Hemi-Sync® Experiences and Exercises Related to Stroke Recovery


Hemi-Sync® Experiences and Exercises Related to Stroke Recovery

This information has been reported to Monroe Products and The Monroe Institute by individuals and/or by professional practitioners about the use of Hemi-Sync®. Extracted from Adventures in Hemi-Sync® Consciousness: Applications, Experiences, and Benefits.

Experiences Related to Stroke Recovery

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Now in her 40s and in a wheel chair, she had had the first of a series of strokes at age 25. I was treating her for depressive disorder, which included frequent, uncontrollable weeping. During one session I put on a Metamusic tape. The tears stopped and she became calmer almost immediately. After we talked about the experience, she asked for a tape of her own to play whenever she felt the need. She recognized that she had found a tool to use to help herself.


My mother has been in what the chronic care hospital calls a vegetative state since her stroke, and her caretakers had “given up” on her. I wasn’t ready to give up, and continued to believe that she was aware, even if she couldn’t speak or move. Since I’ve been playing Hemi-Sync tapes for her (from the Surgical Support Series), she seems more relaxed, calm, and peaceful. Now when I ask her a question, I tell her to blink twice to mean “yes”, and she is able to do it. The nurses are intrigued and will be trying Hemi-Sync with other patients.


The physical therapist who has been working regularly with my mother since her stroke was astounded by the effect of the Remembrance tape. Because this tape has been so useful in helping me to concentrate, I had decided to experiment with playing it softly as background in the bedroom during a therapy session, hoping it would increase mother’s responsiveness to the therapist’s directions. Within the first few moments of the tape, the expression on mother’s face changed dramatically from tight and negative to relaxed and positive, and her cooperation with the therapist was at a higher level than had been possible before. After the tape ended, the therapist and I spoke together about the remarkable transformation we had witnessed. When our attention returned to mother, we saw that the pinched, strained expression had replaced the earlier Hemi-Sync expression.


I loaned the stroke patient Brain: Support and Maintenance and my own cassette player and headphones. That afternoon she was sleeping soundly, her whole body relaxed and her mouth open, snoring away. By evening she was sitting up, more alert and smiling for the first time. During our meeting the next day she said of the tapes, “They’re wonderful. I feel so relaxed.” Her recovery progressed nicely, and I spoke to her as she was preparing to return home. She cried when she told me how much she thought Hemi-Sync had helped her, saying she was deeply moved.


Joan is a badly disabled stroke patient, confined to a wheelchair, with no use of her left arm and leg. Some months after listening to a selection of Human Plus tapes and tapes from the Discovery album of Gateway Experience, she reported, “I looked at my outstretched and spasmed fingers; then, with closed eyes, I gently curved them down.” Several months later: “I am aware of a sort of “pre-movement,” a definite impulse in the affected side, especially in fingers, toes and forearm. The ankle is slightly moving. I’m gradually starting to work with the Hemi-Sync sound patterns by working them down the body and into the extremities. I am aware of an interlacing between right and left hand sides.” Later still: “Since I’ve been working with the tapes I’m less and less aware of my disability. In fact, if I hold an image of myself it’s not one of a disabled person. Neither is it the person I used to be. Rather, the Joan that is. This has given me the freedom to explore, to take risks, to be curious about my possibilities, and to push back the boundaries and limits.”


He had a stroke in ‘87 and made little progress until two years ago. Since he began listening to Hemi-Sync he is now driving his car again on short runs, is recovering speech function, can now be understood when talking on the phone, and lives an active retirement.


My father had severe back pain following his CVI and has encountered many difficulties involving pain control. Medications intended to be relaxing and pain-easing have had the opposite effect, leaving him restless and unable to sleep while, at the same time, doing little to alleviate the constant pain. To make matters worse, he didn’t like the way the medications left him. As he put it, “They make me feel bad.” Energy Walk and Pain Management have given him tools that relieve the pain so well he rarely takes any pain medication. The tapes also help him relax (which in itself helps with the pain) and to sleep at night. These good results have come with listening through speakers placed on his right and left sides.


A minor stroke left me feeling very depressed about the reduction of my physical capacities. I sensed myself going into a downward spiral as I contemplated the limitations I now had to live with. I started using Off-Loading and Eight-Great to focus on the positive, to reinforce my enjoyment of the things I was still able to do. The depression is gone andan unanticipated bonusI find myself able to do more and more.


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