Going Home® in a Workshop Setting

 (TMI Focus, Vol. XVII, No. 1, Winter 1995)

Going Home® in a Workshop Setting

by Darlene R. Miller

Since its release in May, the GOING HOME series has been steadily purchased by individuals for private use and is being introduced into hospices, nursing homes, and hospital settings. At present, approximately twenty-two hospice groups around the country are in the process of familiarizing their staff members with the series, in the hope of eventually incorporating it into their work with dying patients.

Reports of the effectiveness of the GOING HOME tapes are beginning to come in, and, as usual, our members have been creative in adapting the series to the idiosyncratic needs of their own particular situations. For example, one LIFELINE® graduate, whose dying mother spoke only French, translated the Relocation Theme script (found in the back of the instruction manual) into French and made a tape of her own voice for her mother to listen to. She reports that her mother had a very peaceful transition and that everyone in the family was helped by this process. She herself also listened to the Messages in 21 tape in the Support Group album and felt she was able to communicate with her mother in this way and that she received many messages of love and reassurance from her. She commented that working with the series was very powerful for her personally—that her strong feeling of “I am not alone” was very comforting and helpful.

Another LIFELINE graduate used the tapes with her dying father who, toward the end of his illness, had become quite agitated and difficult to manage. She said that when the very first tape was played for him, she could see him relax immediately and become more comfortable. In his last days, when he was moving in and out of lucidity, the tapes were on almost twenty-four hours a day. This was because when he became lucid, if a tape was not on, he would request that one be played.

A GATEWAY graduate reports that circumstances in the hospital did not allow her to play the GOING HOME tapes for her elderly mother, but she read the words from the Relocation Theme to her. Her mother was very moved and soothed when she did this. As for her own reactions to GOING HOME, she states: “It's an awesome program for the living. We can live our lives relative to how we feel about death, and can live so much more fully if we can deal with our fears.”


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