Parlez Vous Gateway!

(TMI Focus, Vol. XX, No. 2, Spring 1998)

Parlez Vous Gateway!

by Pablo Arango

Pablo Arango, born in New York of South American parents, lives in Switzerland. In 1992, he came to the Institute for the first time, knowing only that he could have an OOBE and relieve his back pain. He stayed in his body but the pain left. Meanwhile, he discovered many other things . . . and is a regular participant in the various TMI seminars. He co-trains the French- speaking GATEWAY in Switzerland with Sylvestre Gorniak. Pablo is a connoisseur of the TMI coffee and brownies. Sylvestre Gorniak, TMI resi­dential program trainer, began giving PASSAGE (the French name for GATEWAY VOYAGE®) in Canada in 1994 and in Europe in 1995. He has been conducting GATEWAY REFRESHER Weekends in French since 1996.

Crêt-Bèrard—in an old Swiss dialect this means the shepherd’s hill. PASSAGE takes place each year at a retreat center in this lovely spot, atop a gently rolling slope with the snow-crested Alps in the background.

In 1997 for the first time, nine­teen French-speaking PASSAGE grads gathered at Crêt-Bèrard for a GATEWAY REFRESHER Weekend, called “Retrouvailles” in French. To compensate for the lack of CHEC units, we used a sound system equipped with an FM stereo radio antenna. Participants tuned their own radio-Walkmans into our radio station on which the tapes were played. This enabled them to ren­dezvous with Focus 15 and 21 in the intimacy of their own rooms or while lying in the grass under a tree.

None of the participants were ex­pecting the great surprise that Syl­vestre Gorniak and I had in store for them. And we, the trainers, did not expect the types of experiences our surprise triggered for the group! Among the concepts Bob Monroe used to share at his eve­ning talks with TMI program par­ticipants were, “Expanded con­sciousness is a natural state of mind,” “You control your experi­ence,” and “Go and find out for yourself.” These formed the con­ceptual basis for the weekend’s program, and putting these con­cepts into action worked beautifully.

A natural state of mind. It began here. Since most of the partici­pants chose to listen to the taped exercises outdoors, Mother Nature was very much a part of the week­end. People reported immense joy about this connection with nature, and comments about communica­tion with natural elements were common. Some participants were able to fly with falcons, identify with trees, flowers, and grass, and commune with foxes.

You control your experience. Parti­cipants had the choice to stay with the process with which they were familiar, or to participate in the exercises with others. They decided individually or in small groups on a clear intention for their Focus 15 and 21 exercises. For those who chose to experiment with a group target, speaking to other members of their small group while in Focus 15 or 21 was part of the novel experience. They appreciated the flexibility of this opportunity, and each one made an individual choice that was comfortable for him or her.

One group of four formed the intention to target the home of one of them—an old castle. They planned their joint (ad)venture while walking around in the garden of Crêt-Bèrard wearing their headphones. Throughout the experiment they remained in the Focus levels suggested on the tape, and all four were able to describe the castle in great detail. They were also able to “see” one another while moving around in the castle. This group also encountered some “past life souls” and were able to help one another in those interactions. During the de-briefing after this experiment, Sylvestre’s and my prior attendance at the Institute’s LIFELINE® graduate program (I’ve taken LIFELINE twice, and Sylvestre three times) was especially helpful in explaining how to use retrieval procedures and deal with such encounters.

As the weekend proceeded, we offered our participants further opportunities to repeat the out-of-doors exercises with the same options. Most of them accepted with excitement and had more joyful and rewarding experiences. The foursome mentioned above, for example, revisited the castle, reported mass retrievals, and then moved as a group to another time/space dimension for more fun.

Go and find out for yourself. I can assure you, the group did! Another Retrouvailles weekend is scheduled for the summer of 1998. It will take place at the same location, with the same sound system, but not the same program. Sylvestre and I are cooking up new surprises in the Swiss Alps for our French-speaking GATEWAY VOYAGE graduates.


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