Why Gateway

 (Breakthrough, September 1983)

Why Gateway

by James Jones
Director of Personal Awareness Institute

I became a Professional member of the Monroe Institute of Applied Sciences in March of 1982. After receiving the Discovery Album I practiced with the tapes with my clients (I provide counseling services to people who are experiencing major life transitions, i.e., loss of job, loss of spouse, change in relationship), I knew that the Gateway experience would be valuable, but my consideration was would I obtain that much more benefit for the investment in time, energy and resources. Finally in November 1982 I participated in the Gateway experience. The following is a discussion of some of the outcomes that occurred from the Gateway experience.

I have an expanded awareness of the pre-preparation processes (resonant tuning, energy conversion box, rebal). Before Gateway, after using the tapes for awhile, I and my clients seemed to be bored with this part of the process and often wanted to move quickly forward to the “work” for that session. I now know that the benefit to be obtained from any session using the tapes is directly proportionate to the attention given the pre-preparation process. My clients are going much deeper in their sessions by having this type of attention on preparation.

I have expanded the way I am utilizing some of the tapes. The Discovery tape number 4, Release and Recharge exercise, has taken a new dimension. I have suggested to clients that some of the fear and emotion that they observe may have been created by them to resist the discovery or the experiencing of some aspect of themselves (Jung’s shadow nature). Some of the areas where clients have been stuck have been directly related to this tension within themselves. This new application is very exciting.

At Gateway I had the opportunity to explore some of the educational applications of the Hemi-Sync® process and am now looking at utilizing the process in my own training. Many of the group exercises and guided fantasies that I utilize in small group settings will be greatly enhanced by utilizing the Hemi-Sync process with voice-over instruction.

Probably the most important outcome is my personal shift in awareness of energy levels and energy systems. I experienced this as a new level of centeredness. Also, in communication with my clients, utilizing the same Discovery tape material, they are creating in their own experience a similar level of centeredness. It is almost as if my awareness of the use of the tapes is being transferred by osmosis to those people I work with. This is an outcome that I will certainly track over the ensuing months.


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