to deal with stress and to relax more. Whenever I need a “time out” for myself, all I need to do is listen to Surf or Soft and Still and I am refreshed and centered again in no time at all.


Hemi-Sync Exercises Related to Relaxation and Stress Management

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The “SO” Chord
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