A Short Anecdotal Report

(Breakthrough, August 1983)

A Short Anecdotal Report

by Laura Wulfhorst


Often I receive short anecdotal reports from people using Hemi-Sync® with patients, clients or students which are not always scientifically validated nevertheless interesting and worthwhile. From time to time these short stories will be included in BREAKTHROUGH for interest and variety. [Editor]

I recently received a letter from  in Cupertino, CA who has used the Hemi-Sync tapes in her home care centers for the elderly. Here is an account that she related to me recently.

Since I am writing, this may be a good time to relate a rather unscientifically handled experiment with the tapes and one of my elderly ladies. Olga, an 86 year old mentally alert lady, suffered a spontaneous collapsed fourth vertebrae almost 3 months ago. I decided to keep her here at the home rather than send her to a nursing home though this is a licensed ambulatory care home. She was to remain in bed for six weeks until the healing took place. Naturally she was in a lot of pain whenever she moved or had to use the commode. Her doctor had prescribed Tylenol with Codeine for pain control. After several days she began to become disorientated from time to time. I thought this was due to sensory deprivation and took measures to change her environment. However as time went on, she began to hallucinate. She got up “to get some chocolate for the boys who were standing in her doorway” and “saw bugs crawling on the ceiling and on her sheets” and other kinds of visual and auditory hallucinations. I couldn’t keep her in bed even though she was having pain getting up. I decided to try the Hemi-Sync tape hoping it would put her to sleep. She never did sleep but her entire behavior began to change. Her hyperactive movements began to stop as she visibly relaxed. Her face became soft, her hands lay quietly by her side, she recognized me and became oriented to place and time. I called her doctor who recommended withholding the codeine as it frequently makes older people experience hallucinations. This proved to be the case.

The effect of the tape was short lived as she had another period of disorientation the next day and I didn’t have time to try the tape again. I thought it was interesting to obtain such immediate results from the tape when nothing else I had tried worked, least of all logic and reasoning. She is now walking again and very much in command of her life.


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